VIDEO: You Asked, I Answered {Video Q&A #1}

Hello beautiful people, happiest of Mondays to ya! How was the weekend? Mother’s Day? All is well on my end, hoping the same for you.

Before we get into today’s video, yes video, I must wish a very happy birthday to my film-major, wannabe-Brit, fashionista, queen of sarcasm and favorite sister…


Happy Birthday Les!

That photo is quite misleading actually. I remember when Lesley was born. I hatedddd her. Yes I did. I was an attention whore and this little baby was stealing my thunder. I threw a deck of cards when I heard she had “arrived.” Omg I’m terrible! Oops. Anyways, now I clearly love her and we’re moving on…

So video time! I love receiving questions from you guys and I am honored that you care what I think but wefore we get into it, I have to throw in my disclaimer: 

All opinions shared on the Little Honey Bee are my own. I am studying to become a nutritionist but I am not a doctor or personal trainer. My blog posts and information are based upon my coursework, personal views and experiences. I choose to share my life and experiences with the hope of motivating and inspiring others to live a happier, healthier, active and well balanced life.

Okay now that that’s out of the way… let’s get to your questions. Hope you find the video helpful or at least entertaining and laugh at me.

PS. Below the video you will find the time stamps of the questions/things talked about so feel free to skip around.




1. Limit on fruit because of their sugar content? [0:36 – 2:31]

2. Thoughts on 80/10/10 diet? [2:33 – 3:50 ]

3. Eating fat before a workout? [3:53 – 4:48]

4. I wish a plant based diet worked for me [4:55 – 6:10]

5. Learning more about the quality of our water [6:12 – 7:00]

6. What’s with herbs? [7:00 – 7:23]

7. Will I go for dinner with John Mack? [7:24 – 8:35]


Questions of the day…

More Q&A videos? Do you have other questions that you’d like answered?  



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23 thoughts on “VIDEO: You Asked, I Answered {Video Q&A #1}

  1. Yay! Seeing your pretty face is such a fabulous way to start the day. :) It’s like one-way skype! Thanks so much for answering my questions, and they were right up my alley with veggie eating and water quality. Hippies unite! Good luck with your long-distance John Mack date. ;) Adorbs!! xoxo

  2. My mum and sister both struggle with eating certain kinds of fruit because they are fructose sensitive so some fruits are better than others for them. I wonder sometimes if I’m sensitive to it too because of how I feel sometimes after certain fruits.

    I’d never heard of the 80 / 10 / 10 diet before. I guess it may work for some but I know for me because of the fruit thing its not something my body would love. Super interesting about the eating fat before working out. I don’t think I could stomach coconut oil before a workout either, belch ;)

    I can’t eat lots of chickpeas and legumes either. My body just tells me straight away how much I don’t like it.

    Such an awesome video and hear lots more about what you’ve been learning through your study <3

      1. Funny you ask that, I’ve just bought a test kit to get tested for Fructose and see if that’s the path I need to take. I did a basic test yesterday of eating a pear and seeing how my body reacting – it was not well so it made me think that I might have the issue too.

    1. insulin levels are raised when your diet contains a lot of fat! sugar from fruit is not what raises insulin. the fat blocks the sugar from getting to your cells.

      when you eat fatty foods, or when you gain a significant amount of weight, Insulin can’t work in an oil slick. When there is too much fat in the bloodstream, insulin cant open the door to the cells, insulin lets sugar build up in the blood. Your body responds by making more and more insulin and eventually it will get the sugar into the cells.
      Cutting fat from your meals improves what is called insulin sensitivity, meaning that insulin efficiently escorts sugar into the cells of the body

      please read 801010 books before making judgements. sounds like i may need to start a raw vegan healthy living blog to educate the HLB world ;)

  3. I really liked your comments about eating a plant based diet! I was vegetarian for about a year and a half (eating fish on/off) and just made the decision a couple days ago that I can’t do it anymore–basically came to the same conclusion you did that my body can’t handle it. After my third half marathon where I started getting slower 1/2 way through my training and had a much slower finishing time than in the past, I went to the doctor to get answers and found I was really anemic. Apparently plant based iron just isn’t enough for me so, with struggle, I decided I needed to add meat. Great to know someone else went through a similar event!

  4. Ok I know I sound like a broken record, but this is amazing! You are just SO likable in this video. Plus I am proud of all the knowledge you’re gaining through your nutrition classes. I definitely think you’ve found your calling. This video makes me miss you! I hope you’re doing well!

  5. download the cronometer app…fruits and veg are the most natural whole raw ripe plants on the planet! Your body gets all of the nutrients essential fats and protein from whole plant foods alone without supplements (besides b12…which meaat eaters can also be defficient in). please read the 801010 book before making a judgement! x

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