The Threshold Open & Yonge Street 10K

Some fun fitness stuff has been happening lately (and good food too, keep reading) so I’m gonna talk about it. Or just feel free to come back on Wednesday for cookies. Yes, cookies.

I had the best week at CrossFit. Well other than missing the FIRST RUNNING WOD of the spring it was the best, which was the one morning I “slept in”… sleep in = 5:30am hah. Ugh I love when running is part of the WOD. Anyways, we did a workout on Tuesday called the Metric Tonne. It was a 15 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) of 1 deadlift, 1 backsquat and 1 jerk (from the rack). So you do each of those exercises 5 times over the course of the 15 mins trying to add weight to accumulate as many “tonnes” as possible. 1 lb = 1 point. Your score = the total amount of weight you lift. I was really happy with my score and PRd my deadlift at 160lbs – 5 more than my previous lift.

On Thursday, we did Ollie again. I love doing WODs a second time and remembered this one right away. It’s friggin hard. 11 rounds of: 5 push press @ 65lbs, 4 pull-ups, 5 burpee box jumps and 4 toes-to-bar. Death. The first time/last time I did this WOD was at the end of January. I used 45 lbs for my push press, the baby box for the box jumps and did negatives for my pull-ups. It took me 25 mins and 58 secs. On Thursday I used the 65 lbs (!!!!), the real box (and didn’t fall), and did jumping pull-ups. 23 minutes and 48 seconds! Ugh I love progress. Sometimes CrossFit sucks but sometimes it’s awesome and that the beauty of being an athlete.

I love this article in Vogue about Annie Thorisdottir (a two-time CrossFit Games Champion). You probably won’t read the article so just read this:

“Of course I want to win the Games, but I want to do it to show people that if there’s something you want, no matter what happens, you can find a way to do it—if there’s an obstacle in your way, you have to figure out how to get over it.” She also wants to inspire women, especially young girls, to focus more on what their bodies can do than on how they look. “I’m not preaching that everyone should try to become a CrossFit champion,” she says. “But I want to show them that training can give them more confidence—and that being strong is beautiful.”


I ran 3.5 miles on Friday with some speed-work thrown in. I set out to run 5 but clearly that didn’t happen. I dunno, I just wasn’t feeling it. So I texted Morganne and (as always) she made me feel loads better.

Okay weekend. On Saturday, I headed to CrossFit Toronto to watch my Metric family compete at the Threshold Open – a local CrossFit competition. I was debating doing the competition but decided it might be a good idea to watch a comp before participating. The Open was a form of a competition but it’s not really the same.

Anyways, I am so glad I went to support the crew and see what a competition is like.

Metric Team

The atmosphere made me feel like I was at my basketball tournaments back in the day. I could only stay for the morning but I saw the first two events that seeded the athletes.

Sean flew through the first workout. I thought the bar was going to come crashing down as he was banging out pull-ups…

Sean Chin Up2

He also snatched the most weight (265 x 3) during the second workout. He totally could have done 285!

Sean Snatch

I checked the results online during the rest of the day and saw that the Metric crew killed it. So proud of everyone and… Sean won! So, so, so happy for him. He is so deserving and I feel lucky to call him my coach.

It’s so exciting to see how hard these athletes work – it motivates me to work even harder. The sense of community and camaraderie during the competition was incredible. Athletes finished their workout but didn’t sit down or stop cheering until everyone else finished – the people they are competing against! CrossFit gets such a bad wrap so I am clearly making it my mission to place an emphasis on the supportive atmosphere.

I brought Deryn’s chocolate coconut cream bites for everyone because I knew they would be hungry. I also made them for my office this past week and they were a huge hit too! But I think I ended up eating most of them… of course.

Coconut Cream Bites

Yesterday, I ran the Yonge Street 10K – aka 10km down Yonge Street. I signed up for this race awhile ago because I wanted to revive my running now that the Canadian climate is cooperating and I like races. So I woke up, stretched a bit and then had a nourishing pre-race meal: a scrambled egg, a banana and some almonds and cashews.

Pre-race eats

Then I agonized over what to wear. I hate being cold when I am running but I didn’t want to be too hot either. Should I layer? No. Should I wear a rain jacket? They were calling for rain but it was clear outside.

Anyways, I finally picked out an outfit and decided to wear my running jacket because it was a little nippy in the morning. Mom dropped me off at the starting line and I ran around a bit and stretched some more. Then we were off.

Yonge Street 10K Starting Line

I was in the 2nd wave and weaved around people to get to a part of the road where I was relatively alone. I hate running near people – two dudes almost ran into me! They both tripped and I almost went down with them. I hope they were okay but honestly it just made me run faster to get away from them. Sorry…

My thoughts:

0km: Ugh, why am I doing this again? (Looking around) Maybe there is a cute guy. Nope. What am I going to eat when I get home? Mmm.

0.5km: Oh I like running. Yes I do.

1km: That was fast, I’m doing well! Glad I wore my jacket, it’s kinda cold.

2-4km: Wooo I’m feeling great. I think I am going to set my personal best! Just stick with headband-man ahead of you.

5km: I’m hot and I have a stitch in my side. Keep running.

6km: Nope probably not going to set my personal best. I’m annoyed. But my stitch is gone. Lost headband-man.

7km: Second wind! Maybe I can set it! Keep up with frizzy-haired-woman ahead of you.

8km: Nope, not gonna set it. Accepting it and running.

9km: Almost there. Passed frizzy-haired woman.

9.5km: I see the finish line – turn on the jets.

10km: Done. That was fun. I’m thirsty. And I want a banana. Where’s Mom?

Yonge Street 10K - Amy Finish Line

I felt really good about the race. It’s the farthest I’ve ran since my half (yes, true story) and I really have not been running that much (maybe 1-2x per week). I think this race showed me that being strong and in shape will allow me to run if I continue to train smart. But I’m an athlete and I’m competitive with myself so naturally I wanted to set a personal best – as evident from my race thoughts. I set my personal best in my first 10K race this past August – 46:40. I thought I could crack 46:30 and if I pushed each kilometre a little more I probably could have. But I also didn’t think that was the smart thing to do. I didn’t want to push my body and possibly risk injury for a number. It’s so easy to get too obsessed or caught up with the numbers that surround our life. Now I am so much better able to recognize this and listen to my body. I like running with my Garmin and for time. It motivates me to be the best athlete I can be but I have learned (the hard way) how important it is to run smart. My official time was 47:50 and I am really proud of it.    

Oh and I found Mom! Thank you for being there for me and I’m sorry again about the parking ticket it cost you :)

Yonge Street 10K - Amy and Mom1

She’s a hottie, I know. Sidenote: we all need one distance system. Flip-flopping from kilometres to miles and back again is annoying and confusing. Feel me?

All of this activity called for lots of food so I spent a bit of time in the kitchen too. I made my apple chicken burgers to have in the freezer, which obviously called for a photo re-shoot. I also created some delicious new recipes and ate them. But no, not everything was successful. I had two baking failures, which always make me so upset. Baking is hard and it’s crazy what a difference a tablespoon can make.

This chocolate cake is amaze-balls but clearly there are some technical issues. Namely my patience… I did not let it cool. Oops. Photo-shoot fail.

Cake fail

Don’t worry the good ones are coming your way Wednesday and Friday! You’re getting a sweet treat on Wednesday but I haven’t decided which recipe to post on Friday so I am leaving it up to you…

Chicken Bites Option


Salmon Option

So…. which one do ya want? #1 or #2?

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you! My garden is actually growing… so excited! Check out that little cucumber leaf… at least I think it’s a leaf.

Cucumber growing

Okay that was a long post. I guess that’s what happens when I cut back to blogging 3x per week – lots to say!

Over and out.


Questions of the day…

Which recipe do you want to see on Friday?

What did you do this weekend?



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34 thoughts on “The Threshold Open & Yonge Street 10K

  1. Amazing job on the 10k – that is a fantastic time!
    I want to see recipe 2 please – that cake also looks delicious. I also find it so hard to wait until things cool down!
    So exciting your garden is growing now, going to be amazing eating food you have grown yourself!
    This weekend was jam packed full of family fun stuff – we watched my Uncle and Aunt in the marathon yesterday – so proud of them and everyone who ran it actually ha!

  2. Hi Amy. The second photo looks DELICIOUS and the piece of salmon is really big, i love it!!!.
    I love to eat big!!!

  3. You are so faaaast! I know you want to be faster but I’m super impressed so I’m glad you are proud and happy with your time. :) And the garden! Eeek all your farmer dreams (and mine) are coming true. Congrats on all your CrossFit victories as well. I know exactly what you mean about seeing progress. Most of the HIIT workouts I do are “for time” and seeing my time go down is a huge motivator and great validation for what I’m doing.

    PS I see lots of props in those food photos, look at you go! :)

  4. Honestly, I am not surprised that with all of the training you are doing in Crossfit that your running would improve! Congrats on the wonderful time and PR! And congrats on your Crossfit success. You were basically speaking a foreign language in those paragraphs up there, and I have no idea what exactly you did, but it sounds great, so I am happy for you!!

    P.S. My guess is that everyone will pick the salmon because that is your specialty. I, on the other hand, am very curious as to what the first recipe is (chicken nuggets? Mozzarella sticks? Baked and battered ravioli?), so that’s my vote!

    1. Thanks friend! It wasn’t a PR but thank you nonetheless :) and it does look like the salmon is winning. Baked and battered ravioli?! Who do you think I am?! hahah

  5. I have to go with number 2 because I am a huge salmon lover! :) Although I am interested in what number 1 is. Way to go on your race though; you did awesome! I know cross fit has for sure made you a better runner! Do you think you will run some more races this summer?

  6. Congrats on the race! I’m pretty sure I saw you as you were getting out of your car but I couldn’t place where I recognized you from so I just kept walking with my friends over to the start area. I’ll vote for recipe #1!

      1. Considering I had no intention of doing this race until my friend gave me her bib on Friday, it went really well! My quads and hamstrings are a bit sore today but in the hurts so good kind of way. How is your recovery going?

        1. Good for you – that’s great that you ran so last minute! I feel pretty good. Same about sore quads but otherwise feeling great!

  7. Ahaha the things that go through our heads during a race are hilarious! I need to write up a break down like yours after my next race to remember the hilarity.
    And I love that you didn’t wait to let the cake cool — I totally would have done the same!
    Both of those recipes look AMAZING! So hard to choose. But I am especially intrigued by #1 so I will say that one. Can’t wait!

  8. Well done lady on running that far! I have seriously not run more than 5k since my half marathon but now my arm cast is off I’m hoping to build my running back up again as I have missed it.

    You killed it on the push press. I totally suck at them (only done it in the gym not cross fit) but for some reason this exercise is not where my strength lies, I’m all about my deadlifts ;)

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