From My Kitchen To Yours {What YOU Ate Wednesday}

I know Wednesday is a time when I join in on the food party with Jenn. I can’t believe I’ve done 36 “What I Ate Wednesday” posts… wow! That seems like a lot. I fall in and out of love with WIAW. Anyways, rather than seeing what I have been eating today (just check Instagram if you are really curious) I wanted to share all of the delicious Little Honey Bee creations YOU have been making and eating. My friend Morganne has a series called “It’s All About You” – which shares just this. I asked her if I could borrow the idea and being the awesome girl she is, she said yes :)

I always get so excited when you tag me on Twitter, Instagram or send me emails or texts that you made a recipe, tried a workout or did something good for your mind and body. I really wish I was cool enough to have a hashtag… #thelittlehoneybee… okay I might just start one. Lesley sent me a pic of her lunch the other day…

Lesley lunch

It looked awfully familiar…


Yes we wear the same nail polish… I stole it from her because she is the one with style. Yay for positive influences!

Erica reorganized her pantry this weekend in jars like I do :)


Alison had a mashed avocado and hard-boiled egg after her workout – one of my favorite post-workout snacks!

Egg and avo

Morganne made my spaghetti squash frittata

and added avocado and strawberries… strange but good!



Kelsey made my PB & J baked oatmeal cups

on Valentine’s Day… cute!

PB & J -Kelsey

Megan made my Morrocan spiced chickpea soup

alongside some roasted veggies for a yummy dinner.

Chickpea Soup -Meg

Kim made my baked falafel

– I am so glad her and John enjoy this meal!

Falafel - Kim

My friend J (who makes the best roasted broccoli) made my salmon and sweet potato cakes

with broccoli and roasted sweet potato and pears — um YUM!

Salmon Cakes - J

Ashley also made my salmon and sweet potato cakes 

 for dinner! Don’t they look great?

Salmon Cakes - Ashley

Anddddd good thing I checked Instagram one last time last night because Ange made eggs in a spiralized nest

Holy yum it looks great!


Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations with me – keep ’em coming :)

Questions of the day…

Have you made any of my recipes?! Send me pics! 

Will you help me start an Instagram hashtag? 


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20 thoughts on “From My Kitchen To Yours {What YOU Ate Wednesday}

  1. That is so cool!! I love when you can inspire others!!
    If my life hadn’t taken such a twist last week, I would have made those salmon cakes LONG ago – they are still number one on my recipe-to-make list.

  2. I’m famous!!! You’re such a positive food influence on so many people. You didn’t even know it yesterday but I made a smart food choice because I knew if you were here you would yell at me for not refueling post workout. <3 And yes I will totally help you start your own hashtag(s). "Look at my healthy eats! #thelitthoneybee #honeybeetribe #TLHBmademedoit" (the last one is inspired by yoga, there's a guy who posts crazy things an when people try it they tag it #CCCmademedoit, hysterical). Have a fabulous Wednesday xoxo.

    1. I love you! I totally would have yelled at you :) (but nicely) Stay tuned for a post-workout nutrition post. Hope your day is wonderful! And thanks for the hashtag help

  3. You little inspiration! Look at all those lives you have impacted to where they want to make what you do! Hope that shows you how great your posts are :) I am with Kim, love #honeybeetribe! heheh….but actually I am not sure I follow you on instagram….will have to find you!

  4. This is great, and this is why you are so awesome! I love what an inspiration your blog has become to so many people! Also, HELLO I can’t believe that your biggest zucchini muffin fan was not included in this post. I have even blogged about those muffins, sister!

  5. This has just made my morning! Thanks for showing my breakfast… I love to read your blog and think we are on the same path to learn more about our bodies. How great does it feel knowing you finished the Whole 30? I finished mine yesterday and am so proud of myself :) Not sure I ever want to go back to how I ate before (well, maybe the odd bit of peanut butter & chocolate)

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