What I Ate Yesterday {WIAW 36}

Keeping today’s food party short and sweet as things have been busy — I am figuring out a blogging schedule, any thoughts or advice?! I just get so excited and want to post!

What I Ate Wednesday Yesterday

I woke up, drank some tea and had a hard boiled egg and a banana before driving my dad to his fitness centre – no he’s not working out yet but he likes to shower and go in the steam room.

Egg and banana

Lucky for me, that meant I got to use the facilities for a nice little treadmill run.

3 miles

It’s been awhile since I have run (too cold outside) so it was great to get in 3 solid miles.

We headed home and I had a hard boiled egg and avocado mash before showering and getting ready.

Mashed egg and avocado

Before heading out to a job interview, I had a jerk chicken sausage, the rest of the avocado and an apple.

Chicken sausage apple and avo

After the interview (it went well!), I came home and had another chicken sausage with zoodles, spinach; carrot sticks with cashew butter and a few blueberries that I stole from Dad.

Zoodles carrots cashew butter

I studied in the afternoon and did some blog work. For dinner, I had a piece of shepherd’s pie

 (cold) with some roasted asparagus (cold). Cold food just tastes good sometimes.

Shepherd's pie and asparagus

I studied a bit more, watched some TV and drank some tea before bed. But I needed a little something more so I had two coconut butter stuffed dates (plus an extra lick of coconut butter – that stuff is so good).

Coconut butter date

That did the trick. I don’t think I ate enough fat (and probably not enough carbs) yesterday, therefore my body asked for an after dinner snack. Obviously I’m still learning.

Happy Wednesday friends, make it a good one!


Questions of the day…

What have you been eating lately?



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36 thoughts on “What I Ate Yesterday {WIAW 36}

  1. Hahaha that’s so funny that your dad goes to the gym with you just to shower and use the steam room! I don’t even think I could get my dad to do that.. he hasn’t been in a gym in probably 5 years. I’m trying to change that, but no luck. :P

    That’s awesome your interview went well! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Coconut butter dateS?! Crazy! I will have to give that a try! Sounds good! As I am from England, Shepheds pie was almost a weekly meal at home, but I rarely have it here. Need to make it more often, yours looks great, I have never tried it cold….just need to use the broiler to crisp up the top a little :)

  3. Hard boiled egg + avocado = heaven! I love to eat it with salt, pepper, and some lemon juice. So good. In other news, so excited about your interview! I’m glad it went well. :) Hope some good news comes from it! You better keep us (mostly me ;) ) posted! Have a fabulous Wednesday, even if it’s busy! xo

  4. I love reading your posts and love all the ideas I can get for recipes and meal ideas. Question- Where do you get your dates and coconut butter?

    1. I usually find dates at my local grocery story (I just bought the Medjool ones – they come in a plastic container) or a bulk food store like Bulk Barn. The coconut butter I buy from health food or “specialty” food stores – like Whole Foods. Hope this helps because both are so yummy :)

  5. I always stuff dates with peanut butter or almond butter. I’ve never tried stuffing it with coconut butter before. I’m definitely going to give that a try tonight. It will be a perfect after dinner treat!

  6. Looks like a nice, well-rounded day! Even cold, that shepards pie looks delicious. I love when those days just work out. Lately, I’ve been eating super random stuff, so I’m hoping to get back into a normal routine soon.

  7. Sounds like a busy, but successful day! Good luck with that interview! I always like to plan my blogs around my daily schedule and blog the nights when I am not as busy. Then I put up the posts and links the days that I am on the go. Sometimes I even spend the weekend to plan out blog ideas for the week. If some posts need to be short, or you need to skip a few days..don’t sweat it! Us busy bodies always have so much to do :)

  8. Yummy eats! The date stuffed with coconut butter?! Yes please.
    Sometimes I get super excited about posts and want to post them right away, but I’ve been trying to keep a couple good ones saved for ‘off’ weeks when I don’t feel like writing. …Now I feel really excited to put a post in my ‘saved’ post treasure chest :)
    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Everything looks so good! I have been keeping my eye out for some coconut butter and hoping I can find some soooon! & thanks for the link to that shepherds pie- definitely going on my list of recipes to try

  10. Dates dipped in coconut butter used to be my favorite pre-workout snack… so good & addicting!! All of your eats look great & congrats on a good interview!

  11. I love stuffing my dates with a little Greek yoghurt – so amazing! I thought nothing could beat almond butter but this did! Wish I could buy coconut butter in the UK but no luck :-(

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