I’m a Student Again

Yup. I am.

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About two weeks ago, I began my studies at Alive Academy. This was the new little something I mentioned so you can stop holding your breath now – I kid, I kid. But now you know! Not sure why I waited a few weeks but I guess I was a bit nervous.

Anywayssss… in 18 months (if all goes well) I will officially be a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP) aka. a nutritionist, health coach, sports nutritionist, natural health practitioner, nutritional consultant… qualified for all that good stuff :) I couldn’t be happier!

It’s no secret that I love good-for-you food, love nutrition and love learning so this really seemed like the perfect next step. It is something that I had been thinking about doing, and wanting to do, for quite some time now. But it took me awhile to make the decision of where I wanted to study and when. I took time looking for the right program and situation, I was travelling and I also wanted to figure out some part-time work. Thanks to a few amazing friends, guidance from someone many of you know and my supportive family, I have officially hit the books.

I am completing the Nutritional Consulting program with Alive Academy. The program is broken up into two sections: 4 courses for the first section and 3 courses for the second section. The learning is done via textbook and article reading. I am evaluated through online tests after each lesson and a final exam at the end of each course. I am learning so much already – don’t worry, I’ll definitely share the knowledge :)

Since I graduated and entered this so called “real world” I have struggled with being okay with not “having it all figured out.” I’m a planner, turned flexible planner, but still a planner. I like structure. So not knowing where I’ll be working in July or when I’ll move out or when I can start a nutritional practice is scary but it’s life and life has been happy and wonderful. Okay, sorry are you puking all over your screen? Okay clean it. Clean now? Great. Don’t be afraid to do something you want to do. Yes think logically, weigh the pros and cons and maybe the decision can’t be made right now but don’t let what’s holding you back be you. Go after it.

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Hope you have a fabulous weekend – eat delicious food, spend time with those you love, get a little sweaty, love your body and go after something you want to do.



Questions of the day…

Have you gone back to school/taken courses to pursue other passions?

Do you want to be my first client(s) when I graduate? I’m only sort of kidding…

What are you up to this weekend?



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53 thoughts on “I’m a Student Again

  1. I am still SO excited for you! Eek! You are going to be amazing (you already are, duh). By the time you graduate I’ll be earning my grown-up lawyer salary so I totally want to be your first client. I’m calling dibs, as long as you don’t mind coaching a food intolerance plagued veggie who could never be paleo. <3 I know all about juggling school, work, blogging, workouts, etc., and it is tough, but you will get into a rhythm, don't worry! :) Have an amazing weekend love!

  2. Congratulations Amy! How exciting! yes! I did go back to school, and I am just finishing up my MBA this may. So excited to be done with it, but I have learned a lot and definitely made the right choice. I just hope I can find a job at the end of it!

  3. Ahh Amy I am so excited for you! This is so awesome, and I can’t wait to hear about your experience! I have always thought I would love to take some nutritional classes, even if I didn’t use it in my career, just so I could have the knowledge. So what do you want to do after you finish all of your courses? Like what would be your dream job?

    1. Thanks Becky! Well that’s a good question :) my dream is to work in the health and nutrition field in some capacity. I’d love to have my own nutrition and health coaching practice but I also have a bunch of ideas bouncing around in my head like being a nutritionist for a sports team or athletic program, or working with kids in schools. I think there are many options!

  4. Congrats to you! About 6 months ago I decided to stop thinking about becoming an RD and to start working toward it. I still have a ways to go, but making the decision to pursue something I truly love as a career is the best one I’ve made so far. I hope you feel the same. :)

  5. Congrats planner turned flexible planner :) Like you, I am very unsettled with the unknown and lack of structure in my life right now. I’ve definitely considered going back for a similar program like you so I am really looking forward to hearing your updates.

  6. I couldn’t be more excited for you, as you very well know. I’m 100% sure you’re going to change lives, make people healthier and happier, and do what you LOVE every day. We’ll figure this out together!!! Congratulations, girl!!!

  7. Congrats on making the decision to continue your education (it’s a tough one)!! The nutritional world is so exciting! I am still working on pursing my BA back in school to become a Registered Dietitian. It’s a tough & long journey, but so worth it! :)

  8. Currently I am earning my certification in nutrition communications!!!! So we are working it together baby!!! ;) I always told myself after college I would NEVER go back to school again – welp, what do you know! ha! But I will be done in AUGUST!

  9. So happy for you and to watch/listen to your journey. I’m considering some options for my future, some of which include going back to school! But this time, it will definitely be for something I absolutely love!

  10. YAYYYY!!! So late in commenting but I read it that morning and am so proud of you! I know this will be perfect for you and combine so many of the things you love. It takes work (and guts) to go back to school, but I know you will be amazing when you finish :)

  11. This is so exciting!!!! Congrats my lady :-) I’ve thought about becoming a health coach a time or two… maybe I’ll send a few questions your way once I finish with my PT certification!

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