What I Ate On St. Patrick’s Day {WIAW 35}

Happy Wednesday! I am so, so glad you found yesterday’s food prep deets helpful. I can’t wait to see all of your prep this weekend (hehe). Let’s get to some good eats now shall we?

Amy St. Pat's Collage

Oh St. Patrick’s Day. How you and I have a very different relationship now. I can’t believe I just posted those pictures. Over it.

So sorry, there won’t be any green beer or half of a large pizza for today’s food party. St. Paddy’s in Boston was quite the scene – from what I remember… Anyways, I still think my eats are pretty festive because I eat a lot of green. And calling this post “What I Ate on St. Patrick’s Day” sounds much cooler than “What I Ate On Monday”.


Up at 4:45am. Hard boiled egg and cashews at 5:15am. And some tea to warm up – why is it still freezing? Headed to CrossFit.

Egg and cashews

We were all dead from 14.3 butttt that didn’t stop us – well it kinda did but we pushed through the soreness as best we could. Warmed up, did some skill work (front squatting) and then got into the WOD – Fran. Even before I started CrossFit, I knew this was THE dreaded workout. This was my first time doing Fran and oh.my.gosh… I know why it is dreaded. I used 45lbs for my thrusters and used a resistance band for the pull-ups. 15:07 of torture. (I planned on going for a run yesterday but took a much needed rest day – still so sore!)

After the workout, I had a hard-boiled egg and a very ripe banana while I was stretching.

Egg and banana

I actually got the day off from work so I ran some errands (bank, gas) after CrossFit before heading home. It was nice to have a tupperware-free Monday. Once I got home, I showered, read some blogs and caught up on the news.

For “breakfast” or meal 1 or whatever you want to call it, I had two salmon sweet potato cakes

, 1/2 and avocado and some leftover green beans. It’s so strange that I actually crave this now.

Salmon cakes green beans avocado

I had some work to do for the rest of the morning. Then I made lunch – which was awesome.

Chicken sausage sweet potato apple avocado spinach

I cooked two jerk chicken sausages from The Healthy Butcher in a pan with coconut oil. Then I took them out, cut them up and drained some of the oil from the pan. I added more coconut oil and added the apples and sweet potato (the sweet tater was pre-cooked) and sauteed that up. Then I added the spinach to wilt and sausage again. Topped it all off with the rest of the avocado from breakfast. Nom.

Insta Lunch

[via thelittlehoneybee Instagram]

I find it so much easier to make a filling lunch when at home rather than on-the-go. But since that’s not usually realistic, I have definitely made this a priority during the Whole 30 and with success. When I wasn’t getting enough food/nutrition at lunch, I needed an afternoon snack. Most days I don’t anymore.

After taking my dad to a few doctor’s appointments (he’s doing great – thank you for all of your wishes), I came home and did some reading, cleaning, etc.

For dinner, I had a piece of “almost 5 ingredient pizza spaghetti pie” 

, zucchini noodles, spinach and avocado. That’s a pretty festive looking plate right? The “pie” is awesome – go make it. I ate it cold too. Yummy and easy dinner. But I’ll save my spiralizer story for tomorrow.

St Pats Dinner

St. Pats Dinner2

I did some work in the evening, drank a mug of tea and went to bed. It’s amazing the difference eating large, nourishing meals makes. More often than not I don’t have my “midnight” snacks as I am not hungry after dinner – I feel totally satisfied. This has been the best lesson. Yay Whole 30!

Questions of the day…

Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? What did you do? 

Eat anything green lately? 


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33 thoughts on “What I Ate On St. Patrick’s Day {WIAW 35}

  1. Your lunch looks so good!! I’ve been eating a lot of sweet potatoes, chicken sausage and spinach recently–now I just need to add in apple and I’ll be golden. Hopefully your soreness has died down a bit? If not, rest, rest, rest….and foam roll ;)

  2. On Whole30 or off, I’m always so impressed with your eats! I feel like my eating is a disaster lately. Bah. I did not celebrate St. Paddy’s, but I do have some old college gems that look and awful lot like yours from past celebrations. :)

  3. Is that green dress on the left from American Apparel?! In second year my roommates and I all had that dress in different colours… and yes we would all wear it out at the same time haha.

    I didn’t do anything for St. Patrick’s Day this year either… the life of a working adult I guess. Gross. :P

  4. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on your spiralizer! I need to try that five ingredient pizza, everyone is raving over it! And no, I didn’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day. I honestly forgot it was Monday until I got to school and everyone was wearing green, haha!

  5. Yummmmyyyy lots of avocado! I love it! And you have a spiralizer!!! I dont think I can read tomorrows post, I will get too jealous! I did not do anything either, if you read my post, you will see I have an issue with the day hahaha!

  6. I can’t wait to hear an update on the spiralizer. I think it’s SO cool and if I had any more room in my kitchen, I might consider investing! There is always a huge St. Patrick’s Day parade here, but I didn’t go. I’m just over a bunch of drunk people stumbling around in the cold. No thanks!

  7. Nope, we didn’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Our family never really did celebrate the holiday. I didn’t even eat or wear any green whatsoever. Ha!

    I love all that delicious avocado! I’ve been buying a few avocados every week. They’re just SO good and you can do so much with them!

  8. Ahh, I love this!! Yes, eating a plate full of greens is certainly more rewarding than drinking a huge glass of green beer on St. P’s Day ;) in the same boat, girlfriend. A few years ago I woke up at 3 a.m. to go to an all-morning St. Paddy’s Day bar crawl across Santa Monica … what was I thinking!?!?! This year I celebrated with a healthy vegan shamrock shake, and it was fab. Oh, and I feel you about the balanced meals. It makes an outrageously huge difference! I have been (trying to do) the same thing, and it’s been really nice. It feels sooo much better not to snack.



  9. If I wasn’t eating lunch right now, I would be making your lunch right now! Sounds incredible!!!

  10. As always, all of your meals look great! Lunch sounds really good, I love spinach and sweet potato together. I have been trying to eat more filling meals but I’m still wanting snacks. I think I will probably always love my snacks.

  11. Helloooooo spaghetti pie! I’ve been craving my mom’s spaghetti lately, so that looks delicious right now! I didn’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but have been eating quite a bit of green foods (not that that’s new). Hope you’re doing well Amy! :)

  12. Your food does look very festive, healthy and delicious! I made that spaghetti pie the other day after seeing your post on the recipe and it is sooo good. I am definitely going to make it again soon.

  13. Just made your lunch with jerk chicken sausages from The Healthy Butcher. Mind = BLOWN. So good! And so easy! Will definitely be making it again!

    1. Yay! So glad you enjoyed it. I have also been buying the Chicken Merguez chicken sausages – a little less spicy than the jerk but still delicious

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