Whole 30 Week 1 Recap: Groceries, Skin & Tupperware

Hi friends, happy Monday :)

Let’s talk Whole 30 because week numero uno was a success and I am excited to fill you in on all that I have learned. The short version is that I am feeling great. It is amazing how different I feel after eating eggs or yes even eating meat for breakfast/post-workout rather than oatmeal. And having big meals full of awesome fat. I feel super energized and my workouts are sooo much stronger and better. Oh the power of nutrient rich foods… why did this take me so long to figure out? Better late than never right?

For WIAW, you saw what a typical day looks like. Basically it is a learning process (duh) so I’m going to make adjustments as I go but this is what I learned from week 1:

1. I’m still a snacker. 

I tried to focus on making my meals large enough but snacking still occurred. I’m not getting my panties in a bunch over this because my goal is to nourish my body – not count how many times I eat. But I still want to work on this. The days when I really focussed on adding an extra item (like an extra portion of chicken or avocado etc) I did not snack. Rest day hunger confuses me – working on how to nourish my body for different types of days (CrossFit vs. yoga vs. rest etc).


2. Too much fruit = no bueno. Too much cauliflower = no bueno too. 

As much as I love fruit, my tummy doesn’t and I really saw that clearly this weekend. My dad got a bunch of get well fruit baskets (thank you for your kind words – he is home and doing great) and I had a few too many pears, nectarines and apples this weekend – they are just so delicious to pass up. I definitely felt the effects of the fructose overload (it also gave me sugar cravings) and am getting back on track this week. And cauliflower weirdly started bugging me too. Interesting.


3. My skin is awesome. 

Yup. Never thought I’d say that. More on this soon.

4. Plan, plan and plan some more. 

This endeavor has definitely required a bit of planning and prep – a bit more than I am used to because you can’t wing it as easily as a lot of food is “off limits.” So I plan ahead. Before I go grocery shopping I always figure out what I have on hand first. For week #1, I had 6 eggs, 4 chicken breasts, canned salmon, nuts, nut butter and a few avocados already in the kitchen. Next I made a “flexible” meal plan (I posted this week’s plan yesterday). Then I shopped.

Whole 30 Week 1 Groceries

5. My grocery bill is expensive. 

So the grocery shopping. It’s expensive. My weekly grocery goal is $100 – or less! Food is an obvious priority for me and I explained last week how I budget for it. If you missed my post on real food on a budget, read more here. I don’t think anything is more important than what goes into my body. After I bought the groceries and crunched my numbers, I got to work in the kitchen. I went to two stores to buy groceries: Sobey’s (for produce) and Rowe Farms (for meat/chicken/fish) – I need to find a new store for meat as their grass fed supply is only seasonal.

Here’s what I bought for week #1:

  • 8 sweet potatoes – $11.94
  • 6 bananas – $2.01
  • 5 organic golden delicious apples – $5.60
  • 2 avocados – $3.98
  • 2 organic broccoli – $3.99 each
  • 1 cauliflower – $2.99
  • 1 box organic baby spinach – $3.99
  • 1.75 lbs brussels sprouts – $5.70
  • 12 free range eggs – $5.00
  • 4 organic, free range chicken breasts – $23.00
  • 0.5 lb wild caught white fish – $9.84
  • 0.5 lb grass fed beef – $6.43

Total = $90.00 (approx)

6. Food prep is a must. 

I always think food prep is essential, but for the Whole 30 it is really a must. As I talked about when packing lunches, I keep everything in separate containers and then assemble my meals the night before. I find it stays fresher this way. For week #1 I prepped: sweet potatoes (obvs), cauliflower “rice”, roasted brussels sprouts and broccoli, hard boiled eggs and chicken

. And I still needed to cook throughout the week!

Whole 30 Week 1 Prep

7. Tupperware and meal habits. 

Tupperware, tupperware and more tupperware. Tupperware overload in the fridge, in my purse, at my desk… everywhere! Obviously eating out isn’t an option so I bring my food everything when I am on the go. Sometimes it was hard to practice good meal habits (eating without distractions) as I was at my desk, at the hospital or running around. This was a day of food (minus my pre-workout snack and dinner).


K so I kinda learned a lot but that’s where I am at – if you have any questions, just ask :) Hope you have a great start to your week!


Questions of the day…


What’s your grocery budget/bill like?  
If you food prep, how long does it take you? I don’t usually prep everything all at once. I spread it out over the weekend – I’d guess it takes me about 3-4 hours depending on how much I do.

How’s your food/fitness going? Anything new? 


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27 thoughts on “Whole 30 Week 1 Recap: Groceries, Skin & Tupperware

  1. i hate meal prep but i love it at the same time! i usually do all of my prep sunday night for the rest of the week….it usually takes me a couple of hours. i haven’t bought lunch/snacks at work for TWO WHOLE YEARS since i started meal prepping :)

  2. Congrats on a successful first week! And I’m so excited for you and your skin!!! And how you’re feeling obviously but you know what I mean. Just a thought on your fruit issues. Maybe this i already covered in the book, but apples and pears are both on the list of foods I can’t eat because of my fructose malabsorption, because they both have very high ratios of fructose to glucose. I can have berries, citrus, pineapple, and bananas (plus a few others) without getting sick, because they have more glucose than fructose. Just thought I’d share in case it isn’t the amount of fruit but which fruits you’re eating that are bothering you. xo

  3. Great job! Looks like it is going well for you! I am excited to follow your journey through this! I am not surprised your bill is high, but I read that Americans spend the least on groceries than any other company, when compared to income, so it is good that you are making that a priority. You will pay less on healthcare in the long run!

    I miss meal planning, and grocery shopping as I was away the last 10 days, and this week I have 3 night classes so will not be cooking those days either. Looking forward to getting back into a routine! My training is going well, so that is a fitness related update. I am looking forward to racing a 10 miler in a few weeks :)

  4. You are seriously the ultimate pro meal prepper! I tend to only prep 1, maybe 2, dishes like soup and grain & bean salad. And then I rely on either my parents’ cooking or fast meals like stir fries for the rest of my meals that week.

  5. Can’t wait to hear how this has changed your skin! That’s so, so awesome. I’m a firm believer that outward appearances start from within. I use a LOT of tupperware,too. That’s what happens when I meal prep I guess! This is going to sound crazy but I try to spend between $30-$50 on my groceries. It’s simply not in my budget to spend more than that, it’d be almost my whole paycheck… which is for two weeks haha. But thankfully I won’t have to pay bills anymore after I move home, so I can just try to focus on buying a few more organic items.

  6. My goal is to keep it under $75 a week. Some weeks are more, some are less, but I eat three homecooked meals a day every day except Friday and Saturday, so that ends up taking a lot of food! As far as food prep goes, I don’t have the patience to do it all on Sunday (especially since I end up photographing at least one meal/week), so I cook one meal on Sunday and then cook one meal usually on Tuesday. That lasts me the week, but probably does take a few hours in total. I’m really impressed with you for keeping it under $100/week considering all of the meat you’re buying! That stuff is so expensive!

  7. What a nice clean haul :) I try to spend $40-50 a week on myself on groceries and try to buy what fruits are on sale and whatever type of veg, I want, I buy. I have a few friends from Canada in Toronto and also Vancouver Island and from what I understand food prices in Canada are a quite bit higher than here in the US. However, you are buying free-range and organic/wild meats which is definitely worth the splurge in my opinion! New in my fitness/food is that I am cutting down dramatically on running ( before: 40 miles a week vs now: 20 miles a week) due to some minor pain in my legs/ less drive. I have also stopped eating all red meat and really very little chicken. I’m sticking to fish in the form of wild and smoked salmon, ahi tuna steaks, and cod 3 times a week. I’ve eliminated all refined carbs too ;) Im happy to have cleaned up the kitchen a bit ;)

  8. Happy to hear that it’s going well lady – and that’s great news about your skin, I can’t wait to hear more! My skin usually isn’t an issue for me, but I’ve been noticing improvements since including more healthy fats in my diet.
    Right now, I try to budget $350 a month for groceries for Eric and I, so it usually ends up between $325 – $375 a month. But full disclosure – I don’t always (read: don’t usually) buy organic. Once we’re a little more settled career-wise, I want to make organic, grass-fed, and all that jazz more of a priority.
    Food prep for me is usually just roasting squash and maybe doing a bit of baking – it only takes me an hour and a half or so including oven time.

  9. Looks like you’re totally on top of the organization thing. I hate taking the time to prep on a Sunday, but I’m super grateful when the work week arrives! I usually spend about $150 a week on groceries, but I’m shopping for 2 people and it usually includes our wine budget, which I’m not willing to skimp on!

  10. I’m glad you had such a successful first week! I think it’s hard to try to figure out what foods are best for our bodies and the different activities we are involved in. I’m recently learning that although I really like quinoa it bothers my stomach if I eat it too often.

  11. We spend around $150-200 a week, for our current family of 5 (baby #4 is coming in just a few weeks, so that will change again). I have been so crazy this pregnancy and the thought of meal planning didn’t work for me. I’ve also had a major aversion to meat and vegetables, so our meals have been all over the place. The one thing I’m looking forward to the most after this baby is born, is meal planning, meal prepping and eating normally again.

  12. Hey Amy. Got a quick question about how you prepare your sweet potatoes? I am trying to plan and prepare food more over the weekends and still learning how to preserve the food the best for the weeks meals. Love reading about your whole food challenge and crossfit workouts.

    1. I usually roast the sweet potatoes in the oven at 400F for around 40 mins. Then I let them cool and take off the peel with a knife. Then store them in a container in the fridge. But I just discovered the wonders of sweet potato hash so I did that for this week. I am working on a big food prep post – hoping it will be ready for next week. Hope this helps :)

  13. I’m so glad you are feeling great!

    I can totally relate to some of what you say! I am just as hungry whether I work out or not. I figure this is because working out AND recovery of muscles/tissues both require energy by the body. So I just go with it ;) And when I cut out sugar except from fruit and things like dates, my skin totally gets better too :)

  14. You are a rockstar! I am so happy to hear how your first week went! It was definitely a challenge for me to get between lunch and dinner without a snack – I often had to dive into something. But, I finally got to a point where I figured out a heavier lunch that carried me through! Isn’t it amazing what nutrient dense food can do for our bodies!?

  15. You don’t even want to know my grocery bill per week for the four of us. Two active kids plus a triathlete. I would say it’s in the $300 range! We are in the store multiple times a week so I don’t know exactly how much we spend…John tracks it with the bills. We absolutely food prep on the weekends and like you I break it up. We have started eating a lot more simply so prep time has been cut down by a lot. I would say 2-3 hours but that isn’t all active time.

  16. I currently live with my (boyfriends) family.. so my grocery bill is lower because I eat some of the ‘house food’ and buy some extra stuff I want. It can vary from $30-$80.. when it’s higher I usually am stocking up on things I often buy that are on sale ie. frozen fruit, tea, almond milk, etc. Tip for you and your budget, try buying organic chicken thighs! They are so much cheaper and taste SO much better ;) Embrace the fats right??
    That’s some intense meal prep. It’s actually kinda hard to get kitchen time on Sundays (theres a big Italian feast usually going on… no complaints here) so I’ve been working on it. A big batch of soup works well for me, baking some sweet potatoes and chopping salad veg, but I don’t like doing too many in advance I find they get kinda funky.
    I Love fruit too, and my stomach mostly loves it back, except for certain things like too much citrus or GRAPEFRUIT.. I absolutely adore it, but my body hates it. I can handle maybe 1 or 2 a week but I tend to get carried away and then have to back off lol. Bananas, berries, and melon are my go-to’s.

  17. I don’t food prep, but I’d like to get into one day. Probably when I start college. For now, I am going with the flow. :)
    I’m happy you learned some great tips that are helpful!
    I make changes all the time based on how it makes me feel. I am still trying to work on my skins *le sigh..*

  18. My food bill is probably $100 a week when I’m just restocking or the week. If I haven’t done a big trip in a while, it could easily be $200. Most of the time I’m shopping for two… and I HAVE to meal prep. It gives me anxiety when I don’t.

  19. I am so glad it is going to well for you! And seriously, rest day hunger is real. Like holy “I need food in my mouth all day long”. I like to buy my produce locally, and will often only buy meat straight from or close to straight from the producers so buy bill definitely gets up there in price, but I try to balance that out by buying in bulk, making my own of things I know will be cheaper than to buy, and couponing (yep, I do it).

  20. Thanks for posting how much this grocery shopping trip cost! I try to spend less than $300 a month, which isn’t too impossible being vegetarian, but now that I’ve added fish back into my diet (and possibly chicken soon), I’ve definitely noticed this number increasing. I’ve thought about trying the Whole30 diet, but since my diet is high in quinoa, lentils, and beans, I’m trying to slowly change it before I take the Whole30 plunge. Also, I’m really excited to hear how it’s helped your skin! I’ve been struggling with this a bit lately and trying to see if it has to do with my diet.

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