What I Ate In Peru {WIAW 32}

Thank you for all of your kind comments yesterday – it’s good to be back :) Forgive my lack of commenting but I am reading about all of your wonderful lives. Now let’s get to the good stuff: the food. Do you care more about what I ate or what I did? I will not be offended if it’s the eating. LOL. So here we go…

I ate a lot of eggs. And avocado. And chicken. And bananas. Exciting right? No seriously. Most everything was delicious and I actually tried some fun stuff! Okay… I did not try guinea pig. Lesley did and is scarred for life.

Our hotels included breakfasts so I had eggs and fruit nearly every morning. (Plus a handful of nuts or a Larabar).


I had a version of huevos rancheros one day. I needed more than one egg but the avocado was the bomb dot com.

Huevos rancheros

Post Machu Picchu (Friday’s post!) lunch: asparagus omelette with tomato and avocado. (Plus cashews and almonds). Nom.


Okay so my favorite meal of the whole trip: 2 farm fresh fried eggs, avocado, tomato and basil on freshly baked bread. The bread was too good to pass up. Balance. If you are ever in Cusco, go to Jack’s Cafe. It’s the only restaurant we remembered the name of because it was so worth remembering. Best. Brunch. Ever.


I ate so. many. bananas. They were amazing. Like best bananas I have ever eaten – and you know how I feel about bananas. I had like 3 or 4 a day. Because they grow in the Amazon, they are obviously so fresh and sweet. Farm to table.


Breakfast banana

I also had quiteeeeee a bit of chicken. Grilled chicken and veggies do a body good.

I passed on the rice and had TJ’s dark chocolate honey mints after.

Chicken and veggies1

Yup. More avocado.

Chicken veg and avocado

This meal was so good (picture isn’t great – sorry). The chicken was grilled to perfection.

Chicken veg avocado2

I also had lots of snacks throughout the day. Of course my beloved Larabars and lots of nuts on hikes. (In my handy, dandy almond tin)


Okay onto some actual Peruvian eats.

We had traditional empanadas one day. I had a sweet version with tropical fruit, honey and cinnamon. The empanada was made from quinoa, corn, wheat and kiwicha (amaranth). I don’t tolerate corn kernels (corn is huge in Peru), but I was totally fine with this. I’ve read that your digestive tract is more tolerable when you’re relaxed (like on vacation).


I drank coca tea throughout the trip to help my body adjust to the altitude. The locals chew the leaves and it is also what cocaine is derived from. No I didn’t get high. The leaves contain vitamins A, B vitamins, C, D, calcium, thiamine.

Coca tea

I ate a traditional Peruvian dish called “Causa limeña” which is mashed potato, a chicken salad type thing and avocado. Wasn’t a huge fan.

Chicken and mashed

As I mentioned yesterday, many Peruvian people are farmers. We had an amazing dish in the Sacred Valley of quinoa, avocado, watermelon and lupin beans. Farm to table. No I didn’t eat this whole plate. Yes I want to become a farmer.

Quinoa salad

We had a traditional meal called “Pachamanca” – I will tell you about it tomorrow but this was my plate: chicken, sweet potato, banana (I went back for a 2nd nanner) and beans (didn’t like the beans).


Of course I had some sweet treats too.

Lots of chocolate. (More on that soon)

Amy Licking Chocolate Spoon

Fro yo. My stomach hates fro yo but I love it. I always go for original with fruit. Perfection.

Amy Pinkberry

And wait for it… I had a bite of beef!!! It was a big deal for me. I closed my eyes and tried a bite of Lesley’s “lomo saltado” — thank you for the suggestion Marisa! I broke my two years of “red meat free”. It wasn’t too shabby. I am still learning/researching how I would like to balance meat into my diet. There’s my bite.

Lomo saltado bite

I don’t use travel as an excuse to completely derail from my food philosophy and choices. Sure I wish I had some more leafy greens but I did my best. Sure I ate more gluten and sugar than I would have liked (my skin wasn’t/isn’t great) but I wanted to try things. I indulge here and there and don’t ever feel as though I am missing out. Balance. It is possible to eat real, nutrient rich foods in faraway lands. I simply ask waiters to add avocado, subtract French fries. I pass on the bread basket and have fro yo at another time. I travel prepared with lots of snacks. I don’t stress about it and I do what I can. I enjoy, I balance my choices and that’s what makes me, me.


Questions of the day…

What have you been eating lately?

Have you tried Peruvian cuisine?


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41 thoughts on “What I Ate In Peru {WIAW 32}

  1. Those banana are adorable. I’m sure I could easily house 10 in one sitting. I love you your were able to have your favorites and try some new things also, that’s my favorite way to eat when I travel. The quinoa salad looks amazing, I am a sucker for farm to table. My body hates fro yo also but I have been seriously craving it so it is happening this weekend for sure.

  2. Hi Amy. I am going to tell u a secret. Do you know where I was travelling in the summer?!
    Oh yes, PERÚ, :).
    The journey was 3 weeks long. I hike “el camino del inca” for 4 days. I was hiking in the south, nearby Arequipa, lots of volcanoes and a really arid land. And finally I flew to Huaraz, in the centre of “cordillera Blanca” and I hiked the Santa Cruz quebrada”. You can image, it was exhausted buy my meals were similar at the pictures ones.
    Lots of avo, chicken, rice, nuts, quinoa, fruit, vegetable, bananas and bread….too much bread.
    I lost 1 kilo!

  3. Everything looks friggin amazing!! Especially the brunch from Jack’s Cafe all that avocado, yum!

    I am also drooling at those empanadas. I don’t think I have had peruvian food but you have made me want to try it out for sure.

    I’ve been eating a lot more protein powder lately mixed with oats for breakfast. That and greek yoghurt mixed with pb have been some of my staples of late :)

  4. Oh my goodness. Your ‘meat bite’!!! Love it.

    Farm to table is pure perfection. You can truly tell the difference in the quality of food when it hasn’t had to travel across two national borders. Your eats all look absolutely amazing…I could comment on every one, although I’ll just leave it at that. It’s so great to see your array of healthy & delicious food to fuel you through vacation. <3

  5. Thats so awesome! Loved that little culture lesson in your post! So interesting to learn about other culture eats! I can imagine the bananas taste completely different, in a good way! I have been eating out a lot as I have been working away from home, but I am trying to make the most of it, as I do not get to much usually! Glad you are back!

  6. Wow that quinoa dish looks divine…I probably would have ate the whole thing for sure. When in Peru…lol! All the food you had looks really awesome and really healthy/nutritious. I kinda fall of the wagon when I go on vacation, especially in places with totally different cuisine. I figure I don’t want to miss out on anything lol. Probably not the best idea sometimes, but oh well.

    And good for you for trying some red meat! I don’t eat it either, probably haven’t in a few years, but if it were presented in front of me, as it was in your situation, I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to try some :) Plus, it would probably be superb for your body if you are doing CrossFit!

    Have an awesome week :)

  7. I don’t even know which dish I’d want to try the most…everything looks so good! The quinoa dish looks amazing, and all your breakfasts, of course…and obviously the froyo ;-) I think getting a chance to try some local food is one of my favourite things about travelling – foodie much? :-p

  8. So much avocado!!! It looks so delicious. Sounds to me like you did a great job staying balanced, certainly better than I would have. :) If you become a farmer, can I come work for a day and earn some farm to table eats? Yes? Hooray!

  9. Wow Amy…everything looks absolutely wonderful! There isn’t a bad meal in the bunch. I seriously want all of it! Love the idea of eating a banana that is so fresh. There’s nothing like fresh fruit right from the farm!

  10. sounds precisely like my vacation food philosophy – look to incorporate veggies where you can, don’t go completely off track, but be sure to enjoy some special treats, especially those that are local/ hard to find back at home! YES to your digestive system operating far better when you’re relaxed … this always amazes me! I care about both what you did and what you ate!

  11. All of your food looks so good! Part of my favorite part of traveling is trying new foods! So I am eventually going to start adding more meat back into my diet too! The thing is, I never thought meat was bad for you, but I think if you don’t get organic, all-natural, grass-fed meat, then it has lots of nasty added things in it that we really don’t need/are very harmful for us. With that being said, right now the Hubs and I aren’t in a state where we can afford to buy the all organic grass-fed meat, which is why we are eating so much less of it now. But we are taking a look at our budget and seeing what we can do to start buying some organic things just because we believe it is important. :)

    1. Becky I feel the exact same way! It is something we can certainly work on together. I am trying to figure out the best way to do this. Please let me know if you have any ideas :)

  12. I’m literally drooling. What an amazing opportunity to try new foods–that’s my favorite part about traveling! I’m glad you indulged but that you also acknowledged the effect it had on your skin/body — it’s not a good idea to do long-term but if you diet on vacation you’re a sinner!

  13. You already know that I am SUCH a fan of Peruvian food- now you have me craving all of this goodness, including that chicken, bananas, and avocado! I am very excited that you tried so many different local foods. I would love to try to recreate that red quinoa dish with watermelon, how creative. Congrats again on going with an open mind and trying new things and really experiencing Peru and all it had to offer! I am thinking of doing G Adventures in India (similar thought process to you- really want some guided experience and some of the planning done), so I have loved reading about your trip!

  14. Seriously, aren’t the avocados freaking awesome? I’ve never been to Peru, but in Guatemala I had the best avocados. Every single day.
    I love the balance you kept during your trip, too! Healthy choices, treats, enjoying traditional foods, and listening to your body. You are a rock star.

  15. Wow the food looks really great! This trip is definitely at the top of my bucket list. My husband and I are going to try to plan this trip for sometime next year. I would love to hear more about the trip and how you like G Adventures! Great posts, keep them coming :)

  16. This post has too many good eats to even handle! I’d love to go to Peru one day. I must remember the cafe. ;)
    Eggs and avocados are so good! I love snacking on nuts and fruit.
    I love homemade bread. So fresh and delicious.

  17. Fresh food.. it all looks so amazing! I’ve never had any exotic food or even fresh food. I was scared to try some of the local food on the islands where our cruise docked, lol. Lately my favorite thing has been oatmeal. I got away from it for a few days for some reason and I’m loving it!

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