Eat Big {WIAW 31}

My CrossFit coach emailed me this weekend reminding me to “eat big.” Yessir. In the spirit of What I Ate Wednesday, here’s what I ate on Sunday – it’s basically what I’ve been eating for the past 10 days or so. No I’m not bored yet. Remember: this is what works for me – everyone is different – listen to your body, it’s smarter than you are :)

What I Ate Wednesday Sunday

I woke up at 6:45am… got ready and had 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil, 1/2 an avocado, some almonds and cashews before Crossfit.

Eggs nuts avocado

Crossfit was two hours of lifting skills. We worked on a bunch of things: snatch, front squat, and a bunch of other exercises but I don’t remember the names. Still a newbie. It was awesome.

On the drive home I had a Larabar (don’t worry, I took the picture in the parking lot)

Larabar in car

I got home and it was time to Okay not all but a delicious mid-day post-workout meal. I had a banana with cashew butter, the rest of the avocado, a piece of baked salmon and spinach sauteed in coconut oil. I seriously never would have imagined not eating pancakes post-workout but guys: I have never felt better. It’s so weird that I crave this now. Whatever, I’m rolling with it because it’s nutritious and delicious. (Yes, corny I know). I am so used to having carbs post-workout but this combination focusing on protein and fat with a small amount of carbs has really helped regulate my blood sugar.

Post workout

Butttttttt I was still hungry. I think the biggest challenge is figuring out how much to eat at “meals” so I am not eating five billion times a day. I had a hard boiled egg and some grapes about an hour after my post-workout meal.

Egg and grapes

That did the trick until it was time to test the brownies I made earlier in the day. I ran some errands and then had a paleo brownie

and an apple. Why are apples so much more delicious when sliced?

Brownie and apple

Time for dinner. Dinner was: chicken breast (shredded – thanks Mom!), steamed green beans and a sweet potato with cashew butter. I loved this dinner.


But I still had a bit more room for dessert, which was another brownie and some strawberries. I actually had a few more strawberries after I took the picture so use your imagination :)

Strawberries and brownie

And that did it. I truly feel so satisfied and content since making these adjustments. For a five foot nothing little thing, I think I eat pretty big.


Questions of the day…

What have you been eating lately?

What the heck does eating big actually mean?


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32 thoughts on “Eat Big {WIAW 31}

  1. Love that bank account nutrient quote!!

    Two hours of cross fit lifting?!?? Damn lady no wonder you wanted to eat all the food ;)

    All your meals look beautiful and delicious and have the ‘fun’ factor you spoke about from your lunch post yesterday.

  2. Yum everything here looks super yum! especially your dessert!
    I love how you are learning how to change you habits with your new lifestyle!! It is definitely a learning process, but we all get there!
    I don’t think anybody eats “big” per se. I mean if you exercise a lot, then for you, it really is just the right amount.
    For example, some of my friends, although heavier than me, are far less active and probably eat half the amount I do. They are usually amazed at the amount of food I can eat in a day. However, for me, I feel like sometimes I can’t even get enough food in hahah. So it just depends I guess!! I think that what “eating big” really means is just eating enough to allow your muscles to stay nourished, healthy, and strong. So really it should just be “eating adequate amounts so that you don’t starve yourself.” And it just so happens that when you weight train, you do have to eat a bit more…
    AKA moral of that story…Gotta eat to train :)

    Have a great day!!!!! Happy HUMP day :)

  3. This is not at all the focus of your post (obviously) but it makes me happy that you spent two hours working on lifting skills. CrossFit gyms can be all over the map when it comes to technique and safety (John talks about this all.the.time. since it’s his field) so I feel I can rest easy that yours is one of the good ones. :) More on point, I’m so so so happy for all the positive changes you are experiencing with your new approach to eating. So inspiring, you’re amazing! Checking out that balanced bites podcast right now.

  4. Eat Big! I love that advice. I have not bought cashew butter because I think I will become way to addicted :-) I have been having a fat shake in the morning with coconut cream, kale, hemp, chia, maca, and protein powder. It keeps me full all morning. I don’t usually like drinking my food but this is really working for in this moment.

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m loving your attitude towards food and fueling your body right now! I’ve been noticing some positive changes since I upped my calorie intake too…having energy is amazing, isn’t it? ;-)

  6. “Listen to your body, it’s smarter than you are” is one of my favorite quotes because it is so true! Like I said, if you are hungry, EAT. I’m glad that you are fueling your body properly and you should be eating “big” (whatever that means exactly..) because you are working our hard and regularly. It makes sense to me!

  7. Yum yum yum! Lots of good, nutritious food! You are a rockstar! I have been eating everything in sight recently….especially that damn cookie butter from trader joes! That is a side effect of my intense part of my training segment…more running, more intense= ravenous tina! I think eating big depends on the individual, but I think you are doing a wonderful job!

    Although, I do think its cute that all your meals are presented so perfectly. It reminds me of when I was a kid and wouldnt eat even a spoonful of each type of food with anything else. I had to eat each thing on my plate separately. I love it :)

  8. One of my two blog comments of the day (vacation unplugging!) goes to you because this is amazing! I admire how you’re finding what works for YOUR body. I’m actually really excited to try the 21 Day Sugar Detox for JUST this reason, because I think it will force me to make big changes and see how another style of eating works for my body (I’m starting in March … I thought about joining you guys in Whole 30 but I think for my personal goals the 21 DSD will be a better start for me!). You’re an inspiration, girl!

    1. So honored to be one of the two comments :) thank you for the support and I know you will rock the 21DSD! I loveeee Diane. Hoping Brazil is a blast xoxo

  9. I think eating big can mean eating food that makes a positive impact on your health. That, or eating the kinds of hamburgers you see on Man v. Food. I prefer the former definition, personally ;) Bodies need power to work, and the only way they can get that power is through food. It’s so important to fuel your body with not just food but food that’s nutritious! I love that we’ve both been figuring things out for the better lately. You may see an email coming at you soon.

  10. This is such a perfect day of eats Amy!! I LOVE it! Would you mind if I move in with you?? :-)
    2 hours Crossfit is pretty darn cool. We only have 1 hour classes, unless you book Open Gym which is a lot more expensive. This morning we did 2 WOD’s in a row and I nearly died – and after that I wanted tot eat all the food too, lol.

  11. I’m super excited for you!! The fact that your seriously fueling your body and having positive reactions to “eating all the food” is amazing. You’re working hard so your body needs it. It’s gonna be fantastic as you see yourself getting stronger and stronger!! Congrats baby…you eat BIG and LOVE it!

  12. Eating big always leaves me satisfied. My goodness do your eats look delicious. Seriously, so nutritious and delicious. I love topping my sweet potatoes and bananas with pb. Apples do always taste better sliced. ;)

  13. You definitely needed all that food after all that lifting! Good for you for listening to your body and not your old notions of what you “should eat”. So AWESOME girl!

    And I 100% agree- sliced apples are far superior to whole, I just don’t get it!

  14. I’m glad I’m not the only one who eats nut butter on my sweet potatoes; sometimes i throw on some chocolate as well!!

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