What I Ate This Weekend {WIAW 30}

Well last week’s What I Ate Wednesday is a tough act to follow. Sorry guys, you’re stuck with me again. I know you are missing Papa Honey Bee!

I thought doing a double-dose of WIAW might make up for the lack of hilarious-ness, adorable-ness, yolkporn and cookie brittle. So that’s just what I’ll do. Here’s what I ate this weekend.



I woke up and had a mug of tea before eating a hard boiled egg and banana with cashew butter pre-Crossfit.

Pre crossfit

We worked on our overhead strength before banging out “Obi Wan Kenobi” for the WOD. I finished in 12:10 squatting 35 lbs… getting better!

I came home and made an omelette: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, spinach with ketchup. I had that with 1/2 an avocado and a pear.

Saturday breakfast

About an hour or so later, I was hungry – I should have had 2 eggs rather than whites and added a sweet potato after Crossfit. I’m working on making every meal nutritious. Anyways, I had a carrot cake Larabar. I stocked up on all the amazing flavors we don’t get in the great white north when I was in Boston. You guys. You need to send me more!!! Carrot cake is Larabar bliss.

Carrot cake Larabar

That tied me over until an early dinner. I had some lentil soup my Mom made. It’s ugly…

Lentil soup

But delicious.

Then I made a tuna salad with mashed up sweet potato, balsamic vinegar, cucumber and peppers. I had that with almonds and another pear.

Tuna salad, almonds and pear

I was stuffed until my tummy grumbled in the 3rd period at the Leafs game. Good thing I brought some trail mix so I snacked on that.

Trail mix at hockey game

Leafs won (yay), went home, bed.



I went to yoga kinda early in the morning (didn’t eat anything before) but came home and had a coconut banana pancake

with cashew butter and the rest of the banana. Delish. This has been on repeat.

Coconut banana pancake with cashew butter

Then I organized my food prep but I was still hungry so had an apple Larabar. Yes I like Larabars. We know this.


After running some errands, I came home and had lunch. I had the last of my black bean veggie burgers

, 1/2 an avocado, a sweet potato and some baby carrots. Keep it simple.

Sunday lunch

I made paleo chocolate chip cookies

for a Crossfit bday in the afternoon so of course had to sample one. Please excuse my nasty thumb.

Paleo chocolate chunk cookie

Before heading out for Super Bowl festivities, I had another bowl of lentil soup (un-pictured, see above) and some baby carrots, a hard boiled egg and the rest of the avocado from lunch. I have been loving this snack plate lately – it’s simple and filling with some protein, healthy fat and just the right amount of crunch.

Avocado egg carrots

I nibbled on some veggies and fruit (un-pictured) while at my friends’ houses but really wasn’t hungry until the 4th quarter… when the food was mostly gone. Oh well, it was meat and cheese anyways – not really my thing. I really hoped for guacamole and chips but sadly there wasn’t any.

When I got home I was craving one thing: oatmeal. Yup you guessed it: with banana and PB.

Oatmeal banana PB

When you’re hungry, you’re hungry. I’ve been trying to eat more earlier throughout the day but sometimes you need oatmeal at 10pm. Eat when you’re hungry. Nourish your body.

Oh and then I had an apple.


That did the trick. So yeah… that’s what I ate. The end.


Questions of the day…

What did you eat?


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24 thoughts on “What I Ate This Weekend {WIAW 30}

  1. Wait, no Papa Honey Bee today?! Okay, fine …
    This is super random but: “Yes I like Larabars. We know this.” – Excuse my apparently funny mind but this is so cute as it reminds me of the way stories we read in pre-school were written :). We can’t get Larabars over here but just the sound of these flavours is great so yes, I understand why you like them.
    The cookies remind me of a similar – also Paleo, I think – vegan recipe I tried way too long ago. Maybe I need to get baking again …

  2. You very first picture looks like a muppet face to me! I was cracking myself up about it, but maybe that’s just me being dorky. Is anyone good at predicting how much food their body needs post-workout? I feel like I’m way off on a pretty regular basis. I know people think Zumba isn’t that intense, but it’s more intense as the teacher and I like to make it as intense as possible, and sometimes I get about halfway through the class and realize “yeah I didn’t eat enough today.” I try my best but I still miss the mark pretty regularly!

  3. So many great looking foods there! Those cookies look wonderful, as does pretty much everything else! Congratulations on getting stronger! I couldnt even imagine lifting 35lbs with my weeny runner stick arms! I do a few kettelbell moves in my strength training, but otherwise I am pretty weak with weights! But for me that works as thats more weight to carry around when I am trying to race.
    Thanks for the share!

  4. You are doing such a great job at making all of your meals nutritious! I need to start hard boiling some eggs to have for snacks and meals! Oh I love guacamole and chips too! Really anything with guacamole. Carrots and guacamole is amazing! Well, to me at least. ;)

  5. Um….we have twin thumbs hahah I always have to try to cover mine up in food pics. So many avocados I love it! I’m trying to eat them more often because they are so good and filling. Also–that omelette looks AMAZING right about now. I had scrambled eggs this morning but def should have made an omelette.

  6. Sometimes hunger strikes at the worst times! haha Love that you listened to what you needed and went for the oatmeal! I ate oatmeal, soup, and some taco meat yesterday! It was very yummy. So far today I’ve had bread with apple butter and some oatmeal!

  7. My pointer finger looks the same as your thumb. It hurts :( The thing that seems most appealing to me about CF is actually the camaraderie. My roomie is always going to her box for parties and stuff and it seems really fun.

  8. Can you believe I never had a Larabar? Unacceptable.
    I love your food weekend. So delicious! And oatmeal at 10 pm sounds perfect. Guacamole and Chips are definitely better than meat and cheese!

  9. Everything looks really great Amy! The meals look super nutritious. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I went immediately to the paleo cookie recipe… those look so delicious and soft.

    Have a beautiful Wednesday. :)

  10. Yum that all looks fabulous! I’m all about pears lately. And I’m so sad I live in Central PA and have NEVER been able to find the Carrot Cake larabars!!! I have a giant stockpile of peanut butter chocolate chip cookie and I’m in love with them, though!

  11. Haha I sent last week’s WIAW to my dad and he found it hilariously entertaining…I feel like he is going to offer to guest post on my blog now. ;-) I used to have a Lara literally every single day until I started cutting back on buying bars, but I’m thinking I need to splurge and pick up a few.

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