How to Have a Healthy Super Bowl Sunday: Tips & Recipes

It’s no secret that I love playing sports. Basketball was my thing but I also played baseball, volleyball and whatever else all the guys were playing. Sometimes that meant football. Oh football. I threw like a girl. Sidenote: I hate that expression, but it was true.

Thankfully I dated a football player in university and he finally taught me how to throw a football. Phew. But football definitely wasn’t my thing. Sure it was fun to throw the ‘ole pigskin around, but tackling? No thank you. Concussions? I’ll take a pass. Eye black? Eh, I prefer mascara.

Football is a watch-only sport in my books but I have come to really enjoy watching. I am not a diehard fan for any team, I just like the competition. I took to the Patriots since living in Boston (and because Tom is gorgeous) but I don’t cry if they lose or follow them that closely for that matter. But the Super Bowl is a different story: football, food, friends, family, fun. Now that’s my kind of event.

Superbowl Spread 2013

Last year I hosted the festivities in my tree-house apartment (aka tiny loft so the guest list was limited). Even though the Pats weren’t playing, it was an exciting game and of course… BEYONCE!!! Like duh. I may or may not have cried when Kelly and Michelle came out. I served carrots, celery, chips, hummus, salsa and made my Coach’s famous “buffalo chicken dip”, my Mom’s famous chilli recipe, Trader Joe’s cornbread and bought festive cupcakes from Georgetown.

I wish the Super Bowl was a bigger deal in Canada (silly hockey) and the worst part is that we don’t get all the awesome commercials. Canadian fail. Regardless, I am still looking forward to Sunday.

Superbowl Collage 2013

Super Bowl parties aren’t exactly a picture of health: buffalo wings, potato skins, chips, beer, desserts. I’m all about indulging and maintaining a healthy balance, but like Thanksgiving (and other holidays) I don’t use it as an excuse to go crazy. Of course I still enjoy but I pick and choose.

Going to a Super Bowl party this weekend?

1. Have a snack before the party: Yes every health website tells you this but it’s true! The thinking of “saving room” or “calories” will result in you being starving/hangry when you arrive at the party and likely over doing it. Here are some snack ideas. 

2. Use your plate: Chips, guacamole, nuts, chocolate and other nibbles are usually in abundance. Rather than taking handfuls or mindlessly dipping, put the food on your plate. Using your plate helps to remind you of what you are eating and helps with your hunger cues.

3. Limit alcohol: I always choose food over alcohol but if that doesn’t work for you, fair enough. It’s so easy to go overboard with drinks, especially if everyone is doing it. If I am drinking, I try to have one glass of water per one alcoholic beverage. 

4. You can have it all, just not all at once. If you know you want the chicken wings and beer, can you take a pass on the nachos? Pick and choose. I always go for the “special occasion” foods that I can’t eat all the time. Like stuffing on Thanksgiving. You can likely almost always eat nachos and salsa, but maybe not your best friend’s brownies that she makes twice a year.

Balanced Diet

If I was hosting on Sunday, this is what would be on my menu:

Cheezy Bean Dip

Bean dip2

Chicken Fingers & Sweet Potato Fries 


Chicken fingers1

Healthier Spinach Dip

Spinach Dip

White Bean Dip with Quinoa Flatbread


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Footballs


Cranberry Apple Crisp


Okay now I’m starving… but to be completely honest, my friends are probably happy I’m not cooking.

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, safe weekend and Super Bowl Sunday!


Questions of the day…

What are you doing for the Super Bowl?

Are you cooking? What are you making?

Not a football fan – what are you up to this weekend?


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23 thoughts on “How to Have a Healthy Super Bowl Sunday: Tips & Recipes

  1. Those strawberries are too cute!!! Also the white bean dip sounds amazing :) Honestly, the superbowl is on a little late for me, so Brian and I will probably watch from bed!!

  2. Clearly we are the same person. Although I actually have a shockingly good football throw for a girl. My dad taught me when I was little because “no daughter of mine is going through life without knowing how to throw a football.” He act so tough, in real life he’s a theater nerd. Anyway, I too prefer mascara and died over the Destiny’s Child reunion last year. And Tom Brady? I’ve been obsessing over him since… forever? John knows Tom is my first love. When the Pats I promptly announced that it didn’t matter because Brady is beautiful and Manning never will be. Ok time for some breakfast after all these fabulous pics. Have a great weekend love (and a great party!) xo

  3. All of this food looks delicious! Thank you for sharing! I’m not sure of what our plans are yet, but I am for sure checking out some of these recipes so I can maybe make some of them!

  4. I’m definitely with you on the pick and choose option – I choose what I really want and ignore the rest, or if I happen to want everything…I just go for small portions ;-) my parents did end up deciding to host a last-minute get-together, so my mom’s making chili and I’m bringing two desserts -Davida’s banana bread (and I’m adding a chocolate glaze) and the beer and bacon pecan bars I linked to earlier this week. Something healthier, something not ;-)

  5. Super Bowl is like Thanksgiving for me- all bets are off! I don’t say no to anything on the menu cause all our friends are great cooks and all 30+ people bring something so obviously I have to sample. I just make sure I eat healthy during the day leading up to the party and get in a really good workout first!

  6. I’m not the biggest football fan but I’m from Colorado and the Broncos are playing so you know, I have to watch it :) I haven’t been to a Super Bowl party in at least ten years but I also just see it like any other day–I won’t go overboard but I also want to enjoy myself :) I’m making a healthier/homemade french onion dip so we’ll see how it goes! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I don’t like football and I just had knee surgery so I think Sunday I will be laying in the room WITHOUT the Tv so I don’t have to hear it haha! (At least i get out of cleaning the house this weekend!)

  8. Those strawberries are too cute!!!

    I like football, college and professional, but I don’t love it. I’ve gone to all of the Umich college games being in undergrad, and I think the whole experience of going to the game is what makes it fun. To me, the sport is a little to slow-moving to really hold my attention. I will definitely watch the superbowl though, especially for the commercials!
    I remember when I lived in Canada I seriously didn’t even realize that there were different commercials than in the US…LAME!!

    Hockey will always be my passion!!!! I’m all about the Leafs as I hail from Toronto, but now that I live in Michigan I have to love the Red wings :) Hence why the Winter Classic at my university, played in the Big House, where the Leafs played the Wings was probably the most exciting New Years of my life lol :)

    Have a great day!

  9. I love watching football, and will be a boyfriends friends place to watch this Sunday :) I don’t actually care about the commercials too much?? I dunno lol I did love seeing Beyonce last year though! I am allergic to dairy so I actually have to bring my own food if I don’t want to starve for, oh, what, 7 hours haha. I might bring something like veggies, hummus, pita chips, salsa etc for everyone and then my own “dinner” for later (salad/sub whatever).
    And as much fun as football is to watch.. c’mon now.. hockey will always be number 1!! Go Leafs GO ;)

  10. I had no idea that Canadians were so into football and the Super Bowl! But I have to say… hockey is better! I’m sorry! I love the atmosphere of the Super Bowl and the parties that come with it, it’s something I miss the most since coming to school since everyone hates the Steelers in Ohio. Oh well. One day I will hold epic Super Bowl (commercial) parties.

    Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is actually the second biggest day of indulgence in the year?! I found that crazy. Great tips though, they would definitely help to combat some of the crazy snacking and beer consumption.

  11. I love how the Superbowl brings together the family with some great times and great eats! I like watching football, just not playing. I absolutely freaked out seeing the reunion of Destiny’s Child! :D

    These are some great recipes to try out. :)

  12. Ahhh, the Patriots. I obviously named my son TOM for a reason ;)

    To be honest, I almost forgot that it is Super Bowl weekend. You don’t hear too much about football over in this end of the planet. Someone at Body Attack training referred to football as “American Gridiron”. Hah!

    We have more and more in common than I thought, Amy! hahah…my high school/university boyfriend was ALSO a college football player and luckily I took a few great things from that relationship. Primarily, how to throw a proper spiral. Too funny.

    Have a great weekend, and enjoy some great eats with your pals. xo

  13. Even though my boyfriend is in Australia he is a huge NFL fan and him and his friends have taken the day off work tomorrow (Monday) to go to a bar and watch it – yes they actually play it at a bar here.

    Last year Nick and I were in Hawaii when the Superbowl was on and we also watched it at a bar and it was LOTS of fun so I get why you wish it was bigger in Canada.

    Love all your Superbowl tips, they’d be good before other social occasions too.

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