What My Dad Ate Wednesday + Dad’s Meatball Recipe {WIAW 29}

A few Wednesdays ago, my dad sent me an email…


He was feeling a little left out of our What I Ate Wednesday party so it seemed only fair to have him take over the Little Honey Bee today…

Amy Dad Lisbon

Take it away Daddy!


What I My Dad Ate {Last} Wednesday

WIAW starts off like every day that I am not travelling…..up pretty early (between 5 and 5:30 am) and check some emails, read the paper/watch Sports Centre while icing my back, my hip, my groin, my shoulder – which is no fun knowing I will then be going out in this ridiculously cold weather.

I have my first cup of coffee – decaf only and always – as I head to the fitness centre for my workout – I like to say to The Little Honey Bee that I also am into Cross Fit – I am on the elliptical for between 20 and 35 minutes AND then I go on the bike for between 10 and 20 minutes….MY version of Cross Fit being I use two machines!

Yup…..I have been told that I am a very fit and healthy 61 year old man with “structural issues”…..right……meaning, I am about 30 years old on my right side, and about 90 years old on my left. (Hip replacement on March 5th….)

After my workout, I get cleaned up, always including some stretching in the beloved steam room…..otherwise known as “The Shvitz”! Editors note: shvitz is Yiddish for “sweat”. 

Then, taking a decaf to go to drink at the office, I am almost ready for breakfast at my desk!

Dad decaf

Unless I am travelling or playing golf, breakfast is always at my desk……and is either Shredded Wheat + All Bran + Raspberries + Skim Milk OR a couple times a week oatmeal, which seems to be family favourite.

Since I was a kid, I LOVE hot cereal and pretty much every kind. Of them all, I love grits the most (especially the grits from Cracker Barrel)….But, you don’t have to be the father of The Little Honey Bee to know that grits is not exactly health food.

So…..I eat very little grits anymore because I am a very fit and healthy 61 year old :)……but…..I have discovered my new favourite hot cereal, which I have been having all winter – Bob’s Red Mill – 10 grain. I add raspberries, which is my favourite fruit, occasionally, but not every morning, a very little brown sugar, and, that’s my breakfast!

Dad breakfast2

But, of course, I’m still hungry so I have a few more raspberries and take some of my vitamins — my Multi + my Calcium/Magnesium. I have been taking vitamins for years, and start my day with a dozen Greens (I’m not a smoothie guy….) + a Fish Oil tablet.

Dad multivitamins

I think I mentioned that I love raspberries – they are, far and away, my favourite fruit…with anything….although I am not sure why I don’t love raspberry jam!

My mid-morning snack was raspberries + a couple tablespoons of plain Astro brand Balkan Yogurt (maybe they will send me some samples like companies do for my daughter) + some healthy granola. I know the granola is healthy because 1) it isn’t very sweet and 2) I can see all the good stuff, but don’t ask me what’s in it!

Dad morning snack

Time for lunch…already? I guess when you get up at 5:30, lunch does seem to come early….and this is now my 3rd “meal” already today! Too bad it’s not “Bring your kid to work day” as I know The Little Honey Bee would have taken a much better picture of what was really a freaking delicious lunch! And….it was a freaking delicious dinner last night, making it both a freaking delicious lunch AND a freaking easy to make lunch!

Dad lunch
Homemade, yesterday afternoon, authentic Italian meatballs, with very little pasta, and sprinkled with my special combination of Asiago + Pecorini cheese…..delicious! The meatballs are ridiculously easy to make:

Dad’s Meatballs

  • Equal parts medium ground beef and ground veal (ground pork could also be added or substituted for the veal)
  • Mix in 3 eggs
  • Mix in a fair amount of tomato sauce
  • 4 or 5 FRESHLY grated garlic cloves
  • Pepper, some salt, but not too much
  • Some, again not too much, bread crumbs
  • About the same, but a bit more, of the grated Asiago/Pecorini cheese mix
  • Form into balls
  • Brown lightly – don’t want to burn! – in pan with Extra Virgin (Light) olive oil
  • Put on a flat pan/foil (sprayed slightly so balls don’t stick)
  • Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes…..not much longer as you want them to be juicy!
  • Then drop into your pot with the rest of the tomato sauce

WIAW should be re-named to W.A.I.S.H. (Why Am I So Hungry?)!!

Here’s my mid-afternoon snack of some of my special egg salad….no bread (pasta for lunch)….good with a fork or spoon……..

Dad egg salad

Who knew that being a guest blogger for WIAW could be so exhausting? While it was good fun, I must admit that taking all the pics, describing the eating experiences, and, trying to achieve the high standards of The Little Honey Bee AND doing my real life job… by the time I got home I only had strength for as simple a dinner as possible!

And, what would that be? Breakfast for dinner! And, I happen to be really good at all types of breakfasts…but my go to breakfast for as long as The Little Honey Bee and her best sister in the world, Lesley, could hold a knife and fork – poached eggs!

Dad's poached eggs

Delicious, when they come out just right, and very nutritious!

How’s that for #yolkporn? (Amy teaches me well!)

Dad's poached eggs2

Eggs are not exactly “stick to the ribs/make you full” but….that just means there is more room for….of course….Cookie Brittle!

Cookie Brittle, notwithstanding some of the “desserts” featured on The Little Honey Bee these past few months is, simply, THE BEST DESSERT EVER…..and, I am quite the lucky man because I have two people who make sure I never run out – that would be The Little Honey Bee’s mom – my best wife/mom in the world, Cher – AND the aforementioned Lesley…..and, I still can’t decide who makes it better!! My remote doesn’t work without it.

Dad cookie brittle

Well, I sure hope I am invited back and that you have enjoyed hearing from a different generation…..but, as you can hopefully tell and agree….it is possible to be hip with the blogger generation while being true to my old school vibe!

Thanks Little Honey Bee…..back to you!


So he’s pretty “freaking” adorable if I do say so myself :) Thanks for stopping by today Dad — love ya!

Questions of the day… 

So do you love my dad as much as I do?


54 thoughts on “What My Dad Ate Wednesday + Dad’s Meatball Recipe {WIAW 29}

  1. Your Dad is absolutely great! Such an adorable post! If your Dad was here I would hug him asap! What a cute idea to let him take over for a WIAW post! And that indeed seems like a wonderful day of eats!

  2. That was the best WIAW post ever! Your dad is awesome! He has such a way with words.

    He is so fit and healthy!!! I’m also glad he does crossfit too ;)…that part made me laugh hysterically lol!!

    He should definitely come back for another guest post b/c that was great!

  3. Yes! This was such an adorable post! I love that he even uses WIAW!! So cool! And he should be proud, that is an impressive post of healthy meals! I love that you and your dad have this in common….my dad thinks I am wasting my time blogging :(

  4. HAHA! I love this post! And I agree, your dad had a pretty great day of healthy eats! He loves raspberries too (now I know where you get it from)! I wish I had been able to stick around for long enough to TASTE the cookie brittle that Lesley was making when I was there. Sure does look delicious! Hi, Little Honey Bee Dad! You’re awesome for being so supportive of your daughter!

  5. O.M.G. your dad is the cutest! I was cracking up (in a good way) reading the whole time – I even told John what was up and how much I loved it. He clearly loves you (and your mom and sister) oh so much, I can hear the pride at your blogging and healthy-living success. It’s obviously rubbed off because I’m super impressed by his healthy eats! Great job Papa Honey Bee! :)

    P.S. Please send some of that cookie brittle, I think I need that in my life.

  6. This is the best WIAW I’ve ever read in my life. Your dad seems like the sweetest, coolest guy. If he’s reading this (I hope he is!) hi Papa Honey Bee! You know how to have a healthy, balanced day for sure. I can see where Amy gets her smarts from – and her great personality!

  7. Omg this is such a cute idea for a post–your dad is adorable. Tell him that I’m only 23 and I have hip/back pain as well, so he shouldn’t feel bad haha. Also, his idea of crossfit is myyyy idea of crossfit haha. Loved this!

  8. This is SO cute. I’m such a huge fan of dads (especially mine haha) – you can tell your dad loves you so much and is so proud of you!! I’m so impressed with your creativity of having your dad guest blogging – ahhh this made my morning haha.

  9. This is by far the best WIAW post I have ever seen! What a wonderful sense of humor, and love for his daughter. Thanks for sharing!

  10. This is classic. Such a good idea to hand the steering wheel over to someone else! Love his suggestion to turn it into WAISH….that’s how I feel some days :) So good to see that your family is so invested in your blog and your healthy lifestyle. Very cool!

  11. What a wonderful post! I absolutely loved it! Your Dad is so funny and how great that he documented everything and kept with it to write a guest post for you…I should totally have my Dad do this for one of my WIAW posts in the future. Fun!

  12. Oh – this was an awesome WIAW!!! Your dad seems like an amazing guy!! And, like him, I love grits (especially with butter and cheese) but rarely have them these days!!

  13. Well, it turns out Doug’s a heavyweight (blogger)and my brother to boot! Terrific blog post, bro. You eat healthier than i imagined — given that you’re on the road a good deal and where can you stop for the Little Honey Bee’s kind of nutritious foodie fuel? Thanks for posting your meatball recipe; i stopped my reading to copy-and-paste. But why the dickens didn’t you include the recipe for Cookie Brittle? Finally, after 60-odd years, i discover a few more truly crucial things we have in common: raspberries are (almost) my favourite fruit, poached eggs (on English muffniks)are my favourite, and i have been on a lifelong safari in an attempt to bag the perfect meatball. Hopefully, yours will put an end to my search. Anyway, a great blog, Dougie, and an absolutely adorable pic of you and the Little Honey Bee! You should pardon me now for ending this reply so that i might run to the kitchen for my afternoon snack; a board of (unsalted) matzoh smeared with schmaltz (Yiddish for chicken fat) that i render myself. Yum! Healthy! Healthy! Healthy! ;-)

  14. OMG!! I am SO late to reading this, but omg this is amazing! My Dad is pretty spectacular and I find him hard to beat, but I want your Dad as my 2nd dad!! Two daddies! :-) Seriously, though, how stinkin cute and awesome and you can just see how much love he has for you. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

    1. Thank you for making my dad’s day (and mine!) but this seriously made him so happy to read as he’s recovering :) also meant to tell you that your advice about bulking up my meals has really helped yay! Thanks friend (I’m so behind on my blog reading.. Forgive me!)

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