A Day in the Life {WIAW 28}

Happy What I Ate Wednesday friends!

This is what I ate/did on Friday (because I actually remembered to take pictures) but this is pretty typical as of late (especially on Crossfit days) with a bit of variation here or there. Almonds instead of cashews, banana instead of berries, salmon instead of tuna. Kinda boring but satisfying and yummy.


What I Ate Wednesday Friday

Before Crossfit, I had a hard boiled egg and a few cashews.

Hard boiled eggs and cashews

After Crossfit (we did “Ollie”… 5 push press, 4 pull ups, 5 burpee box jumps, 4 toes to bar… 11 rounds for time = death), I refuelled with two more hard boiled eggs, 1/2 an avocado, yellow pepper, spinach and blackberries. This was seriously delish. I am actually starting to love my savory breakfasts.


Mid-morning I had some baby carrots and cashews.

Baby carrots and cashews

For lunch, I made a super easy and delicious tuna salad. I used one can of tuna, the rest of the avocado, a sweet potato and sprinkled hemp seeds on top. All I did was peel, steam and dice the sweet potato, mash half of the avocado (so a 1/4 of an avocado) with the tuna, top with the rest of the avocado and sprinkle some seeds. Done.

Tuna sweet potato and avocado

After running some errands in the afternoon, I came home and had a banana with hazelnut butter and a pear.

Banana and hazelnut butter


I went to a 6:30pm movie with my parents (American Hustle — so good) but I wasn’t hungry for dinner beforehand. Sooooo….

Quinoa fried rice1

Yes I made dinner and brought it to the movie with me. I’m either…

a) a big loser

b) prepared for my inevitable hunger

c) a rebel for bringing “outside food into the theatre”

I’ll go with all of the above. Anyways I threw together what I call “quinoa fried rice”: quinoa, edamame beans, peas, carrots, yellow pepper, egg whites and soy sauce. I just made it before we left, put it in a tupperware, brought it to the theatre and chowed down.

Quinoa fried rice2

After the movie, I was still a bit hungry. I had a few strawberries (un-pictured) and a piece of chunky monkey fudge before calling it a night.

Chunky Monkey Bar

And that did it!

Questions of the day…

So: a) or b) or c)?!

Do you sneak food into the movie theatre? 

What have you been eating lately?





75 thoughts on “A Day in the Life {WIAW 28}

  1. Haha, I sneak my food in everywhere! I especially love when I get through securities at the airport with almost a day of eats. Thanks for the Chunky Monk Recipe, need to check it out now!
    PS: Thank you SO much for your comment on today’s post – will definitely need to chat with you!!

  2. Definitely all of the above! Also, even though I can only see the thumb holes (the best part, obvs), I love that pink top! And I just have to say your breakfast picture looks like a face to me, like maybe a ghost face with a big spooky eyes and a googly mouth? I’m a child and a weirdo… Looks like a super healthy day! I love how you always have simple, whole foods.

  3. That dinner looks wonderful! Yummy! I am not an egg person, so I do not like all the hard boiled eggs in your day, but that is okay :) You are a rockstar when it comes to clean eating! Wow! very impressive!

    I often sneak food into the theatre haha! Never a whole meal though! How did you not drop half the quinoa on your lap? Thats what I would do haha!

  4. I love you even more now that I know you sneak food into the movies. :) I do the same! I would answer all of the above too. :) I need to try making hard boiled eggs. I have never made them; I can’t believe it! Oh and I definitely want to try making that tuna salad!

  5. Definitely B! I bring my food anywhere and everywhere these days. Being prepared is never a bad thing :)

    I’m still trying to convince people to watch American Hustle with me. I have been begging forever.

    I just checked out that chunky monkey fudge recipe and it sounds so easy and delicious. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Definitely all of the above. I brought cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory into the theater this past weekend and felt pretty badass myself ;) looooooser. Anyway, that tuna salad looks so delicious! I actually remembered to buy some over the weekend–usually I just put it in a salad but I should definitely make this instead.

  7. I always sneak food/drinks into movies – the prices there are ridiculous! I love going Bulk Barn before movies and stocking up on chocolate, banana chips, and almonds to sneak in with me.

    Your quinoa fried rice looks delicious! I’ve made something like that before, but it was such a long time ago. I need to make it again soon!

  8. I always sneak food into the movie theatre! When I was younger it was candy that I bought at Bulk Barn beforehand, and as I got older, it became things like sushi and tupperware meals. Hey, as much as I love popcorn, it’s probably a better idea to eat a real dinner ;-)

  9. I always sneak in my own popcorn but i’ve never thought to sneak in dinner..genius! i honestly don’t go to the movies that often because i have the attention span of a toddler, but if its a movie i realllly want it see, i definitely go

  10. That tuna salad looks incredible!
    I always get hungry during movies because all you hear is people eating, but I refuse to eat what they offer there, so I sneak food into the movie theater for both myself and my 3 year old twins every time we go.

  11. Who doesn’t sneak food into the movies?? Back in high school my friends and I would sneak in pints of ice cream in the summer time to share. I also successfully snuck a chai tea latte in once in my purse (I just stood it straight up and kept it tucked perfectly under my arm!)

    All of your food looks great!! I don’t even like tuna and I feel like I’d eat it that way.

  12. I am guilty as charged to sneaking fruit into the movie theater. last time I went I snuck in a whole box of strawberries…my friends thought I was INSANE!

    And that edamame quinoa blend looks AWESOME!!! I would def have no shame sneaking that into a movie theater.
    Especially since all my life I have HATEDDDDD popcorn – it is just gross and gets stuck in my teeth. Ick!

    I hope you have a great day


  13. Anyone who says they don’t sneak food into the movies is a liar. I can’t even remember the last time I actually bought something at the theater, mostly because they don’t exactly offer anything that I’d want to eat. Thank goodness for being a woman and being able to carry a purse :D

  14. Glad you liked American Hustle! Did you think Amy Adams was amazing in it like I did?

    I don’t usually bring things to the movie theater but then I get thirsty and have to buy a $5 water. Womp. But I applaud you for bringing the tupperware. That’s awesome. I still have to try hazelnut butter, it’s kind of ridiculous. I can’t wait to try it… gotta get some soon. :)

  15. A} I LOVE all of your eats! Oh man so delicious! I want them all right now. Seriously.
    B} I really want to see that movie!
    C} I have totally brought tupperware dinner into a movie and it rocked my socks off.
    D} THANK YOU for making the fudge and sharing!
    E} Last, but not least, you rock and I love you!
    That is all.
    Happy Wednesday friend!

  16. Your meals look great!! I’ve been completely grain free for the past couple weeks, so I’ve also been eating a ton of almonds/cashews to keep myself satisfied. Also, your tuna salad looks so good, I’ll have to try it with sweet potato like that. And yes, I ALWAYS sneak food into the movie theater — I don’t remember the last time I actually bought something there!

  17. Your tuna salad is seriously THE prettiest! I am hoping to finally see American Hustle this weekend…my husband and I are doing the Whole 30 Challenge, and a few weeks ago we were at the movies and I totally brought in our dinner to eat. I felt SO lame, so really I am glad I am clearly not the only one ;)

  18. Def NOT A! I like taking my food places, movie theatre included. I carry a small purse so I’m kind of obvious about it! Whoops…pretty sure I embarrass the people I’m with sometimes..lol The price you pay to be my friend. At least we always have food on us! :)

    The tuna salad looks wonderful!!

    1. Hahaha! Well yet another reason we’d be awesome friends. I actually brought it in a lululemon bag and just put my scarf on top… there’s a lulu in the mall at the theatre I went to so I thought I was pretty sneaky haha

  19. Hahaha I love that you brought dinner to the movies. I always carry a giant purse, and when I was in middle school, my cousins made me carry ALL of their burgers and fries into the theater. Including drinks. So funny and so ridic, but worth it!

  20. Loving everything! Your post workout meal looks so yummy and definitely something I’d enjoy! Yup, I’d totally sneak food into the theatre. I wouldn’t necessarily make dinner, but I like to bring a few snacks. The theater food is SO overpriced and so unhealthy.

  21. Your eats look delicious, especially that lunch salad! :)
    Yes, I’m guilty of sometimes sneaking in some nuts or a Larabar into the theater. They fail in the healthy snack department there. I think most of us have done it at one time or another. ;)

  22. I was looking forward to your day of eats after reading that you were going to be talking about eating for weight lifting. I’m trying to work on eating more nutritious foods and trying to lean out a little after an over indulgent fall. I have a confession. I kind of love movie theatre popcorn. We don’t go to the movies very often so when we do I treat myself but that quinoa dish sounds like a great option too! I always bring my own drink into the movie.

  23. This WIAW is SO impressive! I love it – so clean and balanced. I aspire to have such clean eats! I just can’t do hard-boiled egg yolks though, the texture doesn’t do it for me. And YES on bringing food into theaters – I am not sure I’ve brought in a full meal (props to you!), but I can’t get through a movie without a little snack and I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for unhealthy snacks that I don’t really want anyway!

    1. I am sooo picky about hard boiled eggs! But the problem is that I don’t like runny yolk but I need to start eating the yolk so this is the compromise. But the hard boiling needs to be perfect. Confession: I undercooked my last batch, cut into them and nearly gagged. Thankfully my dad used them for egg salad!

  24. All that food looks pretty good, other than the eggs. My mom is highly allergic to eggs so i stay away from them most of the time so that i wont develop an allergy. We used to make our own popcorn at home and sneak it into the theater. It was pretty easy because most times we went to the theater at the mall so we’d just put it in a shopping bag and walk in.

  25. I LOVE bringing food into the movies. It works perfectly because I don’t like seeing movies during the day and most other movies are during dinner. Plus, it’s much cheaper and I like the food I bring better :) And I feel like a rebel, which is great because I’m a goody two shoes the rest of the time

  26. This was so interesting to read/see- a full day of eats which includes your new recent changes! Nice one buddy!

    I always sneak stuff into movie theatres, although quinoa is a new one for me…I think the most random was Nandos. Or an Apple. lol!

  27. All of your food pictures.. they look so delicious. I am jealous you get to enjoy eggs. My stomach has been no bueno with them lately. :( I love all the nuts and nut butter you had. It’s so tasty! :D You rebel you! I will have to try out that stir fry. ;)

  28. Your tuna salad recipe looks great! I make something similar but usually use hardboiled eggs, tofu, tempeh, or chicken. I’ll have to try with tuna though, as solid white albacore tuna is the only seafood whatsoever that my taste buds can handle heh.

    Also, wanna give you props for respecting those who eat paleo yet not conforming while participating in Crossfit. It’s easy to get swept away by nutritional propaganda, especially when you’re part of a group that holds so strongly to a certain school of thought. Your balance is inspiring! Thank you :)

    I notice there aren’t many blogs that deal with nutrition and health written by guys. Think there’d be any interest? I mentioned that I’ve struggled for years with bulimia for a little under a decade; part of me thinks a blog of sorts could provide some incentive/inspiration for me. Just a random thought haha.

    1. I need to try it with eggs! That’s a great idea. Thanks for the props, I appreciate it :) I am all about trying new things but always staying true to you. I think that is the BEST random thought!!! You are right. There aren’t many healthy living blogs written by guys. I read a few on running but other than Arman’s blog (http://thebigmansworld.com) I don’t read any others. Blogging is an amazing outlet and I think your story can help and inspire others, just remember to write for you :) Please let me know if you decide to pursue this! Starting my blog was a “hey, why not” kind of decision and it was a great one.

      1. Ah thank you SO much for the encouragement and wise words. At this point, I’m looking for ANYTHING that could be helpful. Thanks so much for the support.

  29. I think bringing dinner with you to the theatre makes you incredibly clever. Why? I went to the movies on Monday and wasn’t hungry beforehand so I didn’t eat OR bring anything with me. Result? Binging on candy and all together bad for me things, leaving me with a food hangover on Tuesday. Lesson learned and I will be following your lead :)

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