Back to the Classic {WIAW 27}

In September, I claimed from this Wednesday forward I will not be sharing a whole “day-in-the-life” of my plate.” Well. Never say never.

What I Ate Wednesday is such a fun link-up and I try to participate nearly every week. It’s great for getting new food ideas and let’s face it: we are all nosy and like to see what other people eat. Guilty.

I stopped sharing a whole day of food because I did not want it to trigger any struggles. However, I have come to realize that whether I share a whole day of food or a selection of my favorites, food is food. It can still be triggering for some. It’s important to remember that What I Ate Wednesday is not about comparison, judgement, restriction or guilt. We are all different and as such our food reflects this.

Today I’m going back to the classic version of the foodie party and sharing what I ate last Wednesday.



What I Ate {Last} Wednesday

I went spinning in the morning but wasn’t hungry for a full breakfast once I got home. I had an orange before showering and getting ready.


Then I got hungry. I had a bowl of hot buckwheat cereal with a pear, handful of raspberries and a sprinkling of fruit, nut & seed granola

 for breakfast.

Buckwheat pear rasp

I snacked on an apricot mid-morning.


For lunch, I had a big bowl of Moroccan spiced chickpea soup

Chickpea soup

I was running around in the afternoon and snacked on a cashew Larabar.


Dinner was pretty random, simple and delicious: sweet potato fries

, roasted brussels sprouts, cauliflower and red lentils.

Random dinner

I also had a pear and raspberries.

Pear and raspberries

I ended the day with a bowl of banana and peanut butter oatmeal while watching Modern Family.

Oatmeal banana PB

Questions of the day…

Do you prefer seeing a “day in the life” or a selection of recent eats?

What’s your take on WIAW if you participate? 

What’s the best thing you ate lately?

41 thoughts on “Back to the Classic {WIAW 27}

  1. I like to see a persons day on a plate for the most part but happy with every so often recent eats too. Drooling over your breakfast it looks delicious!

    Glad you came back to the classic but I think your original post and message was great food for thought about what can potentially cause triggers.

  2. I think WIAW posts are great – whether it includes a day of eats or just random eats from the week, it is all the same. Mix it up, do what feels right, etc.

    I think that you should not have to change your blog according to how others feel; if it is triggering, then people should not be reading WIAW posts to begin with. That might sound harsh lol and I don’t mean it to be, but people should try to avoid what “triggers” them.

    Plus, it is interesting to see, transparently, what people really eat.
    That is just my take on the matter!

    Best thing I ate was some dried figs I got – they were literally perfect. I’ve paired them with everything too – peanut butter, cream cheese, chocolate…yummmmy!!!

    Have an awesome day xoxo

  3. I’m actually a big fan of ‘day in the life’ WIAWs, but I know what you mean about being afraid of triggering someone… There’s always that little voice in the back of my mind that’s afraid of what people will think about my choices, but at the end of the day you gotta do what works for you, and you need to let other people work through their own issues.

    PS – ending the day with oatmeal is brilliant <3

  4. Whenever I read WIAW posts I’m always like…. dang I eat twice as much food as them! And them I’m like… whaaa they didn’t eat ice cream!? lol. If I posted a WIAW I’d need to put it in two parts. Lol maybe I should do it.

  5. I don’t really have a preference for WIAW posts. I like seeing the posts where people highlight what they have been eating lately, and then I like seeing where people put everything they ate in one day. Whenever I participate in WIAW I usually just highlight things I have been eating lately, but that’s because I can never seem to take a picture of everything I eat in one day. Oops! :)

  6. You’re so good with all your fruit! I struggle so much with getting enough, partly because of my food intolerance and partly because it’s expensive and goes bad quickly. I think I need to bring the morning smoothie back to get myself on track. I love the WIAW posts, but sometimes I feel like I have nothing to share. Lately I’ve at least been cooking again so I’m not useless! P.S. Modern Family? The best!!

  7. I love WIAW! I enjoy seeing what people eat because it gives me lots of different food options that I can try myself. By the way, those raspberries look SO tasty and SO juicy! The raspberries around here don’t look like that at all. I miss all the fresh summer fruit!

  8. So really, you’re just giving me a massive fruit craving ;-) I do know where you’re coming from with those worries though – but like you said, for some people food is always going to be triggering, and even seeing an amalgamation of say, breakfasts over a week, can inspire comparison for some people. I like seeing the what-i-ate-in-a-day sort of posts, personally.

  9. It’s like you are inside my head. I was JUST thinking about raspberries and how they were tasting around this time of year (obviously imported). Now I have a craving for oatmeal with pears and raspberries.. haha. I love your WIAW posts because you are so darn healthy and you inspire me to get creative with simple ingredients.

    1. Haha thanks girly! Not always so healthy but now that I’m back from vacay, I’ve been trying to. Those raspberries were a steal… $1.99… no idea where they were from but delish!

  10. There’s blogger responsibility (e.g. not showing 2 stalks of celery and saying this is a full day’s eats) and there’s reader responsibility (e.g. knowing what triggers you and knowing that everyone’s situation is different) and we often forget the latter one.
    I like seeing your food however you want to share it (and on anywhere else besides a food blog, that statement just sounds *so* wrong). Full day eats are fun, highlights are fun, whatever! Mostly I like your plates full of tons of colorful veggies :).

  11. Your breakfast looks awesome! I realized I’ve never actually posted a whole day’s worth of food before, maybe I should give it a try. I guess my readers should get prepared for a whole bunch of coffee pics!

  12. Such a healthy day! I always find others who eat primarily whole foods so interesting, as that’s how I eat myself. I’ve been trying to eat a lot of oranges lately so I don’t get sick…it seems like my daughters are always catching something! :-)

    1. That’s exactly why I ate the orange too! I especially love your WIAWs and thanks for the tip on TJs dark chocolate honey mints last week. I got them and I am in love. Or should I be thanking you?! Just kidding!

  13. I don’t mind so much where or when the food has been eaten as long as there are countless pictures of it :-) I’m horrible I know. But seriously – your plates are arranged so perfectly I can not stop looking at them.
    On Sunday, I made a banana chocolate cake/bread which I warmed up in the microwave the next day with some chocolate chips – reeeeeeallly good.

  14. You’re such a healthy eater!! I never see any “junk” on your blog or IG. Just wholesome eats. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sharing everything you ate. We can’t control how everything is interpreted so just being true to you is the best thing you can do.

    I love ending the day with a bowl of oatmeal. So comforting! I bet that helped put you right to sleep. :)

    1. Haha if only that were true! You must have missed my countless cookies and scones pics over the past few weeks :) oatmeal is the perfect way to end a day.

  15. I love all the fruit you eat! No, I love just everything you eat in general :) I just bought a bag of red lentils and I was wondering how to prepare them – yours look delish!

    1. Red lentils are so easy to cook! Just rinse and simmer them in a saucepan with double the water for about 12-15 minutes… keep stirring so they don’t get mushy!

  16. I’m nosy like you and a fan of most forms of WIAW but I think my favorites to read are the full day of eats. I think it’s fun to see how others compile their day of eats. Your dinner looks fab, I had a form of red lentils last nigh too.

  17. I started participating in WIAW only this fall and I am literally obsessed! I like to look that eat others and to be inspired. Besides, it is a good way to find some remarkable bloggers. By the way, so I found you ;)

  18. I always love reading your WIAW. You’re a great healthy eater, so it’s inspirational/motivational, but you’re honest and real, not extreme and judgmental. I think that’s what WIAW is supposed to be about, honesty and openness without judgment. I agree that not everyone sees it that way, and it can have negative reactions, but I think in your case it definitely doesn’t. Your meals are relatable and healthy, it’s what people reading health blogs want to see!

    I’ve participated in a couple WIAWs, but have been pretty unconventional about it. my eating schedule varies so much, and it’s hard for me to remember to take pictures of everything in a day. If I did, it also wouldn’t be a good representation of my lifestyle. Some days I eat super, super healthy, others more unhealthy. Sometimes I’m just not that hungry, other days I’m eating for like 5!

    Right now, I am mildly (read: SOOOOO) obsessed with this new smoothie recipe I made last week on my blog. I have had this pseudo-acai smoothie with granola every day for the past week. It hasn’t gotten old yet. Seriously, I just finished today’s like an hour ago and am already craving it again!


  19. I used to do themed WIAW’s but these days, I stick to the classic template. We can’t cater to every single reader, and saying that, they need to be wary that not each day is (typically) the same.

    I think you are the only one in the northern hemisphere eating apricots- so seasonal. How good are they though…I ate four the other day!

  20. I’ve been really thinking about WIAW. Sometimes I feel pressure to eat perfectly on those days or I feel that people are judging the way that I eat. I haven’t done one for two weeks, and only time will tell if I continue. Chances are I probably will, but I don’t know how I want to format it. Regardless, a day that starts and ends with oats or hot cereal is the best day ever :p

  21. I really love “day in the life” style WIAWs – I love seeing peoples’ different ideas for what to eat for different meals and snacks. I don’t do them much because I’m lazy though. :P

    Your breakfast looks so good! What’s the hot buckwheat cereal – is it from a package or homemade?

  22. I love oatmeal and having it before bed? Helps me sleep like a baby. :)
    I’ve never had chickpeas or red lentils. What do they taste like? I know the chickpeas can be very versatile.
    I love sweet potato fries. They’re delicious! :D

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