London: January 2 – January 4, 2014

Hi friends! This will be the last recap of the trip — thank you for reading, I have loved sharing the adventure. Our last few days in London were busy ones. The sun was finally shining so we really made the most of the weather.

First, we went up The Shard for some amazing views of the city.

Shard View

Amy on Shard

We then headed to Borough Market for lunch but did not realize it was closed January 1st and 2nd so there were not many vendors open. When it is in full force, Borough is an awesome food market filled with anything and everything your tummy desires. I ended up having a delicious bowl of carrot and coriander soup.

Soup at Borough

We continued to walk along The Embankment — the walkway along the Thames River.  

The Thames

Cheerio London Eye and Big Ben!

Eye and Big Ben

Dinner consisted of take-away from Harrods. The food halls at this world famous store are really incredible and if you know where to go, very reasonable. I made my own salad and had an almond croissant for dessert. All about balance :)

Harrods Salad Bar

Almond Croissant

After dinner we went to see WickedBook of Mormon is certainly a tough act to follow but Wicked will always be one of my favorite musicals. I’ve seen it a few times…


The next day we went for brunch at Granger & Co in Notting Hill. I felt pancake deprived over the past few weeks so I knew what I was getting straight away: ricotta hot cakes with banana and honeycomb butter. I skipped the butter but the ‘cakes didn’t need it… so delish!

Ricotta Hot Cakes

After brunch we strolled through Hyde Park and then headed to the Tate ModernI do like museums but I don’t think I am much of a modern art fan. It sometimes looks like my five year old cousin made it. I hope that’s not offensive…

But I did like this piece quite a lot.


We also saw some sights like, St. Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's

and Millenium BridgeFellow Harry Potter fans: recognize this bridge?

Millenium Bridge

After the museum and walking we enjoyed an oh-so-typical English event: High Tea. Tea (duh), finger sandwiches, pastries and scones (<– my fave).

Afternoon tea

Even though we were all very tired, my sister convinced us to take one last evening trip to Primrose HillIt was so worth it.

Night Skyline

Before heading to the airport we went to Chelsea for breakfast at the Blue Bird Cafe. (Arman, Davida… I know you know the significance of this spot). To be honest the food was a bit disappointing but I just went with the fruit plate.

Bluebird Breakfast

Before heading to the airport we made one final stop for one final goodie.

Harrods. Chocolate scone. Need I say more?

Chocolate scone

And that wraps up this wonderful trip. Phew. Traveling is exhausting. Wonderful. But exhausting. Oh and if these past few weeks were not hectic enough… I’m off to Boston this afternoon! But I’m certainly not complaining :)

Hope you have a great weekend friends.


Questions of the day…

What are you up to this weekend? 

24 thoughts on “London: January 2 – January 4, 2014

  1. Oh my GOsh, I don’t even know what to comment here, it all looks like so much fun and DELICIOUS! I was almost dying when I saw those pancakes on IG – they look SO perfect. Though I wouldn’t mind to have a bit of this chocolate scone right now.
    Have fun in Boston! I’ve been there last Summer and SO loved it!

  2. Can I just eat absolutely everything in this post? I’m not a huge pastry person, but that chocolate scone is making me seriously reconsider that stance. And despite the fact that I adore musicals, I’ve never seen Wicked! I know, terrible.

  3. This is the perfect post for you to help settle my debate with Kevin last night (loaded request – ha!). Is Canadian food or British food more similar to American food? I know there are three whopping generalizations in that question, but try to go with me here. A salad and a croissant sounds perfect!

    1. Ah I’m not sure how to answer the question or settle the debate. Hm I think “British” food is richer than American food but American portions are way larger. I don’t even think of food as being Canadian (other than poutine). If I had to choose, I think Canadian food is closer to American.

      1. Thank you!! I think we both win … I said that Canadian food and British food were equally similar to American food, and Kevin said Canadian was closer to American … so I’ll take your wavering as an indication that we both win :). Didn’t mean to stress you out!! Our “debates” are all in good fun!

  4. Looks like an amazing last end of your trip! Those picture were all so gorgeous. Every time I see Millennium bridge I can’t help but think about that scene in Harry Potter when the dementors are flying through it… (nerd confession?)


  5. After reading all your recaps, you truly did have a trip of a lifetime. I’m in such awe of all you were able to do and see. Such beautiful photos of their food, scenery & culture in general.

  6. All of your eats look crazy delicious. I’m with you on most modern art. I actually saw “kid or modern art” quiz thing on tv and I was wrong every. single. time. Hilarious. Wicked is ANOTHER musical I’ve been dying to see. It was playing in Boston when I was there this summer, I should have watched it. Ugh! Hope you’ve been having a fab time in Boston (looks like it from IG!), I’m super bummed I’m not up there yet, but hopefully you’ll be back again soon :)

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