Balanced Travel Eats {WIAW 26}

I feel like I haven’t done a What I Ate Wednesday post in soooo long! It’s good to be back :)

Considering my life lately has been lots of travel, guess what kind of food you’re seeing today?! I know, I know… shocker. I explained my approach to healthy and happy travel before I left. I packed lots of healthy snacks, drank water and stayed as active as possible but I certainly indulged more than I “usually” do and that’s more than okay.

It is relatively easy to eat a nourishing breakfast and snacks on the go – especially if you travel prepared. I strive to make healthy choices using real ingredients the majority of the time but I never pass up something “unhealthy” if and when I want it.  I indulge here and there and that’s what makes me, me.

I think I balanced my travel eats pretty well. But you can be the judge of that…



Fruit for snacking.

Travel Fruit

Cookies for snacking.

Vegan GF Cookie

Breakfast in the hotel room: 1 banana, 1 green apple, almonds and raisins.

Healthy Breakfast

Goodies in the hotel room: 2 chocolates hit the spot.

Christmas Cookies

Apple and almonds in the air.

Apples and almonds

Chocolate fudge cake in the air.

Chocolate fudge cake

Pizza and pasta for dinners.

Shrimp pizza



Fratelli la Bufala

Soup and salad for lunch.

Pret Airport Lunch

Lots of veggies.

Roast Veggie Salad

Lots of macaroons.


A balanced breakfast… fruit plate followed by a chocolate scone.

Bluebird Breakfast

Chocolate scone

So much deliciousness this trip. Happy Wednesday friends, make it a great one!

Questions of the day…

How do you balance your day-to-day eats?

Does your eating change when travelling? 

29 thoughts on “Balanced Travel Eats {WIAW 26}

  1. These pictures have made me extra hungry this morning! Traveling does change my daily meals up a bit but like you I plan ahead. I use old containers and fill them with almonds, pack morning breakfast bars that I’ve made, and if there’s a fridge in the hotel i’m staying in I’ll bring mini bags of carrots to snack on. Once I’m there I make sure I buy some extra fruit and veggies. If I’m going out to eat several times, I’ll indulge but I’ll try to balance the “out” meals. OH and drink as much water as my body can take (; Looks like you’ve had a great trip!

  2. Those foods look delicious. Now I shall go eat… my boring cereal! Hahaha! My eating definitely changes when I travel simply because I have to/want to eat out more. I don’t travel a lot, and when I do, it’s only for a couple days so it’s nothing that derails me.

  3. Loving the balanced eats, girl! I’m all for eating healthy, but not when it requires deprivation… I went through a pretty long period where I was basically eating 100% clean, and the irony is that the healthier I ate, the unhealthier I became… my mind just wasn’t in a good place and having to say no to all the things I wanted to eat just made me unhappy. There’s food for the body, and food for the soul… and we need a good amount of both :D

  4. Now I want a chocolate scone ;-) I think you did a great job balancing your eats! As much as I love healthy food, I do need treats thrown in there too, to keep me happy…and that absolutely applies on vacation. The last few vacations I’ve been on/travelling I’ve done I’ve tried to get some veggies in there, but also went for desserts, pizza, and whatever else was calling my name at that moment! ;-)

  5. So. Much . Deliciousness. INDEED!! YUMM! I want everything. But mostly the cookie and the chocolate scone!
    The almonds in the jar look supercute. I need to copy that.
    I eat about the same way as you on vacation. I allow myself a few drinks, a heavier meal here and there or some sweets – but I definitely want and do balance it out with salads, greem smoothies or healthy snacks – I especially love when there’s a possibility to cook my own meals.

  6. Totally balanced! I have yet to try macaroons, it’s a little upsetting. But I want to try them from a really good place, not a random bakery. I think the fruit plate at the bottom looks almost as delicious as the scone beneath it! The colors are so vibrant and I can only imagine what that dip tasted like. My eating totally changes when I travel, especially when I come home from school. My whole eating habits get switched because I don’t have complete control over what i buy and my family eats out a lotttt more than I do. I try to balance it out as best I can.

  7. I love how you balanced your sweets with your healthier options. Whenever I go on vacation, I leave feeling absolutely gross because I just spent however many days eating out. And eating out gets old fast, no matter what you’re eating.

  8. Well, I must say there isn’t a bad meal in the bunch! Everything looks soooo delicious! And those macaroons…yummy!!! When we travel and are eating out for practically every meal, I do allow myself to indulge, but I try not to go overboard. Like I’ll have a light lunch and then treat myself to a bigger dinner and dessert! ;-)

  9. All your eats look awesome, especially that pizza! I try to keep my eating balanced when I travel, too. If I go too overboard and outside of my normal eating I’ll feel sick and no one wants to feel sick on vacation! I think picking which indulgences are most worth it is key.

  10. I always gain weight on travel that certainly speaks about me as about the eater much ;) When I get to a new place, I start trying all products that I can’t receive the house. Sometimes my stomach revolts. but it completely is worth it!

  11. YES! I think you balanced perfectly!!! This is completely my approach – I always believe in a lot of healthy foods and a smattering of treats, but the smattering of treats just shifts to be a bigger focus when on vacation. I honestly can’t imagine how awful I would feel if I went on a long vacation and had NO fruits or vegetables or “healthy” food, so I don’t like the approach of throwing caution to the wind. But if you’re on vacation, you’ve gotta indulge!!

  12. You did do a great job at balancing out your meals! I also like to make sure I can enjoy special treats more than usual when I am on vacation. I try to make sure I am still getting some fruits and veggies in my system though! All of your food looks delicious!

  13. The macaroons look amazing! And, you did a great job with balancing your meals. Your eats look awesome.
    My eating does change when I travel. I usually want to try the local cuisine of that place I’m traveling too (especially if it’s out of the country I’m traveling too). I’ll always eat fruits and veggies, however!

  14. This epitomises balance, my friend- I love it- you’ve definitely hit the perfect combination without depriving yourself! My eats tend to depend on which country I’m travelling to- In Japan I had to get used to miso soup and even seafood with breakfast…not that I minded ;)

    Oh Harrods, just take my wallet and give me a chocolate chip.

  15. This looks divine! It can be tough when traveling, especially since my dad can be picky and sometimes we get so distracted we don’t eat all day and then are ravenous. When we were in London, we hit up Pret a lot :) Always solid!

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