Quick Winter Ab Workout

Is anyone else freezing? Like seriously. Why is it so cold?! Winter temperature in London is just perfect. Minus the rain it would be my ideal weather city. I can’t decide if going to hot yoga has been a good idea. The second I leave the studio I am frozen again. It actually hurts to be outside.

Not only is winter cold, winter often means a few extra pounds. All of those sweets and treats over my travels started to make me feel a bit fluffy. In a recent study researchers found that half of annual weight gain in the U.S. occurs during the holiday period. [Source]

Not surprised. I’m all about indulging but I also try my best to maintain an overall healthy and balanced lifestyle. I know you’ve probably read countless “how to” blog posts on avoiding holiday weight gain, combating cookie cravings, exercising more, etc. Totally support all of this but sometimes I don’t have all the time in the world to devote to an intense workout, food prep or drinking lots of water.

I especially felt this way while I was traveling these past few weeks. I definitely walked a lot and went running when I could, but otherwise I tried to start my day with a quick ab workout. Yes I know five minutes of abs won’t give me a six pack but moving just a little each day is so attainable and goes a long way.

So the next time you’re short on time and feeling a little fluffy, bang out this quick session.

Quick Winter Ab Workout

[Click for explanation: V-ups /  Bicycle abs /  Plank]


Questions of the day…

Do you feel the “winter fluff”?

How does the winter weather affect your workouts?

27 thoughts on “Quick Winter Ab Workout

  1. I’m not a winter friend at all. I didn’t have so many dinners or indulging events this season, so that’s ok, but I just hate the cold! I feel so lazy :-) So thanks for that workout! Ab Burners rock.

  2. I totally agree that moving even a little makes all the difference in the world. When I get busy and start missing workouts, sometimes just stopping to do ten push-ups helps me shake that blah feeling. And when I’m feeling “fluffy” (love that), a super quick ab workout definitely helps, at least mentally.

    In the winter, I think the animal in me just wants to hibernate. I feel slower and I just want to burrow into the mountain of blankets on my couch. I find myself working out later in the day, which is fine, maybe the sun coming up energizes me?

  3. When I need to rock a quick workout I always do an ab circuit. It usually requires no equipment and takes little time – perfect for on the go and travelling.

    I used to be a morning person… but now that I work 9 hours a day and get up at the crack of dawn, I am loosing my chipperness. And I think winter is not helping the situation!

  4. Welcome back! Winter definitely messes me up because it makes me want to stay inside, on the couch, under the covers ALL THE TIME. Especially at night (aka when I go to the gym). I love this quick workout though! I felt really gross this weekend so I went to the gym yesterday, and even though I didn’t feel like it before I went, I was so glad I did!

  5. This is my kind of workout! As much I love to get some exercise, I prefer to do it quickly so that I can move onto something else. Quick and intense is the way to go for me! ;)
    The cold weather is making me do a lot more weight lifting… I usually prefer running outdoors (though I guess I can’t do that anyway now with my foot), but I admit that I’m not very good at facing the cold!

  6. The winter is definitely tough to deal with. Not only because the cold makes me want to stay in and hibernate, but because of how dark it always is… The sun doesn’t rise until around 9 AM, and when you wake up at 5, that’s like 4 hours of darkness… nooooot exactly the most motivating way to start the day. Ahh well… only a couple more months.

  7. Ummmm…yes, it’s absolutely freezing!!!! I wish I could just stay inside all day and hibernate when it’s this darn cold!

    Yup, definitely feeling the winter fluff! Abs workouts are definitely something I need to start doing more often, especially after the holidays!

  8. I feeeeeel the fluff. Apparently my family doesn’t believe in providing me with enough veggies to ward off the winter fluff so I have been making due and just resolving to deal with it. It’s not life shattering, and I know I’ll get back to normal here soon. I just have to contemplate how to deal with this once I live here again full time… more tips on living with the parentals would be appreciated ;)

  9. Winter is definitely puts a strain on me in terms of exercise – and elsewise. Running is my favourite kind of workout and it’s just no fun when it’s freezingly cold outside. So the gym and workout DVD are where it’s at for me.
    Right now, though, I honestly can’t complain with Germany experiencing the warmest winter in ages. Feel free to come over and visit me – and don’t forget the flip-flops and beach hats ;).

  10. This is a useful little circuit- I ALWAYS neglect abs ever since I read somewhere that squats and deadlifts work your core…lazy boy here. During Winter I NEED to workout first thing- any later and the blanket calls to me.

  11. Great quick ab workout. It’ll definitely get my blood running when I am having those “it’s cold, I don’t want to move” days. Oh, winter.

  12. I’m all about doing what you can when you can, ya know? A little here and there can add up! And it makes for more enjoyment during the holidays. Great abs friend

  13. Winter fluff & I just don’t get a long – hate the feeling all together.. however, it must not be my complete enemy because it didn’t stop me from eating a cookie @ 4:00 AM this morning just because it looked good :) Ha Ha!

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