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Hi friends! I have arrived in London safe and sound… so happy to be here! I had this post ready to go before I left so just popping in to say hi and talk about how I am staying healthy while traveling — but not miss out on a thing.

Snacks: I never run errands without a bar in my purse so are you really surprised that I brought 20 bars overseas? I’m gone for about two weeks and while I will certainly be eating out for most meals, I packed a bunch of snacks and breakfast things.

In my suitcase: raisins, dates, nut butter, brown rice protein powder, plain instant oatmeal packs, almonds, cashews, Larabars and Simply Bars.

I packed convenient things that I can eat on-the-go. Breakfast at the hotel will typically be oatmeal so I’ll be sure to buy some bananas and apples while I’m here.

Travel Snacks


Water: I also packed my water bottle. I sometimes forget to drink as often when I’m traveling but I am going to try and drink as much as possible. I know it will help my digestion and keep me hydrated so I can feel energized to take on the day.

The only annoying part about drinking water: finding a bathroom.

Water bottle

Exercise: My favorite way to see new places is to walk — or run, which I’m hoping to do! Walking is my main form of exercise while travelling but I also brought my running gear. There are so many exercises that can be done in a hotel room. If I’m staying at a hotel with a gym then I will definitely take advantage of that too. I always try to exercise in the morning — by the end of the day, I’m too tired. Other than walking, which I’ll do everyday, I’ll workout when I feel like it. As long as I am moving everyday, I try not to stress about working out while traveling.

Travel Workout gear

Balance: Yes I will eat healthy snacks, drink lots of water and stay active but I will certainly enjoy… because life is about balancing vodka and veggies.

And now I’m off to explore London. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a yummy recipe courtesy of Deryn. I am thinking of you and wishing you all a very wonderful day. Bye for now! xoxo


Questions of the day…

What are some ways you stay on track while traveling? 


17 thoughts on “Healthy & Happy Travel

  1. I am so stoked to see this post…mainly because as soon as I replied to the email, I was thinking it’d be awks if the weather prevented travel! ;)

    Always good to have snacks on hand- nothing worse than being somewhere with the hungry monster preventing you from enjoying it!

  2. I’m so glad your flight wasn’t cancelled after all. That’d have just been a major let-down when you’d looked forward to your travel plans so much. Packing snacks is always a good idea. Better safe than sorry, right?
    Enjoy your vacation doing whatever feels right in terms of eating and exercise! xo

  3. I always try to exercise (running) while traveling… but I’ve found a few times on shorter trips in Europe I haven’t had time/energy… I still try to eat fruits/veggies but love trying local fare and get a good workout with all the walking!

    Have funnnn!

  4. I have the same water bottle, it makes drinking water so much easier. I’m glad you arrived in London safe and sound! I always, always bring snacks with me when I travel. Actually I bring snacks with me all the time even just running around town. I hope you enjoy your trip!!

  5. I hope you’re having a great time in London! Just something I love doing while travelling: going for a run around the city. I’ve heard London is one of the best to do this run travel sort of thing so who knows you might wanna check that out!

    Also the Larabars looks awesome. Is it any good? Wonder if they have it in Australia… Have a great Christmas and happy new year!! :)

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