Up, Up and Away

Hi friends, happy Friday! I hope you had a wonderful week.

I’m keeping today’s post short and sweet because I have lots of packing to do…


On Sunday, I am off to London and Portugal with the fam.

Bike tour
Barcelona 2012

Yay! I have a few posts scheduled while I’m away but I’ll be back January 6th — hope you will be too :)

I might pop in if I feel like chatting but otherwise I am unplugging. I will miss reading your wonderful posts… ahem, Bloglovin “mark all as read.” Sorry… still love you all.

I’ll still Instagram away (because really, I’m obsessed) if you care to follow along on the adventures. Can’t wait to share lots more pictures when I get back!

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and safe holiday season. Enjoy your loved ones, cookies, eggnog and throw in a carrot stick for good measure.

Lots of love, xoxo.


Questions of the day…

What are your plans for the holidays?

24 thoughts on “Up, Up and Away

  1. I’m not sure how I missed that you are traveling but take me with youuuuuuuu!!!!! Sounds like an amazing trip so obviously I will be stalking you on Instagram (plus I’d miss you otherwise). Happy packing, travel safe, and enjoy <3

  2. Have an awesome time!! I’m unplugging from it all, Instagram, Twitter and blog reading and writing…but I can’t give up Pinterest!!

    Happy holidays lady and I can’t wait to ‘catch up’ with you in the new year and hear all about your travels.

  3. Just had to stop in today and tell you that I’m thinking about you and I’m hoping you’re loving your trip! Loving the Instagram updates, and I LOVE your attitude of “mark all as read.” I’m truly way too OCD to do that, and really really want to since I’ve gotten so behind the past 2 weeks, but I can’t bear to do it!!! So one of these days you’ll probably get an influx of comments from me as I’m catching up – ha! So happy I’ve gotten to know you this year – I adore you and your blog and look forward to all the great things to come!

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