Kale Konvincer Pasta [WIAW 25]

Hi friends! I’m very excited to share an amazing dish from an amazing blogger with you today. A few months ago, Lisa over at The Skinny on Health nominated me for the Liebster Award and I’m so glad that she did because it allowed me to connect with her and catch up on all I’ve missed on her blog.

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Even though we have never met, Lisa is adorable, smart, and a self-proclaimed “science nerd”. She is getting her Masters in Public Health and Nutrition and on her path to become a Registered Dietitian. How awesome is that?!

Anyways, Lisa and I were talking and we decided to do a recipe swap: we would both make one of each other’s recipes and then blog about it. I thought it was such a fun idea and I always love finding new blogs, so hopefully you guys do too :)

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Lisa’s recipes are right up my alley: healthy, simple and delicious. She also has a concept that she calls “3 step recs”, which are quick and easy recipes that are only three steps long. I can certainly vouch for the deliciousness of her recipes. For our recipe swap, I made “Ryan’s Kale Konvincer Pasta”.

Kale pasta1

Deeeeeee lish. I used Eden Organic’s Kamut Pasta, fresh organic kale, organic roma tomatoes and a sprinkling of parm cheese.

I happen to like kale but Lisa is not the biggest fan so her friend Ryan (thus the name) helped her discover a love for cooked kale. This dish is delicious. My dad even had a bite… sans kale but still.

Kale is all the rage, with so many nutritional benefits, but it is definitely an acquired taste. It is a total nutritional powerhouse, with calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, lots of vitamin K, as well as copper, potassium, iron, manganese, and phosphorus. But you can stop forcing yourself to eat raw kale or kale smoothies and enjoy this hearty dinner. Cooked kale actually brings out more of the awesome nutritional benefits — Lisa taught me that :)

Kale pasta2 

If you haven’t checked out Lisa’s blog… please do :) She posts tons of awesome information: from debunking the latest nutrition fads, to attainable cleanses and fit-tips — I thoroughly enjoy reading all that Lisa has to say. Check out what recipe of mine she made too!

And since I’m talking about food I ate, I’m linking up with Jenn for WIAW. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Questions of the day… 

Have you tried any new recipes?

How do you feel about kale?


22 thoughts on “Kale Konvincer Pasta [WIAW 25]

  1. Hello from Amy’s stalker. I sit here all day and press refresh until your newest post comes up.

    Kidding, but once again- love the new posting schedule!

    I need to experiment more with kale- the $8 price tag is abitttt off putting! Looks great though!

  2. Ahhh Lisa reached out to me on twitter and after a few tweets I fell into the abyss of finals. Blogger fail! Lisa if you’re reading this I promise to reach back out soon. Amy thanks for the reminder, and that dinner looks delicious – love me some kale!

  3. I definitely agree with Lisa about cooked kale. That’s the only way I really like to eat it. I recently tried replacing kale with broccoli for the kale mac and cheese that I love so much. It was gross. Kale comes out MUCH better when cooked I think because it’s such a hearty veggie. This pasta looks great!

  4. Yum I love me some kale…it has such a rich/bold flavor :)

    And that recipe actually looks so amazing…I think that I would also include sun-dried tomatoes. Yum, I’m dreaming about this now!

  5. Lately I have been sticking to old favorites and haven’t tried any new recipes. I want to change that though and this recipe definitely sounds like one I would want to try. I have had kamut pasta in the past and really liked it. I totally forgot about it and think I even have a little left.

  6. I have to admit that kale is on my veggie hit list along with zucchini and eggplant. I may be biased after a bad smoothie experience, but I’ve been giving it the stank eye for years. I know everyone says that it tastes so much better when cooked or massaged, but ahhh… I just can’t.

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