Workout Eats [WIAW 24]

Hi friends, thank you for all of your kind and encouraging comments on yesterday’s post. Now onto some food… I’m clearly a What I Ate Wednesday rebel and don’t follow the typical “day in the life” format so today I’m highlighting some pre and post workout eats, snacks, meals. Fuelling and refuelling your body is so important when you’re active.

You know I’m a morning workout person, (or maybe you don’t, hey!) so most of my pre/post workout meals are breakfast-y. But that’s fine, because breakfast is the best meal of the day. When I workout in the wee hours of the morning (between 5 and 7am) I usually don’t have anything to eat beforehand. There are two schools of thought on this but my advice: figure out what works for you. I can’t stomach food that early and my performance hasn’t suffered. Remember that everyone is different.

Pre-workout: I try to get a combination of carbohydrates and fat — and drink about 8 ounces of water.

Post-workout: I focus on re-fuelling with protein and carbs — and lots of water.

Here are some of my pre and post workout eats lately.


Pre-spinning: 1 piece of Ezekiel whole wheat toast, 1 tbsp of sun-butter, 1 banana.

Toast banana sunbutter

Pre-strength training: 2x apricot cashew bites

Apricot cashew bites

Pre-boxing: 1/3 cup oats, 1 tbsp peanut butter and 1 banana

Oat banana pb1

Post-spinning: 1/4 cup buckwheat cereal (made in microwave with 3/4 cup water),1 apple, cinnamon and approx. 1/4 cup fruit/nut/seed granola

Buckwheat cereal and granola

Post-yoga: 1 banana and 1 Larabar.

Larabar and banana

Post-spinning: Brownie batter pancakes

with a clementine and raspberries

Brownie pancakes with rasp and clem

Post-boxing: 1 cup egg whites, handful of spinach, ketchup, 1 piece of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast, sun-butter, 1 pear, a few grapes


Post-spinning: Powerful protein pancakes

with raspberries

Powerful protein pancakes with raspberries

If you want more info about fuelling for workouts, I really enjoy reading Christina’s blog: The Fueled Athlete. She is a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) so is much more qualified than me :) Check out her posts on fueling pre-workout and fueling post-workout.


Questions of the day…

What do you typically eat before a workout? After a workout? 

32 thoughts on “Workout Eats [WIAW 24]

  1. Hi 5 for scheduled posting ;)

    i’m very much like you- I can’t handle food first thing in the morning so I usually just have a bottle of BCAA’s and go forth. If its later in the day, its usually after breakfast so I don’t need a pre workout as such.

    Post workout is definitely a large meal which hits all the macros :) Pancakes are definitely a winner!

  2. Love this post and all these great looking meals. I workout in the mornings and don’t eat beforehand usually either. I’m also not always hungry right after working out so I might have a few bites of breakfast or a banana and nutbutter and pack my breakfast to take with me to work to eat later when I’m properly hungry.

    Have you tried buckwheat toasted? It is do good!

  3. What a fun twist on the usual WIAW post. As delicious as your meals look, my favorite would be the egg white omelet with fruit & ezekiel bread. That’s definitely something I’d have post workout. When I was running LD I used to always reful with either a high calorie smoothie or pancakes.

  4. So many yummy looking meals there, especially the brownie pancake! Mmmm! Agree 100% with your pre and post workout, that is exactly right! I tend to do my training in the morning too, and both aspects of fueling are crucial for your body to workout and recover effectively! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

  5. I’m loving the sounds of that buckwheat cereal. Make that for me? :) I am craving pancakes now. HEY – I just joined your North Coast Naturals blogger party. I’m excited.

    My pre workout snack lately, has been an ALT larabar or rice cake + nut butter. During my running season though, I fuel with fats (like coconut oil/coconut butter). Post workout is just a regular meal, I plan my fitness between regular meal times.

  6. All of your eats look delicious! I am one of those people who have to eat something before they work out. Even when I work out at 5:00 am. I usually just have a piece of homemade plantain bread with peanut butter or a rice cake with peanut butter though. It’s not much, but it keeps my stomach from feeling empty and keeps me from feeling weak during a workout.

    1. Gah! Got a little trigger happy with the reply button. But yeah… Breakfast foods are the way to go. My usual pre workout snack is something like a banana/toast with AB, and post is something like a yogurt mess or smoothie. I have a sudden craving for pancakes, though, so I might have to work those in somehow ;)

  7. When I used to work out in the morning (ok let’s be real, when I used to be able to work out at ALL), I would make sure I ate dinner kind of late the night before so that I wouldn’t have to eat first thing in the morning. Then I’d eat breakfast right after I finished running.

    Question for you! I’m still working on doing better with eating breakfast, and I was thinking of prepping some pancakes on the weekend so that I’d have them a few days during the week. How do you think I should store them? Fridge and then microwave? Fridge and then toaster (or do you only toast waffles? I’m a complete pancake novice, but too cheap to buy a waffle iron)? Or ziploc bag and no fridge for a couple of days?

    1. You can definitely prep pancakes over the weekend! Wait for them to cool completely and then store them in a sealed container in the fridge – they stay fresh for 3-4 days. Then I microwave them on high for a minute to a minute and a half. I’ve actually never toasted them before but now I’m intrigued. If you have a toaster oven that would be ideal to warm them but I’m usually lazy and just pop them in the microwave.

  8. Ohhh I like these version of WIAW. Before I workout I tend to eat a piece of fruit and/or a granola bar. I’ve found that I need to have somethingggg in my stomach but nothing too heavy. After a workout depends….if I workout in the morning I usually refuel with egg whites, spinach and cheese with a side of cottage cheese or fruit but when I workout in the evenings (like I have been doing) I’ll either make myself dinner (totally random healthy—yesterday was broccoli, potatoes and some tuna on the side) or a protein shake.

  9. I can’t eat right before I work out, cause I get crampy and sluggish if I do. I work out first thing, too, though so I’m able to get breakfast in not long after I’m done. PB toast, bananas, eggs, and yogurt are always my favorites!

  10. My pre and post workout meals are pretty much all over the place, because my workouts vary from day to day (the downside to taking a lot of different classes…they’re all at different times!) if I’m doing a first-thing-in-the-morning workout, I’ll usually have a date or two, followed by a smoothie or a yogurt bowl. Most of the classes I like are late afternoon though, so those I just go home and make dinner afterwards.

  11. Yummy yummy yummy! These all are killer options for breakfast and pre/post workout fuel! Such smart macro options too. I’m jealous of your boxing class! I used to box as part of cross training for swimming and it was so fun! Have great day!

  12. The buckwheat and apple cereal… insert googly eyes here! I am sure it tastes as good as it look. I am more of a need-some-fuel in the morning. I usually have a few dates to tide over my appetite and then have breakfast after the gym. Oatmeal, eggs or smoothies are my go-to. And I have a banana every day!

  13. Your pre and post workout snacks look pretty similar to mine, on the weekend at least. During the week, a boiled egg or my dinner is usually my post workout snack.

    I still want to try those brownie batter pancakes. They look like a great post workout treat!

  14. This is a great post! Love all your pre-/post-workout food. The powerfull pankaces look best! Winner!
    I don’t like to be too full when I work out. So I often have a lifebar or a bananamilk. After my workouts I usually have supper ;-)

  15. Nut butter, nut butter, nut butter (or sun butter) – I am a nut butter addict especially as a means for fueling pre or post workout. However, I have a hard time with the pre. I tend to just drink some coffee and go. Then I eat big when I get home. My favorite weekend post work out fuel is sweet potato, two eggs, avocado and green beans. Its my thang right now.

  16. Anything that involves nut butter makes me happy. ;) I love drinking organic vanilla soy-milk before and after my workouts. An apple is also a delicious option as well. :)

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