Spill It Sunday & Weekly Plan: December 8-14

Hi friends! Hope you are having a great weekend so far. I’ve been working again this weekend and have also picked up some part-time work during the week — yay! My hours are somewhat sporadic… Pro: double workout sessions. Con: I’d like a full-time job… anyone hiring?

As for workouts, I’m going to incorporate some upper-body strength training this week. I am itching to get back on the pavement. My knee loves spinning. My mind loves running. I also want to try a couple of new recipes this week because they look particularly yummy (and easy!)

Weekly plan



  • Protein oatmeal 
     and pancakes 
     – breakfast
  • Hemp protein cookies
    – snacking
  • Tomato, eggplant and chickpea ragout
    with quinoa –  lunch
  • Veggie omelettes and toast – lunch
  • Scallops and snow peas
    – dinner
  • Lentil chilli idea
    – dinner



Sunday: Spinning

Monday: Yoga & spinning

Tuesday: Strength training & spinning

Wednesday: Spinning

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Strength training & spinning

Saturday: Yoga


The big man's world


And for another round of Spill It Sunday with Arman. This week’s theme is travel — a huge passion of mine. Name up to 5 of the most memorable places you travelled to and who you were with.

I have been so fortunate to have travelled to some incredible places. I love experiencing new cultures, running through different cities, trying to learn languages and eating delicious food.

I caught the travel bug in 2009 when I was 18 and travelled on my own for the first time with my amazing friend Ruby. We were in Israel together for about a month. We also took a day trip to Jordan to see Petra. We had an incredible time and survived being with each other 24/7 :)

Amy Ruby Bedouin tent
Tea in a Bedouin tent

My family shares my love for travel… or maybe I share theirs. In the summer of 2010, we went to Italy together. My mom is an incredible trip-planner so it was never a dull moment. From Rome, to Pisa, to Venice, to Florence, back to Rome… our feet were always tired and bellies always full; the perfect trip in my mind.

Family Italy
Infront of the Spanish Steps

In the summer of 2012, the fam was at it again. We spent a few weeks in Spain and even hopped over to Morocco for the day. So many memories! I’d go back just for the fro yo. Seriously the best.

Bike tour
Bike tour in Barcelona

This past year my sister studied abroad just outside of London. Over my spring break, I travelled with my mom and Grandma there for a girls trip. I fell in love with London! From the subway system to the shopping to the history to the food to the people… everything about that city is amazing. While my sister was in classes one day, my mom, Grandma and I jumped on a train and spent the day in Paris. Another reason mom is awesome: she trekked up the Eiffel Tower with me in about twenty minutes… I was so proud of her!

Girls on London Eye
The girls on the London Eye


I had so much fun writing this post. I am so thankful for all of these incredible opportunities. Where to next? We’ll just have to wait and see :)

Well I’m off to spinning then work — hope you have a great Sunday!


Questions of the day… 

Where are the most memorable places you travelled to? 






35 thoughts on “Spill It Sunday & Weekly Plan: December 8-14

  1. Such a gorgeous picture of you and the other ladies in your family!
    I already told you but I’m really impressed by how much you’ve travelled in your life already. I”d be curious to hear more about your time in Israel – but wait, I think I asked about it in the letter already so maybe I should wait to see if you answered it in yours! Though I’m a little sad we won’t be able to meet in December I hope it’ll happen one day – fingers crossed for the lotto jackpot turning out in our favour :).
    We used to travel a lot as a family, too, when me and my siblings were younger and still living at home. Though we never went anywhere outside Europe hence why that’s high up on top of my list of things to do. Of those places we did visit, though, I’d say our two-week vacation in England was the most memorable. Hiking, exploring the countryside and spending a few days in London plotting plans to steal the crown jewels ;) it was an all-around great family experience.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. I am on a running hiatus too. My mind is definitely missing the running! I love seeing all your travel pictures and how you share the passion with your family. My two favorite places have been hiking through Scotland and Jackson Hole!

  3. Love your jet setting life!!!! And your fab family travel troupe :) I loved Montana this past summer. It was a beautiful trip!!

  4. Wow, you sure have been a lot of awesome places! Growing up, the most exciting place our family traveled was to the beach! My husband and I went to California two summers ago and just fell in love with it. We had the best time ever. It was our honeymoon… 4 years late!! This summer, we are going to Hawaii! I cannot wait! I am really nervous about the flight and going so far away, and spending the money… but we have to do it!

  5. I LOVED London, too. I need to go back to eat the food. When I went i was with a travel company and the places we ate were literally the worst. It was so disappointing. Also, I was super tired on the first day of sights because of the time difference. We got off the plane and jumped right into touring. I kid you not my friend and I fell asleep in the museum.

  6. Is that your dad rocking an Emerson Athletics shirt? So adorable :) I’m jealous of all of you travels! I can’t wait for my next big trip (still unplanned…). I’m hoping my return to full time work after school will mean we can afford more of them.

  7. As strange as this sounds, I kinda would love to go on a family holiday- well one with my mum and sister. Hopefully it can happen soon!

    London is amazing- but even more amazing is how flexible and central it is- a Eurostar train ride to Paris! Your mum sounds like the in house travel agent! Hope spinning went well buddy :)

  8. You’ve been to so many beautiful places. Italy is on my list, however I’d love to head to Ireland for our next vacation destination.

    My favorite would be Santorini Island, Greece.

    ps. You ladies look stunning!

  9. Those places sound wonderful! My boyfriend and I were just talking about what it would be like to see Morocco..how was it!? My family is from Portugal and traveling there was my favorite. It’s so gorgeous and it has so much history! Now I want to vacation..Pronto! :)

    1. We were only in Morocco for a day so we were in Tanger, which is a very poor city. It was a different experience, I can’t really describe it. Parts were breathtaking and parts were very sad. I think going somewhere like Casablanca would be a lot different though :)

  10. You’ve been to some amazing places! The only place that I’ve been to out of this country is Canada… Which obviously is great! ;) But nothing so completely different culturally as the ones you’ve listed here.

    What was the reason behind visiting Israel? I skimmed over your Falafel post which talked about it a bit more, but I didn’t see if you went because of school, family… Or just on a (albeit incredibly planned?) whim? :)

    1. I didn’t think to expand :) I was in Israel twice actually. The first time was for a basketball tournament and the second time was a free organized trip called “Birthright.” Both were wonderful trips and I hope to go back with family/friends sometime soon.

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