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I don’t know about you but I really enjoy vegging out and watching television. A little Kardashian here, a little Big Bang Theory there… okay but really I have a list of eight shows that I watch regularly. Oh my gosh that sounds so bad! They aren’t all an hour but I know, that’s a lot of television each week.

Sitting on the couch, snacking and watching TV is often associated with lazy, unhealthy habits. Sure most nights I am lounging with a mug of tea or bowl of oatmeal just enjoying the entertainment but watching TV can actually become part of your workout schedule. Do you love me or do you love me?

A few weeks ago, I made an at-home workout for my mom but she has not been super excited dragging her tush to the basement to sweat for 30 minutes. She’s a busy lady and I totally get that after a long day at the office and running errands, working out isn’t always her idea of fun.

So… I made a new workout that we have been doing as we watch some of our favorite shows.


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I know there are all these fancy devices to record shows so we can skip the commercials all together… put down that remote. Rather than fast-forwarding through commercials during your next show, get a quick workout in :)

When doing “research” for this post, I found that an average 60-minute program has four commercial breaks that are approximately four minutes long. So grab a timer and your favorite show and let’s get to this.

There are two circuits composed of four exercises each lasting 1 minute in length. For a 60-minute program, complete each circuit twice. The exercises combine cardio, arm strengthening and ab work — I’ve posted links below that will explain the exercises if you are unsure.

TV Commercial Workout


Now that’s my kind of multi-tasking.


Questions of the day…

What’s your favorite TV show? How much TV do you watch per week?

26 thoughts on “TV Commercial Workout

  1. Such a great idea! I have a lot of TV shows I like, but don’t watch all of them at once. My favorites are Ellen, Bethanny, and Live with Kelly and Michael. However, I only watch these as I work out. At night I have been getting sucked into lifetime and hallmark movies! haha I am still a sucker for Grey’s Anatomy, love Big Bang, and usually like The Voice, but didn’t get into it this year!

  2. I knew we were friends for a reason…. I love working out when watching tv. I think part of it might be that I have a hard time staying mentally engaged while watching tv, and I need something else to do.

    A few years ago when I was recovering from foot surgery, I put a stationary bike in my living room and pedalled (WITH ONE LEG, hahaha) while watching Kardashian marathons.

  3. Hahaha this is awesome. This is also my life philosophy. I ALWAYS do at home exercises on the commercial, or while I’m watching TV (because let’s be honest, the Kardashians don’t actually need 100% of my brain power).

  4. I really don’t watch a ton of TV but I do love Shark Tank… we record everything but I could still dominate some fitness during a commercial break and ignore them :)

  5. Great idea! No cable so my shows are all on the computer – I may have to create my own commercial breaks ;-) Currently, I’m watching: The Walking Dead (although that won’t be back on until February….that makes me sad) How I Met Your Mother, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story, and Top Chef. So I have a lot of workout opportunities in there!

  6. 8 shows? Amazing. I can’t watch during prime time but we record a few shows (Biggest Loser, Cutthroat Kitchen, and working our way through Friday Night Lights) and cash in on friday or saturday night. I also watch Mavs games while working in my hotel room or … cough … streaming them live while at work (don’t tell!). I love the idea of a workout on commercial breaks – I did this one year for the Super Bowl and it was awesome!!

  7. I have a handful of shows that I watch and I love the idea of doing mini workouts during commercials. Something I actually do frequently is sit on the floor while I watch because it forces me to do stretches while I sit there!

  8. I’m such a huge advocate of commercial working out:) at the gym (even though I’m working out the whole time there) when treadmills have a television attached and there’s a great movie on ( I was ecstatic when Along Came Polly was on the other day) I stay on the treadmill for an hour or so of the movie (only if its a goodie) and run during the film and walk during the commercial breaks :)

  9. Dear, you’re a genius! Since I’m a stay @ home wife out here in Kuwait, I usually have the television on. I don’t watch it, it’s more for background noise while I’m studying though, however I can’t lie & say i don’t watch any during the day. This will be perfect :)

  10. It is funny as since I’ve started blogging my tv watching is cut way back I usually only have 1 main show I watch and then maybe 1 show Nick and I watch together.

    At the moment I’ve discovered Hart of Dixie so I’m binging on all the past episodes, which I am really enjoying some serious veg out time since I’ve not done it for a whilst ;)

    What’s on your list?

  11. I was about to say that I wish I had a TV in my dorm room so that I could do this tv commercial workout… But then I remembered HULU. Those darn pesky commercials are almost worse than the ones on the actual TV. So this will be brilliant for that :)

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