One Meal, Four Ways [WIAW 23]

Hi friends! Hope you are having a good week so far. I got a lot of positive feedback on my last What I Ate Wednesday post where I highlighted easy, healthy meals so this week I wanted to focus on something similar based on a question I was asked.

Question: “Because you food prep, do you eat the same thing all week?”

Answer: No, not exactly.

Sure I may have things on repeat but I always strive for as much variety as possible. Because really who has time to make something completely new each day?! Not me, and I don’t want to.

Last week, I prepped a batch of chickpea burgers. To make the burgers, I simply used my baked falafel recipe (omitting the parsley) and formed four burgers rather than falafel balls. Easy. I also prepped (aka chopped) some veggies: brussels sprouts, broccoli, green beans and sweet potato. I had spinach, apples, grapes and cranberry orange sauce

in the fridge too. Since I am cooking and eating for one, I am careful about what/how much produce I buy because I hate wasting so yes on any given week my veggies are similar. But I try to get creative with what I have on hand…


Meal #1: Chickpea burger on spinach, steamed broccoli, sweet potato fries and cranberry orange sauce


Chickpea burger1

Meal #2: Chickpea burger with a warm brussels sprout salad: with grapes, celery and spinach.


Chickpea burger2

Meal #3: Chickpea burger with roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potato fries.

Chickpea burger3

Meal #4: Chickpea burger with spinach, brussels sprouts, green beans and apple salad.

Chickpea burger4

Obviously these meals aren’t crazy different but they offer just enough variety (for me) to feel like I’m not eating the same thing and don’t need to make something completely from scratch. But if you have any suggestions to offer more variety to my preppin’ ways, I’d love to hear your thoughts :) have a wonderful day!

Questions of the day…

Do you have things “on repeat” throughout the week? 


36 thoughts on “One Meal, Four Ways [WIAW 23]

  1. Love love love this post!! I think you should definitely do more posts on how prepping one ‘star’ of a meal can be used in different ways for different meals.

    I still need to investigate sprouting chickpeas to see if I can eat them without stomach pain so that I can make your felafels as they look and sound delicious.

    I definitely have things on repeat during the week, I usually have the same salad base for lunches of tomatoes, spinach, alfalfa sprouts and spiralised zucchini and then mix up the dressing/dips I put with it and the main ingredient I put with it.

  2. I am cooking and eating for one, too, and I try to mix up my protein with different sides at least once. Lately I have been a big fan of the one pot meal that lasts all week, though. If it’s a good recipe, I don’t mind eating it 3x a week!

  3. I used to always like eating something different every night when I was in school and had time to cook new dinners every night, but these days I don’t get home til 6:30, so I just want something fast and I don’t care if it’s something I’ve already eaten 4 days in a row haha.

    You’ve got me craving Brussels sprouts after reading this post!!

  4. I see someone likes chickpea burgers…..;) But yes I do this alllllll the time. I’ll often make a lot of chicken and then divide it up for Miguel and I to take in our lunches, and then I’ll add veggies and pasta or veggies and rice to the mixture. Not tooooo exciting but exciting enough for me!

  5. I eat a lot of the same stuff. We made chicken parmesan last night and made so much it could feed an army, so I’ll probably have that for lunch every day the rest of the week (and maybe for dinner too haha). I go in waves of eating the same things over and over.

  6. A bonus of working from home is that I can get creative with my meals – I have time to cook lots of different things! That being said, for the sake of simplicity and laziness most of my breakfasts, lunches and snacks are repeats. But I do love the idea of preparing one main dish and then changing up the sides – definitely a great way to add variety!

  7. As I’m not nearly as good at you at meal planning I often eat repeat meals even when at times I know I’m bored by them already. I’ve planned to change that from now on, though. Boredom is never a good thing and – note to self – life’s too short to eat the same things again and again :). Now if only I listened to my own advice …
    Or maybe I’ll get you to do the meal prep for me one day ;).

  8. And I suddenly have the biggest craving for sweet potato fries… I’m actually a big fan of eats on repeat because it means that I don’t have to spend so much time thinking and fussing. I’ll switch things up if I start getting bored, but I have a general pattern that I stick to. I like to see it as a groove rather than a rut ;)

  9. I meal plan and prep ahead of time but since I usually work through my lunch they are always the same for the week, I change it up for the next week and for dinner (even if those are similar!). Good for you to change it up daily!

  10. My meat and vegetables are on repeat everyday, but I don’t have the same thing for all of my main meals. I did that over the summer because it’s all I could handle…. Honestly now I’m not sure how I survived! Haha.

    I think grapes are one of the best salad toppings (and most underrated at that) ever. So I was super happy to see that you put them on yours!

  11. I am definitely repeating meals. This week I am all about corn tortilla wraps with different ingerdients. I repeat breakfasts and snacks aka chopped veggie and fruit. When I am preparing a huge batch of falaffel or burgers for the week I usually devide the dough into 3 parts and spice them all differently. It often tastes like a whole different recipe.

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