How to Recover from a Food Coma: 5 Tips

I hope you had a wonderful (American) Thanksgiving celebration. You can send some leftovers my way…

Holidays, like Thanksgiving, are usually a time when we tend to eat more food than we may have liked. It happens. It also happens to me on an ordinary day when I let the snack monster get the better of me. That’s totally fine: we strive for consistency not perfection.

So how do we handle the next day? Here are 5 tip to recover from your over-stuffed belly or as I call it, a food coma.

Food coma text2

1. Commit to getting back on track: There is no use dwelling over it. It happened. Move on and commit to making healthy changes today.

2. Move your body: Yes, Black Friday shopping counts! Go for a walk with family and friends or drag your butt out the door for literally a turkey trot. Sure, your run might be slow, you might not lift as heavy and you might feel like lying in shavasna the entire time but activity often aids in digestion and produces endorphins that make us feel great.

3. Focus on fruits, vegetables and protein: It’s pointless to restrict your food intake: it will only make you hungry! Then you become ravenous and might devour all those leftover brownies. Eat a nourishing breakfast (eggs and fruit; oatmeal; a smoothie) and focus on eating lots of fruit, vegetables and protein for the rest of the day.

4. Drink water: We all know how good water is for us… we need it in order to stay hydrated and helps to flush out any toxins in our system. It also aids in digestion and can often prevent overeating.

5. Love yourself: We are human. We like food. We eat food. Sometimes we eat more than we like because it’s delicious. And that’s cool.   


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If only I looked that cute when I stuff my face.

When your turkey leftovers run out, be sure to head over to Cori’s amazing blog where I am stopping by with a yummy dinner recipe! Hope you have a happy and healthy weekend.


Questions of the day…

What tips would you add?

What are you up to this weekend?



27 thoughts on “How to Recover from a Food Coma: 5 Tips

  1. Hi Amy! I think going for a walk as soon as you wake up the next day, before having anything to eat, helps too. I don’t know but my body will not react well with any sort of high intense physical activity right after a big feed. Anyway just discovered your blog and love it so far! Looking forward to more posts :)

  2. No food coma for me unfortunately :( Maybe on the leftovers from Margie’s T-giving dinner on Saturday! And I totally agree on point #5. It happens, and fortunately only once a year (and if you’re Jewish, 10 times a year). So dig in and love yoself!

  3. Love all these tips! I think the biggest one for me is exercise. Tomorrow I’m actually going to a zumbathon for charity with my cousin and I can’t wait! This will be a perfect way to get moving! I always feel so much better after I exercise.

  4. Awesome tips! Food comas are the worst.. I don’t feel like moving for hours after a holiday meal. This Thanksgiving I really tried to limit the amount of ‘heavy’ foods I ate and I didn’t have dessert right after dinner. Definitely helped!

  5. As soon as I read the drink a lot of water part, the lightbulb in my head went off and I immediately thought of today’s #Elf4Health challenge. They totally did that on purpose! Haha. I am eating kind of weird today since I was up earlier to work for Black Friday, but I am definitely trying to keep it on the lean side. You’re so right, you can’t deprive yourself even after a day of crazy eating!

  6. Great tips Amy! I love that picture of the squirrel, so funny!

    We actually went on a nice 30 minute walk after eating and it felt great! We usually plop down on the couch after so it was a nice change.

    Have a good weekend! :)

  7. Jan and I were dissapointed you stood us up at brunch ;)

    Great tips- By restricting to compensate does no favours in the long run- its only several times a year you indulge so should be embraced.

    PS Nice chicken recipe on Cori’s blog ;)

  8. I tried to drink a lot of water and just eat my normal meals. I don’t have to worry about leftovers tempting me so that’s one thing that’s good. As long as the overindulgence doesn’t last more than one or two days…then I think it’s OK. I gotta have me a second serving of pumpkin pie! :)

  9. I couldn’t agree with # 3 more!!!!!!!!! Today I was contemplating if I should just skip lunch or eat it a bit later.. But I told myself to just eat right then and there or else I would get WAY TOO HUNGRY later, thus turn into a HANGRY MOFO and eat the entire contents of the kitchen. I am glad I ate when I did because I have actually been quite content today :) Everyone needs to follow suit.

  10. Great tips. I don’t think I ever really eat until I’m completely stuffed – even on Thanksgiving. I know people say oh it’s just one day of the year, but call me crazy I just can’t stand the feeling.

  11. These are great Amy!! And such a good point that you could really use these tips all year ’round! For me tip #1 was the hardest to learn – it’s done, move on, get over it….and hop right back on track as soon as I’m ready – even if it’s at 3:00 in the afternoon! Lol

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