Everyday Yoga Series {Workout}

Hi friends, happy Monday! How was your weekend? I am pretty beat from working at the studio so I am going to keep today’s post short. Lately, I haven’t been going to yoga as often as I would like — heading to class this morning though! I miss it — I love detoxifying in the hot room and being led through a practice by some of my favorite instructors. Rather than cry about it, I have started to do some practicing at home, which involves focusing on stretching and my breath.

Often it is not for longer than 5 or 10 minutes, but I can feel the difference in my body and mind after just this short time. I don’t do anything crazy or vigorous but starting or ending the day with a few simple yoga poses can work wonders. We know how important it is to stretch and slow down but sometimes we need a little extra motivation to do so :)

I like to complete the following series twice. Click the links for step-by-step instructions explaining how to perform each pose.

1. Downward dog – Probably the best known yoga pose. This opens up just about every body part and seriously feels awesome. Hold for 1-2 minutes. More info: click here 

Downward dog

2. Thread the needle – This is a very relaxing pose that stretches the hamstrings (back of the legs) and glutes (butt muscles). Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute on each side. More info: click here.

Thread the needle

3. Pigeon – This is a great stretch for those tight hips and glutes. Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute on each side. More info: click here


4. Triangle – This pose focuses on the quadricep muscles (thighs) and opens up the shoulders. Hold for 30 seconds on each side. More info: click here


5. High lunge – This is both a strengthening and a stretching pose focussing on the legs and arms. Hold for 30 seconds on each side. More info: click here 



A big thanks to my awesome and talented sister (and her fancy shmancy camera) for snapping these pics. Oh and check out her awesome blog too… it’s how I know how to dress myself in things other than gym clothes in the morning.



Questions of the day… 

How often do you stretch?

What is your favorite yoga pose/stretch?




31 thoughts on “Everyday Yoga Series {Workout}

  1. Shermans taking ovaaaaaa. My first reaction when I see pictures on any blog is “who is the lucky person who got to take these?” hahaha….poor Curt.

    You are beautiful and need to become a yoga instructor! Help me find my zen…could have used your help this weekend!

  2. Obviously, you know I love this, and that I haven’t been getting to yoga as much as I’d like recently. Even worse, I know that 10-15 minutes will make all the difference, but I haven’t been doing that either. Grumble! Luckily, it’s on my schedule for this morning for my rest day.

    Also, I can’t believe I didn’t know your sister had a blog! Since I currently follow precisely one fashion blog and it’s done wonders for my wardrobe, I think I’m ready to branch out and make it two!

  3. I’ve never been to an actual yoga class, but I can definitely attest to the huge benefit of taking a little time out of the day just to stretch and breathe. I [do my best to] start my morning with some stretches, and while it doesn’t always happen, I notice a huge improvement in my overall well-being when it does. Downward dog and child’s pose are a couple that I really love.

  4. It’s crazy have much better yoga makes my body feel, I wish I realized this sooner and wasn’t so narrow minded in college! I like pigeon pose alot as a hip opener, my hips are crazy tight all the time but this pose kind of helps

    -Elise @ 9toFit,com

  5. Yoga is the best! I used to go to a class, which was wonderful. Lately, I’ve been trying to do it on my own and I have a couple of DVDs. I love the poses and it feel so good to stretch. Pigeon pose is my favorite!

  6. Loooove pigeon pose. My hips tends to be super tight, so I try to make sure I do that one at least once in a while. I’m taking a yoga class about once a week now – I’m working on improving my flexibility, because it’s seriously terrible.

  7. Your sister is so talented- I actually didn’t know that was you for the first minute… brain.dead.

    I haven’t done too much Yoga but I did do hot yoga several times in America and loved the tree pose. It highlighted my unco-ness ;)

  8. I love the pigeon pose! I often get tight in my hips so it feels great. Thanks for sharing these moves. I want to get more yoga into my schedule. I think it is so good for the mind and the body.
    And I didn’t know your sister had a blog! Off to check it out. :)

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