Weekly Meal & Workout Plan: November 24 – 30

Hi friends,

I hope you are having a great weekend! It is always my intent that my posts are fun, helpful and informative so I hope that my weekly plans provide you with something useful — a recipe, workout idea, scheduling or whatever :) I’ve been working all weekend so have kinda neglected my food prep but I hope to get to it tonight or tomorrow morning.

Injury update: one more week of spinning and yoga and then I have another check-up to hopefully (cross your fingers!) get the all clear for Crossfit and running! I’m feeling a lot better  and am glad I haven’t been pushing it but I’m also a littleeee antsy. Here’s what’s going down this week:


Weekly plan



  • Oatmeal and protein pancakes
    – breakfast
  • Laraballs 
     – snacking
  • Carrot and red lentil soup 
     –  lunch
  • Chickpeas and anything-but-the-kitchen-sink salad – lunch
  • Lemon baked tilapia
    with roasted veggies – dinner
  • Chicken something or other… – dinner
  • Breakfast for dinner



Sunday: Spinning

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: Spinning

Wednesday: Rest or yoga

Thursday: Spinning

Friday: Spinning

Saturday: Yoga


I just looked outside and there is lots of snow!!! Oh happy days. I’m heading to spinning then off to work, have a great rest of your weekend!


Questions of the day… 

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?

What are you making for Thanksgiving?! 





30 thoughts on “Weekly Meal & Workout Plan: November 24 – 30

  1. Hoping you get the all clear in a weeks time! I know that week is normally obsessive thoughts time and paranoia, but it will soon fly by! Spinning classes are tough, and I am really thinking about investing time in yoga. Just need to find the right studio….I have heard that is very important?

    1. Thanks Tina — I hope so too :) The right studio/instructor is definitely crucial in beginning your yoga practice. I have tried many studios and instructors but once you find the right situation it is really awesome.

  2. We had snow last night! It’s not sticking yet, but I was still excited. I hope you get the all clear to run/CF next week, but every week I’m super impressed by all of your spinning! I can’t get myself to go two days in a row yet. You’re a rockstar! Have a fabulous Sunday :)

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for your check up! Well, not literally since it would make it a little impossible to type, but definitely in spirit ;) And yay for snow! We’re currently buried in it, but at least the temps are back up to hovering around 0 instead of -20.

    Happy Sunday!

  4. We have so much freakin’ snow here – classes at the gym were cancelled and I am definitely not going outside today! Bah – it’s pretty to look at but I get pretty sick of it after about 10 minutes ;-)
    And for once, I don’t actually have a meal plan this week so we’ll see how this goes!

  5. I’m on pins and needles for your check-up! And I’m sorry you’ve been working all weekend!!! We FINALLY have winter in Texas (I know it’s strange that I’m excited) – it’s been in the high 30s and rainy the past few days, and we’re getting a brutal sleet storm overnight! Less excited about the sleet as it makes driving dangerous for those who have to be out there, but just excited for winter running and sweater/boot weather!

    1. It’s definitely an adjustment to working on weekends rather than the weekdays but hey, I’ll take whatever work I can get :) I hate driving in the snowy weather but I too love sweater, scarves and boot weather. I guess it’s the Canadian in me!

  6. No snow herewhere I live in the UK, but extremely cold! I don’t actually want snow.. or at least not until closer to Christmas as its a nightmare to drive in. :/

  7. I love how organized you are for the week! How do you like spinning? I’ve never taken a class before but it seems like a nice high energy workout. :) the weather here is the same: lots & lots of SNOW! Lol still comin down but hopefully it lets up soon. :)

  8. I really need to get better with my dinner and lunch meal planning. I should start writing it out each week too.

    That just seems amazing to me that you are experiencing snow there! It must be so pretty. The weather here has been a mixed bag, it is meant to be Spring but it has been cold, windy and raining, with 10 minute patches of sun it has been almost tropical weather. I am hoping now since it is almost summer it gets better!!

    No thanksgiving here but I really want to try Pumpkin pie one day as it always sound delicious!

    1. Hoping the weather gets better down undah :) Well, in my opinion, you are not missing much in the pumpkin pie department. Maybe I’ve had bad ones but I am not a fan haha Join the meal planning link up party!

  9. Hope you get cleared to go back to Crossfit and running! I’ve really wanted to try Crossfit so I think I’m going to make that my goal for this winter. It snowed here in Colorado on Thursday and it’s been really cold since, so I haven’t really wanted to run outside. I’m making a cranberry citrus relish with crystallized ginger for part of my contribution to a friendsgiving dinner next Saturday. It’s so good!

    1. Thanks girly! I just started Crossfit in the fall, highly recommend it! The relish sounds delicious and I am loving the “friendsgiving” dinner — I think I will need to implement it next year.

  10. It sounds like you’ve had a busy weekend. Hope you get some preparation done for the coming week this evening. It’s COLD here. It’s supposed to stay this way all week, then start warming up Friday. I’m making a “healthified” green bean casserole and a Cooking Light pumpkin pie to take to my mom’s for Thanksgiving.

    1. I made soup and a few snacks but now it’s TV time :) Same temperature here too. Those both sound like delicious contributions for your dinner. Happy {early} Thanksgiving!

    1. I injured my knee in my last week of training for my half so have not been doing any running, Crossfit or high intensity workouts since the half. About a month now! I am going a little crazy but spinning is something I can do so taking advantage :)

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