30 Minute Elliptical Workout

Hi friends! Happy Monday :) How was your weekend?

I actually spent most of mine working at the yoga studio – mopping and cleaning bathrooms is kinda exhausting. My free week at my friend’s gym expired yesterday so I took advantage and got one last workout in. I haven’t really had the need or want to join a gym as of yet. I ran outside through the summer and fall, practice at my yoga studio, started Crossfit and now I’m spinning (for two more weeks until my month expires).

Honestly, the gym kinda bugged me. Maybe it was because it was full of meat-heads and meat-head girlfriends but I was astonished at the lack of gym etiquette. Like seriously people: wipe down the machine after you sweat all over it and for goodness sake, re-rack your weights! I clean enough sweat at the yoga studio and 45 pound plates are kindaaaa heavy for this girl.


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Just saying. Anyways, I’ll stop venting and just get to the workout.

I did a pretty sweaty elliptical workout yesterday followed by some boxing and arms. I’m a fan of the elliptical. In 30 minutes you can get a solid cardio session in and even watch some television while you’re at it. This workout focuses on intervals with lots of resistance changes so you don’t get bored. I completed this on cross-ramp 20 but feel free to use the cross-ramp that suits you.

30 Minute Elliptical Workout pink

Hope you have a great day!


Questions of the day…

What are your thoughts on going to the gym? 

What’s your favorite cardio workout? 


36 thoughts on “30 Minute Elliptical Workout

  1. I love going to the gym but there are things I definitely hate about it. Like every Friday there is a group of guys that ‘take over’ the whole weights area and like to yell to each other across the room during their whole workout, not the funnest experience but I prefer the gym to working out at home so I’ll put up with it :)

    Looks like a great elliptical workout! My favourite cardio of course has to be running but I also love Tabata style workouts of high intensity rounds of 20 secs on 10 sec rests for 4 min rounds doing things like skipping, butt kicks, standing and punching, etc.

    Happy Monday lovely <3

  2. Love the workout! I never really know what to do on the elliptical, so it’s nice to have a plan! :) There are definitely things that bother me about the gym, but I also think it has to do with which gym you go to. I did lot’s of research of the gyms in my area before I applied for jobs! The YMCA was the only one that I felt I could work at!

  3. I like the gym, but it totally frustrates me sometimes too. Especially people who are bench/equipment hogs! Like do you really need to have 3 sets of dumbbells laid out beside you for the entire 45 minutes of your workout so that no one else can use the 12.5 lb dumbbells (there’s only one set of those in the women’s section at my Goodlife)? Ugh!

    My favourite cardio is running, but I’ve had to supplement with the elliptical since my knee issues. I get soooo bored on it though and usually only last like 15 minutes, so thanks for this workout! :D

  4. I miss going to the gym for the social aspect of it, but there were definitely things that drove me crazy. One of the biggest ones? When people would choose a cardio machine right next to me when every single other one was empty. Call me crazy, but I kind of like my space… especially if someone went a little too light with the deodorant. That and when they leave behind “glistening” equipment…

  5. I love the gym … for the classes only! I can’t deal with the masses in the weights/cardio areas. I have big plans for my future home gym, which I expect will be both epic and empty of people who fail to rerack.

  6. I love love love the elliptical–great workout. The gym does annoy me sometimes. At my gym there’s a weight area upstairs and then a smaller area downstairs and it’s unspoken that the upstairs is for guys and the downstairs is for girls. If you’re a girl and you use the upstairs weights everyone stares are you. It’s only slightly annoying.

  7. Ugh, whenever I used to go to the gym I’d get so irritated when gym goers didn’t put back the weights. I mean really, you picked them up OFF the rack put them back ON the rack. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that’s the polite thing to do.

    I have to agree with Davida about gyms that put a time limit on treadmills. I mean unless your doing sprint intervals, it’s almost near possible to break a sweat in 20 minutes.

  8. Ugh I really dislike the gym! I’ll go for spin class and do a few weights afterwards, but that’s it for me! I much prefer running outdoors; even in the Canadian winter!! We’ll see how long it lasts…

    I’ll keep this elliptical routine in mind when my fingers start freezing outdoors :)

  9. I just have a little gym in my building so generally no one is there! When people are they are usually pretty good about etiquette. Although this one guy used to always bring his iPad and iPhone down and literally attempt to conduct business while working out. Which obviously failed! So he would just be standing around talking on his phone. It drove me nuts mainly because the gym is quite small so he was always in the way! Fortunately… he has left.

    I used to go a spin/gravity studio in Toronto and loved the sense of community and motivation it provided! I miss it.

    1. Oh my gosh that is too funny! Seriously people… You are so right about finding a studio that provides motivation and a community. That’s how I feel about Crossfit and I am itching to go back.

  10. I love going to the gym, but definitely agree that some people can make the experience less than pleasant. I spend a lot of time in the woman’s only section – they tend to be more polite with putting weights away, and just less sweaty in general ;-)

  11. I love the gym! I work out at 5AM so I’m basically the youngest person there. It’s usually me and a bunch of old men, with a couple of middle-aged men thrown in. This means I have my pick of equipment and have a ton of space to myself. I love running for cardio, but I’m also a fan of the cross ramp ellipticals.

  12. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with the gym. Whenever I can I pick pounding the pavement over the gym but I would much rather do it in addition to outdoor running when/if I choose to add something extra.

  13. Love this workout, I can’t wait to try it! I completely agree with you about gyms! I actually quit going to my last gym because the equipment was never cleaned and smelled like sweat. It’s so inconsiderate of people to leave their weights on the ground and not wipe anything down. I could vent about this forever haha.

  14. So much variety- spinning, cross fit, yoga- you’ve ticked all the boxes ha!

    I personally love the gym but it took me a long time to find out the best times to work out there- literally an hour difference can go from relatively empty gym to full house. I ALWAYS avoid going post 5pm…purely because of certain stereotypical groups who tend to override it there!

    Fav cardio workout is definitely the stairmaster…purely so I can read at the same time lol. :)

    1. So true about the timing! But I was even going at the wee hours of the morning and it was pretty busy. Who would have thunk? We are cardio opposites… the stairmaster is my enemy. Largely because we would have to do gruelling stairmaster workouts in preseason for basketball… not fun. I couldn’t tell if I was sweating or crying.

  15. I feel like I cant even be in the weight room because a) it smells like dirty socks and b) the meatheads think they own the place. I do have a membership but use it mostly for cycling and yoga classes, and the treadmill in the winter. All the rest, I do at home!

  16. Somehow I missed the post about you working for the yoga studio? So ironic because one of my friends in Ohio does the same thing and I thought that was such a great gig! I really need to get in on this yoga exchange program.

    I can sympathize with you on the annoyance factor of the gym. I want to cancel my membership because I haven’t gone in about 3-4 months because I have found other activities I like and I can’t stand all the crazy meatheads. The gym used to be my favorite place to go back in Ohio, but I haven’t been able to find one that I really connect with in Arizona anyway. It’s all about finding balance and discovering what works (or doesn’t work) for you!

  17. Very pretty graphic! That makes me like the workout more :). And crossramp 20 is tough – way to go, girl! Will definitely be trying this as I tend to slack off on my elliptical days – I usually use it as off-days from running, so I feel justified in slowly pedaling away lazily … but I’m sure it wouldn’t kill me to get in an ACTUAL workout – ha!!

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