Blogiversary Potluck [WIAW 21]

Today is a very special day — it is Becky’s one year blogiversary!


I absolutely love reading Becky’s blog. From her love of bananas, peanut butter and chocolate; to her body-pumping and yoga and running; to her travel adventures (hello Chicago!) and of course all things “treat” worthy… Becky’s blog is a wonderfully positive place that I look forward to everyday.

In honor of Becky’s blogiversary, I am taking part in a blogland potluck! We all gathered (well via email) and selected one of Becky’s recipes to make and then share. Great idea right?! Of course I had to choose something with banana, peanut butter and chocolate… no explanation necessary there.

So… Becky’s {Skinny} Chubby Monkey

 was my recipe of choice. After a few vodka-sodas this was the perfect midnight 2am snack. I hope there isn’t a law about using the oven while over the legal limit.

Skinny chubby monkey

Soooo delicious. Happy one year blogiversary Olives n Wine :)

Let’s get to the rest of my recent eats.



For breakfast I have been having lots of variations of my green monstah pancakes

 and pancakes in general. [Instagram pics: here and here] I’ve been switching things up by adding PB2 or cocoa powder to the batter for some extra flavor. This batch is with PB2, topped with more peanut butter (duh) and sliced banana.


I made a tuna salad

for lunch yesterday that was prettyyyy tasty — smelly, but tasty. Cucumber, tomato and endurance crackers

Tuna salad

I had bean balls

with spaghetti squash, tomato sauce and zucchini for dinner twice already this week.

Bean balls dinner

I also whipped up some crispy tofu that was absolutely delicious! I served the tofu with roasted sweet potatoes and kinda soggy zucchini. I have an idea for the tofu so I am going to get the recipe to you asap :)

Tofu dinner

I’ve been snacking on homemade bars [these] and [these] and also lots of dried fruit and nut/seed butter. Loving dates and sunbutter. Dates seriously taste like candy.

Dates and sunbutter

Well there’s a snapshot of my recent eats… I now leave you with three tasks:

1. Head over to Jenn’s for some more drool-worthy food

2. Send Becky virtual hugs and kisses — use the hashtag… #ONWturns1

3. Check out my guest post on Laura’s blog today


Questions of the day…

What have you been eating lately?

Have you been to a real-life potluck? What did you bring?

48 thoughts on “Blogiversary Potluck [WIAW 21]

  1. I so want to try Becky’s banana choc recipe too as it sounds so good, so happy we can all help her celebrate!!

    I recently realized that dates and I don’t go so well and give me stomach pains which makes me sad especially when I see delicious snack pictures like yours.

    Happy Wednesday lovely <3

  2. I love the idea of the blogland potluck! My feed is full of happy anniversary posts and it’s so adorable, I’m sure she loves it! I’m having a real life potluck next week actually. I always bring dessert to potlucks since I’m more of a baker than a chef :)

  3. Nut butter stuffed bananas and dates — looooove it. I’ve been snacking on a lot of nut butt myself lately — usually with fruit, kabocha, or chocolate. Ooomigosh don’t even get me started on the chocolate — my cravings have been NUTS lately :shock: As for potlucks, I’m usually the dessert girl. LOVE me some cookies or amped up Rice Krispie Squares.

    1. I’ve missed ya :) I was so happy to see your successful run last week — yay! You can subscribe via email or Bloglovin, if that works for you.

  4. I need to start reading Becky’s blog! I’d never heard of it, but the potluck is such a good idea! Dates are my fave. The grocery store was out last week and I was really mad about it. Luckily they’re back now :)

  5. Oh my goodness, that Skinny Chubby Monkey. Clearly banana, peanut butter and chocolate is the most fabulous combo, so I need to get on that…and it seems like a perfect post-bar snack ;-)
    And I love potlucks! My parents have one every year for a July 1st BBQ (they take care of burgers and hot dogs, everyone else brings a salad, app or dessert) and I always love finding a new dessert recipe to try out. And I usually bring something like jello shooters or vodka gummy bears ;-)

  6. I’ve tried Becky’s chubby monkey and boy is it delicious! You can never go wrong with banana, PB ad chocolate – such a wonderful combo! Lately I’ve been eating chicken cacciatore, tuna salad and pumpkin soup!

  7. I love potlucks! I think they are the best way to have a party! I had one for my 22nd birthday, and it was such a special event because everyone brought something, and it was just a small group of people and a wonderful time! Y’all are so sweet to do this for Becky!

  8. You are the sweetest!! Thank you for all of the love for my blogiversary <3 And I say no, there is no law about using the oven while over the legal limit although there have been times I may have overcooked a pizza ;)

  9. LOL I love the comment about using the oven while intoxicated…That would definitely lead to disaster if I tried to use the oven after midnight ;) Thanks for participating in the partay!

    On another note, everything you ate looks frickin amazing! I love that everything is still so colorful, even though we have moved from summer to fall/winter produce!

  10. Ooooh those balls look awesome! I’m making something similar tonight so you have been excited! So happy to be a part of the surprise party- and I think it’s totally legal to drink and bake ;) At least in my book!

  11. I love those endurance crackers! And dates with PB have to be the ultimate snack- I love keeping them in the freezer so they’re extra chewy! Also, I’ll have to make those pancakes soon- could you use regular PB instead of PB2 in the batter?

  12. Argh, so much goodness going on in today’s WIAW!

    You HAVE to try tuna salad with pesto- so good. Then go breath on people bringing you down :)

    I’ve been obsessed with adding cocoa powder to pancake batter lately too. So. Good.

  13. So as always your whole WIAW looks fantastic. Good pick on the recipe for the blogger potluck. Simple, easy and filled with the wonderfulness that is pb, bananas, and chocolate :D

    I think you have got this pancake-making thing down to a science. Seriously. Those look so yummy!

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