Lemon Basil Baked Chicken {paleo}

So it’s no secret that I live at home… with my parents.


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This seems like a pretty normal thing to do today:

Graduate –> don’t have money –> return to the nest.

This is the first time I have lived at home for more than a short while in FOUR YEARS. I’m six months and counting back with the parents. The transition was certainly not easy for either side but with a lot of patience, communication and the occasional fight over the food processor… we are all re-learning to live harmoniously.

Lemon Basil Baked Chicken2

While I love cooking my own meals, it is sometimes nice to just sit back, relax and have Dad grill up some chicken. My breakfasts and lunches are often vegetarian but a few nights a week I do enjoy grilled chicken and seafood but I DON’T enjoy cooking it. The raw meat and fish grosses me out and I am paranoid I will under/over cook it.

That’s why I keep things simple: like my salmon

 and tilapia
. With the help of The Grill Master (aka Dad) I grilled chicken on the BBQ this summer
. But as the cold weather approaches, grilling season is unfortunately over (although my Dad seriously grills all year long). So it was time to put on my big girl panties and bake some chicken.

Lemon Basil Baked Chicken1

Yup. Success.

Is she serious? Baking chicken is soooo not hard.

I know, I know. But maybe one of you wonderful readers need a little chicken baking guidance. Hopefully this simple recipe does the trick :)

Lemon Basil Baked Chicken

Ingredients (Makes two servings)

  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1/4 tsp. garlic salt
  • 1/4 tsp. pepper
  • 1/2 tsp. dried basil
  • 2 tsp. lemon juice
  • half a lemon, sliced thinly


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

2. Grease (with oil or cooking spray) a small glass baking dish and set aside.

3. Season each piece of chicken with half of the lemon juice, garlic salt, pepper and basil.

4. Place two or three lemon slices on top of the chicken.

5. Place chicken in the baking dish.

6. Cook for 30-35 minutes – depending on the thickness of your chicken. When in doubt, cut into the thickest part of the chicken: if it is pink, not ready.

7. Serve with roast vegetables, salad, rice, quinoa…. and enjoy!

Questions of the day…

Are you intimidated by any food in the kitchen? 

How do you prepare chicken?



37 thoughts on “Lemon Basil Baked Chicken {paleo}

  1. LOL! Girlfriend I don’t live with my parents (they are 10 hours away), but to be honest if me and the hub could live in the basement for a year to save lots of money and pay off a big chunk of student loans, I totally would have. So yes, believe it or not, I am jealous of all of the money you get to save living at home! Have a lovely Thursday :)

    1. I am definitely grateful for the money saving and the other perks that go along with it :) I was 8 hours away while in college so I feel ya! xo

  2. Hahha the cartoon picture! Loves it. I always like that your recipes are simple…a lady after my own heart. I saw this picture on Instagram last night and though, mmmm that looks delicious and now I’m actually TELLING you that I think this looks delicious.

  3. That meal looks delicious!! If my parents lived in a better location with more jobs in the area I would have totally lived at home! I feel like I could have saved a TON of money just buy saving on rent for a year or so!

  4. I don’t mind baked chicken, but I love to grill my chicken on my George Foreman grill! It is so easy, and since it is inside it doesn’t matter if it is cold or not outside. You can grill easily year around! Do you have a George Foreman grill? I think you would love it!

  5. Kevin and I lived with my parents a few years ago, when we had 10-week internships in Dallas in between years of business school and didn’t want to move all our stuff from Chicago just for 10 weeks! I was nervous but it was actually great! The only things we ever “fought” about were food – haha! Your chicken looks delicious :)

  6. I’m back at home too and I’ve got to say, it has been a bit tough. It’s hard to adjust when I’m so used to living alone (well, with a roommate, but that’s different).

    This chicken looks awesome! I actually don’t really eat a lot of chicken but when I do, I like to make coq au vin or chicken piccata.

    I’m intimidated by pie crusts. I’ve actually never made my own! I need to just suck it up and do it one of these days. :P

  7. Lemon and basil.. (insert kissing sound that chefs make with their fingers in the “ok” sign by their mouth here). I usually bake my chicken if I can’t grill it – it tastes better to me! I am planning on moving home after school, so I will be right there with ya. Although, my parents are in the kitchen less than me.

  8. I love baking chicken but I also don’t mind cutting it up and cooking it in a pan like stirfry, quick and easy. Also another way to cook it is in crock pot, this is especially nice for the winter and when you are busy because you put it in and go!

  9. Hey, at least you’re saving money this way ;-) I moved out of my parents house to my boyfriends mothers house for almost a year, and then we got out own place – hoping that we’re able to keep this streak going! I usually bake my chicken, but I know what you mean about the year-round grilling – my parents turn their deck into a sort of sunroom in the winter, so my dad keeps BBQing all throughout the winter. If I get a craving for some BBQ chicken or something, I know where I’m going! ;-)

  10. This looks great! I can actually cook up pretty much any slice, cut, or type of meat that you give me. No fear in that department. Now BAKING, that gives me nightmares and I’m terrible at it. So this is why we should actually be roommates. You could bake for me and cook me bunches of roasted veggies, and I could cook you the occasional chicken breast, fish, etc…This sounds like a great arrangement.

  11. Haha I know the feeling of being scared to cook meat! Since no longer being vegetarian (almost a year ago I started eating meat) it has been a lot of trial and error as to how to cook things… I’ve definitely stuck to more basic and easy recipes!

  12. I miss living at home solely because it meant I didn’t have to work with raw meat. I’m with you — it skeeves me out. I remember when I first moved out, I’d actually get my mom to bake chicken for me and bring it over — I was too afraid that I would end up with food poisoning if I tried it myself :lol:

  13. Baked chicken is my favorite! I think it’s so much juicier than any other way of cooking it. I’ll season a whole bunch of the chicken breast tenderloins with salt and pepper and bake a bunch all at once. Then you can use it for anything- salads, tossed with spaghetti squash, and with pasta are my favorites.

  14. I have to say that I don’t think I’m intimidated by any food in the kitchen. In my mind, if I have a recipe in hand it’s kind of just like math and then following the instructions! Except I rarely follow the instructions anymore. :)

    Baked chicken is a favorite of mine. I often just bake a whole one though because that’s what we buy and they’re a pain in the heiny to cut. ;)

  15. Thanks so much for posting this!! I was just thinking I need to learn how to cook chicken other ways besides in a frying pan and sometimes on the grill. Like you, my dad is a great cook, but unfortunately he works a lot, so I’m usually on my own with my overcooked hamburgers (because I don’t like to see pink and I’m afraid of undercooking) or making chicken that ends up dried out. I will definitely be trying this recipe.

  16. I love to make Salsa Chicken, were you literally dump a jar of salsa at the bottom of a pan, place two or more chicken breasts on top and then top with more salsa, put it in the oven for I think about 30-40 minutes and then shred the chicken, it is the easiest way I know how to make chicken.

    When I fry it or fish on the stove I always worry about over or undercooking both so you aren’t alone there.

    Love the simplicity of this recipe.

  17. That’s so funny I’m the exact same way about cooking meat! I’ve told my boyfriend thousands of times that he better learn to cook chicken otherwise we’re never having any meat. If I touch it or look at it too much while it’s raw, I won’t be able to eat it. Such a weird thing!

  18. Its often the simple recipes which taste the best- no over complicated methods. This would be great for just baking and freezing- easy to throw on salads or eaten for a quick meal!

    I love to marinade chicken in peri peri sauce with olive oil and then either bake it or pan fry it in a pinch! Not too fussed with meat- must be the masculinity shining through ;)

  19. Cooking meat is definitely intimidating at first (don’t get me started on fish, after about 4 1/2 years I’ve finally figured out how to cook salmon perfectly!), but once you get the hang of it it’s so easy. This recipe sounds great, I’m working on a new baked chicken dish right now.

  20. Looks yummy! Returning the nest can suck sometimes, but one perk is I’m always yelling at my parents to check if the meat I’m making looks completely cooked. I’m totally the same way, I’m always afraid of over or under cooking it!

  21. Just copied this recipe to print! And trust me… I feel your pain with the living at home thing. I just found out I’ll be staying in Orlando for a while longer and it only makes sense to continue living at home when my full-time job starts. I’m just focusing on how happy my bank account will be ;-)

  22. Are we the same person? I live at home, I’m afraid to cook raw meat, and my dad the grill master always takes care of it! I am going to have to try to bake chicken though… I’m just afraid to overcook it and it will be dry.

    I’m going on 2.5 years at home. I moved out for about 4 months and just moved back home last month. I don’t want to spend 1K+ a month living on my own and I don’t like living with roommates (except my dad because he never judges me) so it’s just easier. Plus, fingers crossed, I’ll be leaving Pittsburgh very soon!

    1. Twins :) Crossing my fingers for you! The first time I made the chicken I actually checked it every few minutes haha around the 25 minute mark, check it every minute or so (cut into it) and you’ll be fine. Or you can just make the falafel! haha

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