Tupperware Loving [WIAW 20]

On Friday night, I was at my aunt and uncle’s house for dinner. When my aunt was putting away the delicious leftovers I commented on how awesome her tupperware was.

“I love Tupperware”, I said. My sister looked at me like I was insane. What can I say? Being on the go and choosing to eat protein pancakes over an Egg McMuffin requires tupperware. I know Arman agrees ;) Lately I feel like most of my meals have been eaten via tupperware.

Early morning spinning and yoga means tupperware breakfasts at the office. Work means tupperware lunches at the office. Snack monster means tupperware snacking.



Green monstah pancakes

 with sliced banana and raspberries after yoga

Tupperware pancakes

Brown rice protein pancakes with strawberries post-spinning class

Tupperware pancakes2

Baked falafel

and cauliflower tabbouleh for lunch

Falafel lunch

Lentils, kale, carrot, celery and butternut squash 

 for another tupperware lunch (who am I kidding, all my lunches are eaten out of tupperware)

Lentil kale lunch

Hemp protein bar

in a tupperware because I am trying to go green

Hemp bar

With a little planning and preparation, eating healthy on the go is totally do-able — if that’s something you choose to make a priority. And yes I’m going to be that Mom that hosts tupperware parties. Thanks Jenn for hosting my first unofficial tupperware party!

Questions of the day…

How often are you eating out of tupperware? 

How do you eat healthy when you are out and about?

What are some of your favorite on-the-go snacks?

43 thoughts on “Tupperware Loving [WIAW 20]

  1. I am the queen of tupperware too at the moment!! A lot of time I like to eat my breakfast once I get to work so I will make it up at home and then pack it ready to go along with my lunch and various other containers for snacks. I usually have a dressing or dip container to go with my salad, and a container for nut butter to go with whatever veggie sticks I’ve brought that day.

    I’ve been loving taking fruit with me and snacking on nuts and seeds.

    Your brown rice pancake looks amazing!! Is it just using brown rice protein and egg whites?

    1. That’s what I’ve been doing for breakfast too :) the brown rice pancake recipe was a recipe test for a guest post coming up soon… I will let you know as soon as possible!

  2. I eat out of Tupperware ALL the time, and since I don’t have a dishwasher, it’s quite a pain. That being said, I definitely find that bringing food with you helps to keep you eating healthy. It also helps me save money, which I love. I only eat snacks when I’m at work, otherwise I try to eat at home. One thing that helps me is planning ahead and KNOWING that I have food at home. That stops me from eating a quick, unhealthy bag of chips at the gym or stopping to get french fries on the way home. I love how prepared you always are with quick and nutritious snacks! You’re going to be that mom who always has the yummy snacks in her purse!

    1. Well you know I am a big fan of planning ahead :) I definitely was too rigid about this but now I am more than happy to be that mom (or friend) who has the snacks in my purse.

  3. I always pack my lunch too, and sometimes dinner if I have an evening internship commitment. I never have to pack breakfast because I always eat it at home, but I remember there were some days when I was in school where I would have to pack all three meals for the day – that was a little much!

    Those hemp bars look so good! I love homemade granola bars and energy balls for snacks. Also apples and almonds and homemade trail mix are always good.

  4. Hahah, this is awesome. I also love a good tupperware collection. I actually had an argument with my husband the other day about the amount of containers he leaves at work and “loses”. He doesn’t understand and things I’m crazy, but I’m sure you can appreciate my emotions!!!
    I was ALSO invited to my first tupperware party a few months ago. You know you’re getting old when.. ;)

  5. I was just telling someone yesterday how there really are no excuses why you have to eat unhealthy just because you live a busy life. Most people do – so if you ask me, they all need to stop w/ the excuses :) :)

  6. During the week, I eat out of Tupperware for breakfast and lunch because I’m taking those meals with me to work. It’s so convenient. I do need some new Tupperware though. My is kind of getting old and dingy now. BTW, everything looks SO amazing! And I can vouch for the green monstah pancakes and falafel…yummy! :-)

  7. Oh, the things that us foodies get excited over :lol: But girl, you make eating out of Tupperware look so good! I’m with you on needing to make sure that I always have some healthy eats on hand. My allergies play a big role in it, but I have to admit that I much prefer packing food from home than buying it when I’m out.

  8. You’re so cute, I love the comments about protein pancakes over Egg McMuffin and being a snack monster (me too!). When I’m working in town, my breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner if we’re not doing a working restaurant dinner are all eaten out of Tupperware! Love it, and even though people think I’m crazy toting in a giant lunch bag, it just makes me feel so much better to be eating healthy food that I’ve prepared! I admit that I use way too many Ziploc baggies for smaller things :(. Trying to cut back but it’s a hard habit to break for some reason!

  9. I actually had to get rid of some tupperware when we moved, we had so damn much of it! Working from home most of the time means that I don’t have to worry about it most of the time, but for when I’m at school or need food on the go, I’m all for tupperware meals. I have about 3 glass sets that I love (and don’t have to worry about when I heat something up) but now I need to focus on not actually breaking them….damn clumsiness.

    1. I definitely need to invest in a glass set. I have a few that I love but I need moreeee (I can attest to the clumsiness too, just broke my glass tea travel tumblr, so sad)

  10. I certainly am a tupperware queen! I always feel so ridiculous going to school with this giant bag full of containers – but it is worth it ;)

  11. PLEASE invite me to your future tupperware parties. I love tupperware, and I am always losing it. I have to buy more all the time. I will come to Canada for said parties, as long as there is good food (I assume there would be at a party of yours.)

  12. I eat a lot out of tupperware too. I think anyone who eats lunch at work has to! I keep a bunch of pantry snacks (nuts, dried fruit, banana chips, etc.) in individual sized baggies at home and usually grab one or two and piece of fruit for my work-day snacks. It definitely helps when things get busy!

  13. “Early morning spinning and yoga means tupperware breakfasts at the office. Work means tupperware lunches at the office. Snack monster means tupperware snacking.” SO true. Have you considered to start working as a promoter for Tupperware yet? I mean it in the best way possible! All of your meals make what is a necessity for any office worker who doesn’t want to rely on store-bought or restaurant meals really awesome. Would you mail over weekly office meal tupperwares for me once I start working again :)?! Well, looks like I’ll have to cook myself – and who am I kidding: I enjoy it – but you are inspiring my meals every week. Yes, looking at your lunches again. After last week’s soup inspiration I’m trusting you on this.
    Oh, and to answer the question: it’s Tupperware for me, too, when working or being out and about. Or – for snacks – the less fancy way of reusable plastic bags for food like nuts or bars.

  14. You know my thoughts on tupperware- legend. I’ve gotten so used to it now, eating pancakes off a plate feels strange.

    Cannot wait to make your felafel this weekend- hoping it won’t cause havoc on the stomach! Damn legumes! This is random, but I really enjoy snacking on jerky… salty goodness.

  15. Crossing my fingers for the stomach! I have actually never tried jerky… don’t know if that’s happening anytime soon but I trust you so maybe I’ll have to give it a shot. Is there such thing as chicken jerky?!

  16. Love this post. I grew up on Tupperware since my mom was a sales lady for the company. She actually won a car for being the top seller in her region and that’s the car I learned to drive in. So I’m fiercely loyal to Tupperware! :) I had a Tupperware bridal shower when I got married and got a ton of great stuff so now I use it every day.

  17. I used to totally be in your and Arman’s little tupperware club but sadly (or maybe thankfully since I lost all my tupperware lids anyways) my schedule right now allows me to eat most of my meals at home. I still have fond memories of eating pancakes out of my tupperware in accounting last semester though…;-)

  18. The pancakes look great! Oh and those protein bars do too :D

    I’m impressed by how much good food you were able to take in tupperware. Throughout high school tupperware was my best friend taking lunch and often supper for volleyball. I actually haven’t used it for awhile though!

  19. Love your Baked falafel & cauliflower tabbouleh and Lentils Dish – look so tasty! I like using Tupperware for vegetarian/vegan buffets whilst traveling…some buffets give you a discount for bringing your own Tupperware.

  20. I’m ALWAYS eating out of tupperwear. I like to eat breakfast at work because then I’m not hungry at 10 a.m. Then I eat my lunch. Then sometimes my snacks are in tupperwear. Dinner is the only thing eaten on a plate/bowl – unless I reheat something and I’m too lazy to use real dishes.

    I HAVE to make your falafel this weekend!

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