Weekly Meal & Workout Plan: November 3 – 9

Hi friends!

How is your weekend going? I worked at my yoga studio yesterday and stuck around for a great Vinyassa class after my shift. My knee is feeling a lot better but still not perfect. I have another check-up with the doctor tomorrow. This week I am still sticking to yoga and spinning for my workouts. I really hope to be back to running and Crossfit-ing soon but I am continuing to listen to my body.

I cooked a lot last week (thank you Pinterest) so I am giving myself a bit of a break in the kitchen and keeping meals simple. I prepped a bit yesterday and am going to finish up today.

Weekly plan



  • Green monstah pancakes
    , oatmeal, veggie and chicken scrambles?! – breakfast
  • Lentils with butternut squash and kale
    – lunch
  • Hemp protein bars
    – snacking
  • Split-pea soup with baked salmon
    and sweet potato – dinner
  • Lemon basil baked chicken with brussel sprouts and sweet potato – dinner
  • Breakfast for dinner



Sunday: Spinning

Monday: Spinning

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Spinning

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: Spinning

Saturday: Yoga


And I’m off to spin! Have a fabulous Sunday.


Questions of the day… 

How was your Saturday?!

What are you up to today?



25 thoughts on “Weekly Meal & Workout Plan: November 3 – 9

  1. Hi Amy, noticed you have hemp bars in there. What do you think of using hemp? I am interested to try it, but a little skeptical as I do not want it to affect my performance as I do get drug tested from time to time. Although they say there are no effects that would come up positive, I want to make sure it is a really great product before I try it out. What would you say about hemp seeds after using? Worth it?

    1. Hey Tina! I love hemp everything and as far as I know it definitely won’t show up positive on drug tests. I sprinkle the seeds on salads and hot cereal. I also use hemp milk and protein powder. I love making pancakes with the protein powder! It’s a greet vegan protein option.

  2. glad your knee is feeling better! yesterday i did bar method and then went to work for a few hours, today more bar method and a mani/pedi! woohoo! enjoy the rest of your sunday!

    1. Delicious! Just made them and had one for my afternoon snack. I also made your high fiber bars with the daily cleanse – but I used peanuts. Also delish! Working on a pancake recipe with the brown rice powder :)

  3. Will be so anxious to hear about the doctor tomorrow! Sending all my positive vibes your way! My Saturday was great – yoga, a friend’s baby shower, and basketball game with my husband, my dad, and a friend. Relaxing and fun!

  4. All the best for the news regarding the knee- As tempting as crossfit-ing (haha new word?!) and running might have been, you’ve done well to limit it to yoga and spin which by the way….next week I’m planning on taking a spin class argh!

    My exam week starts today, so exam in 3 hours…yay! Enjoy your sunday night for me ;)

  5. Look at all that spinning on your schedule! You’re so good. I have so many friends who push it way too soon and end up worse off than they started. Go you! Good luck with the doctor tomorrow, sending good vibes your way <3

  6. Good on you for getting into all that spinning and yoga!! I really need to do some yoga which I know I keep saying but I actually just need to stop procrastinating on it and do it.

    My saturday was good, I was at a Hen’s party so lots of drinking spiced rum and dancing ;)

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