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Hi friends!

I am finally getting around to making some of the mere hundreds of recipes I have pinned. While I love Pinterest for organizing recipes and finding cute clothes, it overwhelms me. Too many wonderful things to try, make and devour. To alleviate some of these feelings I have been re-pinning the recipes I make on my “pinned and made” board. Super helpful — thanks for the suggestion Morganne!

I’ve made a few of my own recipes but pinned, made, eaten and lovedddd a bunch others lately too. Happy What I Ate Wednesday — pinned and made edition :)

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Vegan pumpkin spice french toast 

 topped with sliced banana, raisins and pumpkin PB2 sauce – PINNED & MADE: I’m pretty sure Heather is a genius. French toast without eggs? Yes. Seriously amazing. GO make this. If you “eat with your eyes” then go look at Heather’s pictures of this dish because hers are gorgeous… mine… not so much.

Vegan pumpkin french toast

Quinoa flakes with banana, hazelnut butter and raspberry jam

Hazelnut butter jam quinoa flakes

Green monstah pancakes

with pumpkin seed butter, sliced banana and Anita’s breakfast boost mix (chia seeds, hemp hearts, buckwheat groats, sunflower seeds, currants, cranberries)

Green monstah pancakes


Carrot and red lentil soup 

 – PINNED & MADE: Nikki’s soup is hearty and delicious — just what any good soup should be :) It is thick and creamy… without the cream or butter. For the win!

Carrot and lentil soup

Sweet potato, leek and apple soup

Sweet potato leek soup



Baked falafel [recipe from yesterday] with hummus and cauliflower tabbouleh 

 – PINNED & MADE: Davida came up with a great idea to use pureed cauliflower for this tabbouleh. It was perfect with the falafel.

Falafel bowl


Endurance crackers

 – PINNED & MADE: Angela‘s blog is one of my favorites. Her recipes are no short of amazing. I was craving something salty this week and these power-seed crackers of goodness are totally satisfying.

Endurance cracker

Quick-bake flatbread 

 (topped with raspberry jam) – PINNED & MADE: Michelle’s flatbread recipe is so easy to make and yummy. Breads terrify me but this is my second loaf.

Buckwheat bread1

Phew. Making a dent in all those pins.


Questions of the day…

Are your Pinterest boards overflowing? How do you organize them?

Have you made any new recipes lately?


44 thoughts on “Pinned and Made [WIAW 19]

  1. Not only an inspiration in terms of running but tackling Pinterest recipe boards, too :). Even though I try to [for the most part at least] only pin recipes I know I’ll be able to make ingredient-wise and else my boards are overflowing already. Adding a “pinned and made” board excites the checklist fan in my so thanks for the idea. I’ll definitely give it a try. Especially your falafel & tabbouleh dinner and Nikki’s soup sound great. I might have to pin [and make!] these.
    And that “throw a bunch of things in a pot and then puree it” approach? SO me whenever I’m uninspired to cook anything fancy and need to use ingredients up.
    Happy Wednesday and I’ll mail back as soon as possible – these news got me SO excited!

  2. Mmm so much deliciousness! These bread pics are making me really miss breads. I may have to invest in some wheat free loves, or get to baking some myself (which I agree is terrifying!). Pinterest definitely overwhelms me now. I was addicted to it for a few months, and then I think the more I pinned and the larger my boards got the more overwhelmed I became. I’m thinking about subdividing some of my my boards to make it easer.

  3. Girl, you are doing SO much better in terms of actually making the recipes that you pin — I have a lot that I want to try, but somehow it just never gets done. Having a board devoted to recipes that you’ve tried sounds like a great idea, though — must feel great to transfer them over.

  4. I’ve had my eye on Angela’s crackers. Endurance crackers, right? (It’s really weird to say my own name referring to someone else. I don’t know if that’s a personal experience or something everyone feels.) Anyway, I hope to make them once I can stretch my budget to buy everything. I really like the pinned & made board idea. I always pin stuff but forget about it.

  5. Love everything! My Pinterest boards are majorly overflowing, so much so, that I get overwhelmed with what to make next. Sigh! There are just so many good recipes out there and I’m always trying new ones!

  6. I am SOOOOOOOO impressed that you made some PINNED recipes. I only have made 4 (with 2 failed recipes lol) before in my life and I pin SOOOOOO many! I forget about the, or I just get lazy! But this needs to change and I think when the holidays roll around I am going to attempt to make FAR MORE!!!

  7. I love pinterest but am horrible about pinning lots of things I want to make and then never getting around to make them. I’m the same with reading recipes on blogs. I always want to try them but then usually end up not having all the ingredients and making lots of changes.

  8. Girl. You are a GENIUS! Or Morganne is… Both of you are :P I definitely will be making a “Pinned & Made” board whenever I start making my pins. Eggless french toast sounds quite amazing, I’m going to check that out now!

  9. That’s a good idea to make a board of what you made. Tried and true right? I obviously have tons of food boards! I separate them by protein (although I think I need to sub categoraize that by seafood, chicken & turkey, beef & game) then I have sides, carbs, soups, salads, appetizers, breads, treats, healthier desserts, breakfast, sandwiches & wraps to name a few. I also love home decor and DIY’s.

  10. This is such a great post so many great new recipes for me to add to my list!! The stand outs for me are those crackers, the flat bread and that french toast, delicious!!

    I need to make a Pinterest board like this of stuff I have actually made too, it is such a great idea!

  11. I’m not sure if I have ever made any of the recipes that I’ve pinned… Maybe a few on my paleo board? I actually don’t really make recipes out of cookbooks/off blogs anymore either. Occasionally maybe, but I love adapting them or making my own twists so they aren’t really even like the original recipe anymore. I wish I could say that I’m going to try and change that and make more of my pins… But honestly that’s not going to happen ;) Maybe my craft board or fitness board would be good to do this with!

    Oh She Glows is one of my favorite blogs too. Have you ever made her cheeze sauce? I made a “version” on my blog and it is delicious! Especially with butternut squash.

    Vegan French Toast sounds awesome! I know Peachy Palate has a good recipe for that too. That flatbread looks so delicious!

  12. I love the carrot and red lentil combo soup. Carrot only soup can sometimes be TOO carroty. Cannot wait to try this recipe. As for Pinterest, I recently learned that it is impossible to unsubscribe, and that bothers me on principle. So now I just copy and save recipes to my computer. Maybe one day when I retire I’ll have time to try them all.

  13. Awww, you are TOO sweet, love! I’m so glad you liked the French toast! This idea is great! Ugh, every time I log into my Pinterest, I get so overwhelmed…it quickly went from nice and neatly organized recipes to cyber-hoarders! I’m so tempted to just go in and delete everything and start from scratch…the Great Pinterest Purge of 2013! Haha!

    LOVE the look of your falafel! Great idea to pair it with Davida’s tabbouleh! Side note: I think I have that bowl too! ;)

    1. Ikea bowl?! I love the Pinterest Purge idea… but I am sure you have many yummy things that just shouldn’t be deleted. I went board by board and “cleaned up”. Let’s face it, how many chilis am I actually going to make?!

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