“Listen To Your Body”

Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend? Davida and I were graced by a wonderful visitor… Amy from Long Drive Journey! If you don’t read her blog… do it NOW. She was in the neighborhood (well Niagara Falls) for a 10K race and made the extra drive up to Toronto so we could finallyyyy meet and hang out. Awesome.

Davida and Amy

I never thought blogging would create this sense of community and “real-life” friendships. I thought I’d blab, share some recipes, Tweet random stuff and call it a day. Well, I was  more than pleasantly surprised. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I am so grateful to be a part of this community — you guys rock!

We had a lovely dinner and chatted about the usual stuff; overnight oats, kabocha, foam rolling, Instagram, you know… our faves. We also got to talking about the injuries we have all been battling. Davida and Amy have both been nursing IT band injuries and as I told you yesterday, my knee is not fully healed so my workouts are limited to yoga and spinning classes for the next two weeks at least. Kind of a bummer.

Listen to your body. 

Why is this so much easier said than done?

Why do I eat when I’m bored, not hungry? Why do I workout when I am sore?

I don’t have good answers to these questions, other than I’m human and I love food and I love sweating. It’s actually hard to listen to our body. To listen when it tells us to slow down, to listen when it tells us to eat carbs, to listen when it tells us we are tired, to listen when it tells us to work harder.

Not being able to run, do Crossfit and play basketball has sucked. It has only been a week but it has felt like a year and I still have at least two more weeks to go. Injuries certainly take a toll, both mentally and physically.

I haven’t run since the race. I miss getting lost in my thoughts, I miss escaping to the outdoors, I miss the sound of my shoes on the pavement, I miss the post-run high… I miss it all. But I am working on making the best of this situation and remembering all of the things I am thankful for. My body is clearly telling me something so I better keep listening. And all of you have been an incredible support system:

Cori has also been dealing with a running injury but seeing her positive attitude and ability to  find other ways to stay fit is inspirational… she is motivating me every day.

Amanda encouraged me focus on what I can do… yoga, spin… check!

Cassandra said that I might feel faster and stronger when I start running again… that would be amazing!

Alisha is a superstar yogi and her passion makes me love it even more… here’s to pigeon pose.

Kathryn, Sam and Suzanne all incorporate spinning into their workout schedule and enjoy it… so far I do too.


Yesterday I went to a spinning class for the first time in a few years. Was it running? No. But it was great! And hard! Like really hard. Old ladies were kicking my butt. Speaking of butt, mine is super sore today. I think I need a seat pillow next time. But seriously, it was a great workout, awesome way to sweat and try something new. These classes are not cheap but I’m chalking this up as doing it for my health… and we can’t put a price on that right? :)

Hope you have a marvellous Monday!


Questions of the day…

What is your body telling you today?

Do you find it challenging to take “rest days”?

Do you enjoy trying new classes? 

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  1. I have been inspired by Cori and her dealing with her injury too. As well as Davida and her attitude to hers and how she has found a love for walking. You will get there but I just so so feel for you as I know what it is like when you can’t do what you really want to.

    Glad to see you are embracing things like spin classes too and yes definitely worth the money…for your health ;)

    Happy Monday lovely <3

  2. I love this post as like you I am battling an injury too and it’s good to see that others struggle with rest time too and I’m not alone – Of course I wish you weren’t injuried! Hope things are healing well and you’ll be back running quickly!
    I have got an achilles injury and my ankle tendons are inflamed :( I have been told to rest for a week no training at all then I can walk for an hour a day to see how it feels – boring right?! Especially in our current rainy and windy weather. Why is great to run in the rain but hard to walk in it?!
    You ladies look like you had a fab catch up all looking fabulous too of course :)

    1. Ouch! No fun at all. I like walking sometimes but you are definitely right about running in the rain as opposed to walking. Hoping you heal up quickly!

  3. It seems like so many people in blogland have been struggling with injuries lately. It makes me sad but it’s also inspiring! SO glad you are enjoying spin and focusing on the positive. Hopefully it will be good news in two weeks and you can get back to normal :)

    I love trying new classes when I get the chance to do so (and try something new is exactly what my body has been telling me). Side note, do those seat pillows actually work? I feel like that could be a game-changer for my relationship with spinning.

    1. I saw a couple of people in my class wearing the spandex with the cushions but I have no clue if it works. My butt isn’t that sore so that’s a plus :)

  4. Yay for spinning! I’m hoping to get back into it soon when I’m home on break. I love seeing all of the older women in the class– it seems like the kind of activity you can really do for a lifetime. Have a great Monday girl! :)

  5. It’s so hard to listen to your body, but it’s totally worth it. Though I didn’t have a injury per say, I did have to take a break from working out for a week because my body needed it. I came back better than when I quit, and I have a feeling that’s how you will be too! I have only gone spinning once, but I hear it’s killer!

  6. It can definitely be difficult to listen to your body, and I have to constantly remind myself that it is the best for me. When I am doing a crazy hard workout I feel like a rock star and don’t want to quit, but I know if I am nursing an injury or something just doesn’t ‘feel’ right I should stop to avoid something I have to deal with for a lifetime!

  7. Yup, I totally get you on this one! Listening to your body is hard, but so necessary! I’m not able to ease back into my normal routine, but with my foot being injured, all I kept thinking about and focusing on was what I can’t do. Amanda’s advice is great – focusing on what you can do makes all the difference in the world. That’s what I did and that’s how I got through my cardio hiatus. P.S. – I really need to try a spin class!

  8. I agree – I have such a hard time listening to my body and what it needs, instead of giving in to temptation, boredom, etc. It is hard! I’m dying to try spin! My gym has an intro class at the beginning of the month, so I’m going to try it out in November!

  9. My body needs to learn to speak better English… As it stands, we can sometimes understand each other, but more often than not, I’m usually trying to boss it around… with mixed results.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you, love. Just remember to keep your eyes on the big picture. What’s a couple of weeks in the grand scheme of things?

  10. like you, i’ve had to revamp my workout routine and go low-impact. which sucks because i am not motivated by it but know i have to do it if i don’t want my knee to plague me all the live long day. i’m giving myself 3 months which sort of works out because i don’t do outdoor stuff in the winter but still…that means no HIIT cardio or any of my favorite indoor cardio programs :( at least i can still lift.

    hope your knees get better soon!

  11. Yes. This is all so important. I think I realized it after being injured this summer. It totally derailed my big plans for high mileage running, cross country PRs, and everything in between, but I’m so thankful it happened. I know, I’m thankful I was injured, it sounds weird. But I learned that workouts like yoga and spinning and body pump gave me an incredible workout, just different from what I’m used to. You WILL come back stronger than before when your body has enough time to heal, whether it be two days, two weeks, or two months. The minute you stop waiting for it to be healthy and truly listen is when it starts to recover. Hang in there!!

  12. I completely agree that it is important to listen to your body. I just have trouble figuring out what it is saying sometimes. My knee is on the mend, which is great, I hope yours starts getting better soon too! I love trying new classes! My challenge is getting to the classes on time. I wish they would have more 7pm or 8pm classes.. who can make those 3pm classes on a Tuesday!

  13. First, I’m so jealous of your meet up! Glad you three got to hang out, but wish I was there – ha! Second, listening to your body can suck at times – I know that. It’s SO hard! (And I agree whole-heartedly with “I’m human, I love food, and I love sweating”!!!) I also agree with Cassandra when she says that there’s a good chance you come back stronger, and even if you don’t feel stronger right off the bat, think of how this several week break (while it totally sucks now) is SO much better than a more serious injury that could prevent running for several months, or even permanently. You’re doing the right thing, girl!

  14. I’ve realized this year that listening to my body is imperative to keeping myself healthy and sane. If I kept running when my leg was (is) hurt, I’m sure it would be much worse than it is now. I agree that you will most likely come back stronger. It’s funny how things like that work – but it’s not like you’re not training at all, just differently – so it makes sense that you will have more stamina, etc. Keep your head up!

  15. I think listening to your body is so necessary, but it can be oh-so challenging when your mind is saying one thing and your body is protesting. I have trouble taking more than ‘planned’ rest days for that very reason – my head is very intent on bossing my body around sometimes. This week will be frustrating, but I like what Cassandra said; allowing your body the proper time to heal could make you faster and stronger in the long run!

  16. Great post! After some mindless eating and therefore unwanted weight gain, I’m trying to devote myself to intuitive eating this week. I’m definitely guilty of eating when I’m bored and trying to fix that!

    I definitely find it challenging taking rest days! Especially when I’m not feeling fatigued, but I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry. I usually try to run a bunch of errands on these days to take my mind off of the fact that I’m not exercising and still keep myself busy.

    Glad you liked spinning! I’m trying to decide if I can handle the cost–I wish classes weren’t so expensive!

  17. I definitely have trouble listening to my body…especially when I don’t want to. I generally love rest days because they mean I get to do one of my favorite things in the world – lying on the couch – without feeling guilty for it. BUT I hate listening to my body when it’s inconvenient to me. Like running when I shouldn’t because my body needs to heal. Or like not eating a giant piece of chocolate cheesecake because my body needs some veggies and real food. But I’m working on it. And you, my dear, are doing a pretty good job, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes you just have to be, and you have to give yourself permission to make mistakes, just like you mentioned last week.

    I just loved meeting you, and it was the highlight of my weekend!

  18. I’m usually pretty good about listening to my body. I’ve realized that taking more than one rest day a week is much better for me. My workouts are better and I’m able to do a lot more when I’ve taken a couple days off. I do get antsy though, so I make sure to take the dog out for a long walk or something so I don’t feel totally lazy haha.

  19. Listening to your body can be hard for sure. My issue the last few weeks was I couldn’t figure out what I needed/what my body needed. Finally after some rest, changing things up, and trying different things, I got a really good run in this weekend that made me feel like myself again.

    Glad you liked spinning, that is one of my favorite ways to cross train!

    1. I think I will start incorporating spinning as cross training too. Since my class I have been reading about all the awesome benefits for runners.

  20. Hey Amy, love your blog as I love fitness as much as you do!
    I’m currently injured……always wanted to run a marathon(ran 3 halfs- 2 in the UK na done in Australia) and entered the Paris Marathon for next April- with Clarisse if you remember her from Kutshers……4 days after I entered I can not run my usual 7 miles and had to stop after 1…..4 weeks later and I’m still struggling- IT Band…similar to yours! it’s more my head I’m struggling with now not my injury……this is a real testing time!!! Looking forward to your updates :)
    From the BEST counsellor EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Not listening to my body and skipping rest days was how I ended up on crutches for 2 months last year. Not fun. So, I definitely listen more now, but old habits sure do die hard…

  22. Thanks for the reminder- I think everyone needs to be checked in every once in a while…. unfortunately I’ve been checked in a little more than I would like but hey, it happens. Keep rocking :)

  23. Great post, Amy and I can relate- actually an hour ago I left the gym early because my legs when I was doing leg curls was feeling painful- something that hasn’t occurred in a while. Although I still had 2 sets to go and another exercise, I thought back to some of your recent posts, coupled with the set backs others like Davida has faced- put things into perspective!

    I’ve never taken a spin class so…thoughts? Worth giving a go?

    1. Good for you Arman — not easy to do but necessary! It was a really great workout, got my heart-rate up and used leg muscles that I was not used to using. Running and spinning seem to be very different movements. I am going to incorporate spinning classes more into my daily workouts once my knee is healed too.

  24. Okay, so I might repeat myself from what I just wrote in my e-mail but it bears repeating: you’re doing a great job taking a break from running and other kinds of exercise that won’t do your knee well. Especially since it is mentally hard and you’re still keeping up with it. And by trying new classes you’re taking the best ever you can from this running break.
    My body was a little undecided in what it wanted to tell me today. But in the end I think we found a pretty good compromise on all ends.
    In regards to the P.S. in your mail: yes!!!!

  25. My body is definitely telling me to take it easy. I have been struggling with a minor achilles problem and it’s killing me to not be able to run as much as I would like lately but I know it’s for the best. I think the hardest part for me is not getting the same endorphins you get from running in other workouts! Spinning is sooo hard, but in a good way!

  26. Listening to your body is so important. It really does know best. Whenever I ignore those hunger feelings… or “too full” feelings, I regret it. Same goes for when I’m dozing off during the day (like now). That means I need sleep! Haha. And I’m trying to listen…

    That’s great that you liked the spinning class! I tried riding my stationary bike at home but just got so bored… I probably would like a class a lot more! :D

  27. Listening to your body is so important. Your legs are what carries you on a daily basis, your arms are there to help you pick even the lightest thing up.Sure it can be hard at times to decipher exactly what it’s trying to say, but one thing I’ve learned about our bodies is that it’ll never let you fail. Injuries will happen, it’s part of life. I know it’s been hard on you not being able to run (do I ever since I’ve been sidelined since October last yr), but the high you get isn’t going anywhere. Soon enough your body will be healed, and you’ll feel stronger than ever. Stay positive girl & keep listening to all the signals your body gives <3

  28. I love this post! I just got over an injury too and haven’t been able to run or exercise (other than walking) for a month! It’s driving me crazy and has been very hard to listen to my body. It is really important though and I’m glad I’m not the only one out there. Thanks for your post.

  29. Love this, Amy! I especially love what you said about focusing on what you CAN do. I have to remind myself every time I am injured )or even when I’m not) how lucky I am just to be able to wake up and move this body of mine every day. I am glad you are liking spinning, I’ve only taken a few classes but it has kicked my butt every time!

  30. Thanks for the shout out girlie, I’m glad it made you feel better about everything!

    I have SUCH a hard time with rest days. I feel guilty over them although I know they are what my body needs!! I’m trying to be more in tune with my body but it’s hard.

  31. You’re right, it’s so hard sometimes to listen to our bodies! And now I’m slowing down this week with my ankle, too. If only our bodies would go, go, go and never have to stop, huh? :) Glad you went to spin- it’s an awesome way to cross train!

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