Breakfast [WIAW 18]

Hi friends! Happy What I Ate Wednesday… breakfast edition.

It’s no secret that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I’ve only mentioned it about a billion times, posted a thousand pancake recipes and have it for dinner like always. My numbers may be a little off but you get the idea.

I could easily eat oatmeal, banana and peanut butter for breakfast I wish I was kidding.

Oat banana pb1

Lately, I have been challenging myself to change up my favorite meal. I saw Jan doing this so I was inspired. Routines are an important part of life but as I have learned, too much of even a good thing isn’t so good. So I have been trying “new-to-me” breakfasts, putting together different flavors and discovering.

I pushed myself outside of my food comfort zone shall we say. And you know what? It was pretty easy… with the exception of bananas often sneaking their way into breaky because some things are just too good to change.

None of these breakfasts are crazy by any stretch of the imagination — I am sure you have eaten one or two of them before. So today is a little reminder (for me and for you) that it certainly does our mind and body good to switch things up every once in awhile.

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N’oatmeal: Flaxseed meal “oatmeal” with hazelnut butter, dried fruit mix (cranberries, raisins, cherries, blueberries, goji berries and pumpkin seeds) and cinnamon. All I did was added boiling water to about 1/3 cup of flaxseed meal — super filling!

Flaxseed oats

Squash happy: Butternut squash, banana, pumpkin seed butter, pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries. I borrowed this idea from Tina since I had lots of leftover squash.

Squash breakfast

Breakfast pizza: I tweaked Michelle’s 

 slightly — I used PB2 because I don’t have peanut flour and hemp milk instead of almond milk. Topped it all off with peanut butter, raspberry jam 
 and far-too-expensive-not-in-season raspberries. Delicious and a whopping 20g of protein!

Peanut protein pancake2

A yogurt-less parfait: Brown rice cereal, frozen raspberries, banana and hazelnut butter “parfait”. Not too shabby.


Quinoa for breakfast: Quinoa flakes, Anita’s breakfast boost mix (chia seeds, hemp hearts, currants, dried cranberries) and banana. This could be my new favorite breakfast…

Quinoa flakes

The classic with a twist: Oatmeal, cocoa powder, cinnamon, PB and banana. Why haven’t I done this before?! Awesome.

Choc banana pb oats

Thanks for hosting us Jenn :)

Now excuse me as I go devour some banana PB oats… I kid, I kid.


Questions of the day…

Do you ever need to push yourself outside of your “food comfort zone”?

How do you change up your meals? 

What’s your favorite breakfast? 


64 thoughts on “Breakfast [WIAW 18]

  1. These are some very creative and healthy alternatives to oats! The breakfast pizza! drool!
    If not for my daughter I would eat oats, PB&Chocolate cookies and salad (not together) ALL the time – but she forces me to push myself outside my food comfort zone and put a variety of food on the table!
    My all time fav breakfast has gotta be chocolate oats with peanut butter :)
    So I am totally digging your PB/Cocoa/cinnamon and banana combo! Eat on lady!

  2. You’ve given me so many ideas ;) I love the flaxseed porridge idea that one is genius. Ever since I have tried ground flaxseed meal in things I have loved it and also found it so filling as well. Glad I could inspire you to mix up your breakfasts a bit too. I’m trying to push my comfort zone now with new dinner ideas too. I’ve been putting together a Pinterest board of you know meals I’m actually going to cook :)

    1. I am definitely super repetitive with lunches and dinners. I’m kinda okay with that right now because there are different ways to make a salad or prepare chicken but oatmeal can get a bit tedious. YOU have given me so many ideas too!

  3. This is such a great WIAW theme! For me, it’s way too easy to get into a breakfast rut because I’m often rushed in the morning. But, from time to time I try to switch things up. That breakfast pizza looks delicious, and I always forget about how delicious cocoa in oats are.

  4. Breakfast is hands down my favourite meal of the day too. And I’m like you – it almost always involves banana! I try out a LOT of new recipes for lunches and dinners, but when it comes to breakfast, I tend to stick to what I love: oatmeal or yogurt, cereal, and fruit.

  5. I am soooo bad about not switching up breakfast. It’s just nice not to think about it, but the result is I eat egg whites every.single.morning. I’m not an oatmeal fan (gasp!), but I may have to try n’oatmeal! The yogurt-less parfait and breakfast pizza also both look amaaaazing. I’m hungry now even though I ate already :)

  6. Part of me doesn’t think you’re kidding… :)

    I can’t seem to do oats for breakfast anymore! It’s always eggs for me, or the occasional protein pancake. Weird, right? Doesn’t seem to do the trick for filling me up! My breakfast variety is definitely not a big as yours!

    1. I giggled reading your comment but I can confidently tell you that I had quinoa flakes with banana and hazelnut butter and jam hehe how I miss eggs! Your veggie scrambles always look delish

  7. I love that you are changing up your breakfasts! I want to do this more, but I need more ideas, and I love all that you shared! I am actually eating your zeggs recipe as I am typing this. :) Have a great Wednesday! :)

  8. I’ve been trying to add a little bit more variety to my eats as well, and while I somehow always end up coming back to my beloved oatmeal with AB and honey, I’ve been switching out oatmeal for things like quinoa and buckwheat with pretty good results. And now excuse me while I go devour oatmeal with AB and honey… and I’m not even kidding :P

  9. Oh all of your breakfasts look so good! I need to try some of these, I’m sure looking forward to making real breakfasts again next week after my challenge is up. Although today my mouth is horribly sore from the dentists and i’m excited to get all my nutrition from a shake and not have to eat anything.

  10. Yum, yum, yum! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, your meals always look SO amazing! I feel like you’re so creative with everything. I definitely agree…oatmeal, banana and PB is definitely a winning combination! Lately, my favorite breakfast is pancakes, but I tend to make them on the weekends because I don’t have the time during the week.

    1. You are so sweet Holly. I hear ya on the pancakes but I actually have started to make a big batch at night after dinner and just reheat them. They lasted two mornings for me :)

  11. Mmm I love adding cocoa powder or carob to breakfast! I have been meaning to try that breakfast pizza. It looks so fun to eat!

  12. Meg’s breakfast challenge is so interesting to me because I usually just picture about 10 or so things that you can have for breakfast. But a 30 day challenge is definitely hard I’m sure.

    I love the creativity behind all of these delicious breakfasts! The flaxseed “oatmeal” is probably my favorite of the bunch :)

    I made a similar parfait when I was just starting my blog with allergies. I called it CIAJ. Cereal In a Jar for the brown rice puff cereal. Haha. Looks great.

  13. Just looking at your pictures makes me think I should appreciate breakfast a little more. You might have inspired me to try some of these ideas.
    As you know: yes, I definitely need to push myself out of my food comfort zone on the regular. It’s easier at lunch but about time I start working on breakfast more again, too.
    Oh and never mind bananas still sneaking their way into your new breakfasts – they’re too good to pass up.

  14. I’m usually pretty good with variety in my lunches and dinners, but I tend to fail on that when it comes to breakfasts – I have a couple go-to’s that I make over and over again. I like the idea of using flaxseed as ‘oatmeal’ – I never thought of that before! Might have to give that one a shot…

  15. Awesome job mixing up your breakfasts! They all look delicious. I actually need some new ideas because during the week, I eat the same thing every morning. I’ve had quinoa flakes in my pantry forever so I am going to give that one a try. If they’re not expired yet…;)

    1. I seriously love quinoa flakes now! At first they were weird and sticky but I find that adding a bit less water and thickening them with banana (or apple or pear) makes them great

  16. I am an oatmeal + banana addict. Once I started adding banana to melt into my oats (which I first learned to do on Kath’s blog) I haven’t looked back. If I don’t have a banana, I literally will refuse to make my oatmeal because it just isn’t as good and I hate sub-par breakfasts. It sets the tone for my day!

    1. Could not agree more. I do not everrrr have oatmeal without at least some fruit in it. Banana is the best but apple and pear is pretty delish too.

  17. I FRIGGIN USED TO love breakfast. I would always make winter squash protein pancakes with eggs. But unfortunately I can no longer eat eggs, so I am sad and I have stopped having breakfast (well also because breakfast hurts my effed up stomach). That being said, you make me want to swim in a pile of delicious pancakes!

  18. Oooh the breakfast with the squash looks yummy. I usually eat a protein pancake for breakfast every morning, but sometimes I get pretty daring and eat a yogurt parfait or oatmeal, haha. However, there isn’t a breakfast that goes by that doesnt include a big spoonful of almond or peanut butter :)

  19. There is no question that I could eat my yogurt, fruit, and cereal not only for every breakfast, but for every meal of every day. I wanted to challenge myself to do that once, but I feel guilty about missing out on vegetables.

    The true test, though – did you really like the breakfasts? I try to switch it up, but it’s never as good! Like Nutty for Life said, it’s not worth it to go through the effort of trying something different if it’s disappointing. I admire your ability to take the risk though (okay, so it’s not a huge risk, but it’s still a step)!

    To be honest though, that last picture – the bowl of cinnamon oatmeal with peanut butter – looks wonderful. Maybe if my breakfasts looked and tasted this good, I’d be less afraid to experiment!

    1. I really did like them all! The yogurt-less parfait was not as filling but tasty… so I’ve had it as a bedtime snack too. I have learned that variety is so important when it comes to food.

    1. I’m sorry :( can you not have gluten free oats? I really like the pumpkin seed butter… it isn’t as sweet as other nut butters but has double the protein. 10g per 2 tbsp!

  20. I’m like you, oatmeal is my usual go to breakfast. I have it with coconut oil, chia seeds, berries and agave nectar but after this post I’ll have to try changing things up and start with the quinoa tomorrow. Yum!

  21. So great to come across another Toronto-based blogger! Thanks for the reminder to mix up my breakfast routine. WIth the changing weather, my body is starting to crave something different from my standard Vega smoothie.

  22. Oh yum!! All of your breakfasts look delicious, balanced and healthy!! I love to have oatmeal in the morning as it gets cooler! Also, I love to have it mixed w. a bit of raw honey, sunflower butter and chopped apple/ banana!! YUM :)

  23. Great post! I love the idea of doing a breakfast with squash. The fruit pizza looked amazing too. I always eat the same things over and over and even though I love them it’s driving me crazy.

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