Post-Half Thoughts

I have clearly been running and thinking about running a lot. Like more than anything else. Like I don’t even have a meal plan or workout schedule this week… who am I?!

Running my first half-marathon this weekend was a truly incredible experience. I am still soaking it all in — and my sore body is a constant reminder. I have learned so many things about training, racing and myself.

But now that I am not training for a race (yet…) I am excited to have a bit more flexibility to hang with friends, drink some alcohol, tackle WODs and get my downward dog on. Oh don’t get me wrong. I most definitely will run… just me + running in the winter = cranky-pants. Working on that.

Today I leave you with some final post-half-runners-brain thoughts.


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1. Run at 5am. It’s cold and dark, what’s not to love? But seriously, you feel awesome running while the city is still asleep.

2. Wear hot pink running gear. It’s pretty.

3. Eat lots of banana and peanut butter. Delicious and nutritious.

4. Listen to One Direction and Britney Spears. It’s a new thing: dance-running. “Baby you light up my world like nobody else…” (Arman I’m singing to you)

5. Buy awesome shoes. They make you feel cool and fast okay cool.

6. Get a massage after every race. It’s totally worth it.

7. Don’t get pedicures. It’s just not worth it. Runners feet are inevitable. Gross.

8. Take baths. Well take a shower first, then take a bath because sitting in your own dirt is gross. But then take a bath. They feel awesome.

9. Eat a lot of food. Food is good. And your body needs it. Carbs! Protein! Mmmmm.

10. Don’t do drugs. You don’t need to if you run. Take that Afroman.

11. Ice. It’s freakin’ freezing but better than broken knees.

12. I don’t really have a 12th thought but leaving it at 11 looked weird. Odd numbers are, well, odd.


Happy Tuesday friends!




Questions of the day…

What are some of your running thoughts?



51 thoughts on “Post-Half Thoughts

  1. Hehe love all these Random thoughts! I ran to Britney’s ‘Work Bitch’ and loved it!! Not sure I can do One Direction but I love all of my other pop songs that is the truth!!

    I seriously need a pedicure but yes I’m with you I’d rather the massage, there is no beautician that can make my feet pretty any time soon! (Unless you know they can super glue a big toenail on…yep I went there!).

    Reading your post I am seriously so so looking forward to doing my first run post race – is that weird? I will hopefully get to run this weekend. The physio said 2 weeks off and then I can run!

  2. I think getting up and getting the workout out of the way it’s definitely the best way to go . But the time I get out of work, I don’t want to go workout ugh lol Also #5 it so true!

    -Elise @

  3. Two more reasons to love you. Number 1: Odd numbers make me seriously uncomfortable. It’s a problem. I may or may not have some mild OCD. Thanks for making it 12 :) Number 2: I am the queen of dance-running!! I basically only listen to dance-y music in life and I will bust a move any time any where, including/especially while running. John finds this bizarre and slightly embarrassing. He thinks I should channel the extra energy into running, I say dancing is always worth the energy!

  4. Your’e right about pedicures, unfortunately! I love getting them but they never last when I am training for a race. Plus, they always look at my toes like I am a freak and tell me to stop running so much. No thanks.

  5. Love your thoughts on running! I can’t wait to start up again. I’m looking forward to getting out there and losing my thoughts in the run. It’ll definitely be a much needed stress reliever!

  6. Ha, love this. You’ll be happy to know I practice all of those except for the banana one. I fuel with fat instead (works better). Sugar will make you throw up/shit your pants, so stay far, far away from sports drinks, GUs, gels, etc. That’s my main running thought! :D TMI?

  7. Banana and PB… best prerunning fuel ever! I totally agree with you that having new running shoes just makes you feel faster and way more cool. ;) I definitely get my baths, but the ice baths, I just cannot do. Another running thought…. beware, you will have chaffing in places that you never thought could chafe. I don’t mean that in a gross way…. after 18 miles on Sunday, the collar on my (normal) dryfit running shirt left my neck a mess. ;)

  8. My favorite part is the “I’m not training for any races (yet…)”!!!! I know you’ll get the itch to sign up very soon … I give you only a week before you start googling to find your next race ;). I agree with ALL your tips, and do them all the time, except for taking a bath. Love it when I do it, just don’t do it enough! Congrats again!!

    1. I’ve already started looking up more races… haha and I took a bath last night but so I would actually sit in it I put my computer on the toilet seat and watched Harry Potter!

  9. Congrats on your race, girl! I like this list, but I find it funny that you think odd numbers look weird after running 13.1 miles!

    Totally agree on the pedicures. I literally cannot get one to last more than about 2 days, and even then it’s not pretty for those 2 days.

    I also vote to combine numbers 2 and 5 – I love hot pink awesome running shoes even more than I love hot pink clothes.

    Isn’t the pace-race glow fantastic? I feel like after the first half marathon, it lasts like 2 weeks.

    1. Your comment made me giggle! You are tooo right about the 13.1. I guess that will be another exception to my odd number “rule.” Two weeks?! Okay I’ll take it! hehe

  10. Lol this is so random I love it! Don’t do drugs… Amen sister! Can we just share this blog post with the EDM crowds? ;-) YAY TO DRINKING THOUGH!! I’m all about a glass (or eight) of wine.. hehe jk. Bad health blogger over here <——!!

  11. This is hilarious. My feet are ugly enough, I can’t imagine what running a half would do to them! Losing a toenail sounds so awful.

    Enjoy living a more relaxed lifestyle! You can still run, just do short ones like me! ;)

    1. Hoping to go for a short run this weekend :) thankfully all my toenails are in place but the state of them…. well let’s not even go there

  12. great post and congrats again on your first 1/2 girly! So awesome and proud of you! Ekkkk : )

    Since I live in Florida, the humidity is unbearable to run in for me.. I love running and I have always said I should just run in the mornings really early, but I’m actually scared to run while the world is supposed to be asleep. I get really freaked out!

  13. Haha last week all my co-workers and I worked out and later one of them said he took a bath right after and all of us were horrified! Who sits in their own sweaty mess? I totally agree with banana/PB and a great playlist!

  14. Haha! I love your “Don’t Do Drugs.” Reminds me of DARE in 5th grade! Unfortunately sad that some people really do need that advice! My advice would be to go get fitted for a good running shoe. I made the mistake of having shoes that were too small for my first half and lost a toenail! That and pedicures :-)

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