I May Start To Cluck… [WIAW 16]

Hi friends! You know what time it is.

I kinda missed the memo that Jenn‘s theme this month is “spooky snacks” & “healthy Halloween treats.” Fitting of course. Unfortunately my snacks aren’t spooky (I don’t think…) and I’ve yet to create any healthy Halloween treats… forgive me?!

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Nonetheless, here are a some of my recent eats.

I’ve been having my fair share of oatmeal and overnight oats. My favorite bowl was regular oatmeal cooked with a whole zucchini, cinnamon and topped with golden raisins. Kinda like zeggs.

Zucchini oatmeal

Some non-oat breakfasts…

Cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with peanut butter and sliced banana… yes there is toast under all that nanner.

Banana toast

Chickpea flour pancake with hazelnut butter and pear… ugh I am still not totally happy with this recipe either. Working on it friends!

Chickpea pear pancake2

For lunches this week I packed spaghetti squash with tomato sauce, lentils and broccoli. Yummy! 

 Picture taken pre-tupperware.

 Lentil lunch

Dinners have been chicken, chicken and yup, more chicken.

A quick grilled chicken salad with spinach, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and carrots.

Big salad

Thanks to dad’s pro-star chicken skills, oven roasted chicken with broccoli, peppers and cherry tomatoes.

Chicken dinner

I planned to bake chicken and veggies on Monday but that takes awhile and I was starving aka hangry after work. So I used up some leftover grilled chicken, put together a salad (spinach, peppers and hemp hearts) and steamed a sweet potato… then proceeded to cover it with copious amounts of cinnamon. Winner, winner, ANOTHER chicken dinner!

Chicken sp salad

Okay… kindaaaa getting repetitive… but A+ for protein and veggies!

I changed things up (a bit) last night with baked salmon

, roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potato… I kinda burnt the veggies oops.

Salmon dinner

I finally found Health Warrior chia bars… pretty good but the seeds obviously got stuck in my teeth.

Chia bar

So I’ve been mostly sticking to my favorite bar… the Simply Bar in maple pecan.

Simply bar

I have also been going to town on banana chips… straight from the bag, with PB, dipped in Wax Orchards chocolate sauce… it’s been a satisfying post-dinner snack.

Banana chips

And obviously lots of fruit… apples, pears, bananas. Best fruit snack lately: canary melon and pineapple bowl (tupperware)

Melon and pineapple

So am I going to turn into a chicken?

I hope not because I have seriously felt great since changing up my eats based on my tummy troubles and food sensitivity test. I do think it is too early to tell — I’m aiming for two solid months in order to asses. I miss chocolate chips a lot… anyone know of chocolate that is dairy AND sugar free?!

Questions of the day…

Do you ever find yourself eating the same/similar things? 

What have you been snacking on lately? 


57 thoughts on “I May Start To Cluck… [WIAW 16]

  1. You’re dinners may look the same, but I personally love eating an assortment of color at meals! To answer your questions: I do find myself eating similar snacks throughout the day – note to self: must work on it*

  2. I love the idea to add lentils to spaghetti squash! All your meals look delicious. I think that chicken is a great versatile, all-purpose protein, so I tend to go in phases where I have it repeatedly, even though I do try to mix it up!

  3. Awwr a life without chocolate would be hard indeed… BUT, I’m pretty sure there are quite a few vegan chocolates out there, that don’t have any added sugar if you go with the super dark variety. You’ll find something :) Just like with all the other substitutions you’ve had to make. And I wouldn’t worry about the chicken… that’s my dinner protein source of choice as well, and so far so good — I’m not sprouting any beaks or feathers.

    1. Hahah! Good to know your beak and feather less. I was worried….
      I am definitely going to start experimenting with some chocolate creations — thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Chocolate that is sugar and dairy free… Well, you could always buy some 100% dark chocolate. That stuff is good. I make a homemade chocolate bar with carob powder and coconut oil. But I think coconut was one of the foods that you were sensitive to, right? I think if you wanted something sweet you could probably melt down some chocolate and add stevia drops or something.

    Pancakes are looking great. You will get it soon I’m sure! :D

  5. I am eating the same things again and again and again. Then my cravings change and I eat the same things again and again and again. At the moment I eat everything with apple pie topping. And I have a lifebar at least every other day if not every day :-)

  6. Wow you’ve had a lot of good eats! Where did you find the Health Warrior bars? I’m curious and want to try one. And don’t worry about eating too much chicken—I eat chicken multiple times a week and it really is a great source of protein.

  7. Ooh your meals look so good! I love banana chips too, they’re such a great snack! I keep little baggies of them in my pantry to grab for snacks at work. I’m also snacking on honeycrisp apples lately.

  8. Spaghetti squash is so awesome! You can create so many meals with it!

    No sure of any sugar free chocolate… I did however make a Paleochocolate with cocoa powder, unsweetened almond butter and honey. You blend and than put in the freezer. Can you have honey? If not you could try the recipe without the honey? I also added dried cranberry, but of course you can add whatever extra you want or just make it plain! http://www.pinkaholicfitness.com/p/yum-yum-recipes.html?recipe_id=6053866

    1. Yes I can totally have honey (it’s my favorite!) I can’t have almond butter or coconut though so I may have to do some tweaking. Thanks for the link lovely

  9. Roasted Brussels sprout are on my list of things to try. Megan at the Lyon’s Share changed my life when she taught me that it is BRUSSELS SPROUT and not brussel sprouts. Who knew? You’d think they would have taught that in school. I always wondered why the little red squiggly line appeared under the word “brussel.” Because, you know, I write that word all the time…

  10. I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to what I eat. I swear I’ve been eating the same turkey sandwich since 2nd grade! haha I really need to start mixing it up more…and find those simply bars!

    1. You can order the Simply Bars online if you want to :) they have “sample packs” so you’re not committing to a billion bars that you might hate

  11. I would check out Whole Foods or a health food store for the chocolate. Chocosol in Toronto makes amazing raw chocolate and I am pretty sure it is vegan! Really high quality and so delicious. I also use carob! Not quite the same but can sometimes satisfy my chocolate cravings :)

  12. You’re doing great!! Your meals look so balanced and clean, and I’m really hoping it pays off for you. Does it have to be totally free of sugar? I did a month without dairy/ gluten and used to eat chocolate bars by “Enjoy Life,” but they do have sugar. I tried to research a little and found this recipe (which I have never tried) … maybe you could make it with a different oil besides coconut? http://wholenewmom.com/recipes/desserts/homemade-chocolate-or-carob-chips/

  13. I definitely go through phases where i eat the same things frequently- salad phases, chicken phases, salmon phases, pasta phases… all of it. But there are so many different ways to prep things that even if I eat same ingredients there are always different ways to make it tasty!

  14. I eat so much chicken. Every day I’m like… oh another chicken dinner. Wait. I’m totally okay with that. I love cooking with chicken because it is so, so versatile. Honestly, though, I usually love chicken most when I just have it with some seasoning and dipped in ketchup with veg on the side!

  15. I know there’s some vegan chocolate out there, so I’m sure that you can find some sugar-free options as well. And I eat a ton of chicken around here too – it’s just so versatile and healthy, that it’s always one of my go-to’s. Usually I bake it with seasoning and serve it with roasted sweet potato, ketchup, and a green veggie or salad. Gets the job done!

  16. I love how bright and vibrant the veggies look in your picture, it’s making me very hungry and lunch is still an hour away. I always get into cycles with food, like I had a bread slide/banana/nut butter breakfast for two months straight and now I haven’t bought a jar (gasp) in a few weeks. However, it’s so easy i the morning when you’re in a rush…

  17. So you mean you’re going to be Little Honey Bee anymore but Little Honey Chick ;)?
    If we skipped the chicken I’d take all of your meals though the most appealing is the spaghetti squash dish in anyway :). You made me curious to give it another try – just like with the figs – and it’s so good. Thanks for the constant inspiration!
    Banana chips are my cryptonite whenever I have a bag around. Once I start I can’t stop anymore. Trying to defend myself with health in mind: I must clearly need all that potassium ;).

  18. Try with cocoa powder, stevia and silken tofu blended together. It’s obviously not solid but mousse-like, but it might help with your cravings ;)

  19. You got some good variety going, buddy! I try and change up the way I eat chicken to not make it redundant. I get mum to mince it and I pre make meatballs or patties with it, or slow cook a huge batch of thighs/breasts and then shred it. Are you a fan of seafood like prawns or calamari? Good protein choices!

    Lately I’ve been snacking on deli meat. So random but I got a big pack and been going through it.

    1. Love prawns! I actually have that on my list to make. Thinking a stir fry or something. I actually just convinced my mom to buy a crockpot today (shocker that we don’t have one) so I am going to use it to make shredded chicken to add to chillis, soups or stews. Thanks for the ideas!

  20. I can’t remember the brand name but there is definitely chocolate here in Australia you can buy that is both dairy and sugar free, google it I’m sure there will be some you can have. Even sugar free dark chocolate may do the trick.

    I still need to try your Zeggs especially on the current breakfast challenge I’m doing. The more breakfast ideas I get the better :)

    Sorry to be the one to tell you but yes, yes you are going to turn into a chicken ;) hehe

    1. Hahaha Jan you actually just made me LOL. Well just call me Chicken Amy! Going to look into this chocolate… or it also gives me yet another reason to get to Australia. I hope you try the Zeggs… I love this breakfast challenge. I am trying to be as versatile as possible with my breakfasts. I just saw your post about adding PB2 to oats… love it!

  21. I need to get some lentils in my life! Also, as you probably already know, everything I eat seems to be repetitive! I rely on you and my other blends to help me mix it up by givings me delicious recipes :)

  22. I often get my chocolate fix by mixing cocoa powder into whatever I can get my hands on. I’ve mixed it into PB, yogurt, oatmeal, used almond milk and a sweetener to make a little cocoa fudge spread, mashed a banana with it and spread it on stuff…it’s not the same as a hard chocolate chip if that’s what you’re really craving, but maybe it’d help?

    Anyway, I totally get the chicken-all-the-time thing, too. As much as I love cooking with chicken, it’s basically all I can make for my family. It’s good and there’s a lot you can do with it…but sometimes I feel absolutely ridiculous posting ANOTHER chicken recipe on the blog.

    1. I can’t have yogurt or almond milk but I actually have a little experiment planned for cocoa powder this weekend. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I rarely post chicken recipes because I literally make it the same way every time: grilled haha

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