Weekly Meal & Workout Plan: Oct 6-12

Hi friends! How is your weekend so far? In exactly two weeks, I will be running my half-marathon. Wow!

18 kilometers (11 miles) is on the agenda today, followed by food prep, dinner with [this lovely lady], the Amazing Race and the Kardashians. Sounds like a pretty good day to me :)

And here’s what’s up for this week…

Weekly plan



  • Smoothies, oatmeal, quinoa cereal – breakfast
  • Spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, broccoli and lentils
    – lunch
  • Baked salmon
    with brussel sprouts and sweet potato – dinner
  • Chicken, sweet potato and peppers [no recipe yet] – dinner
  • Pancakes – dinner – no week is complete without it…



Sunday: Run: 18km

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: Crossfit

Wednesday: Short run in am and basketball game in pm

Thursday: OFF

Friday: Run: 10km

Saturday: Yoga


I hear there’s a certain little bee making an appearance down under today… you should check it out

Happy Sunday friends! Have a great day.


Questions of the day… 

What are you food-prepping today?

How are your workouts coming along? 


23 thoughts on “Weekly Meal & Workout Plan: Oct 6-12

  1. Two weeks? Eek! You’re going to kill it :) Congrats on the spotlight!! I’m not sure how I missed the fact that you are also obsessed with Harry Potter, but I’m just going to chalk it up to another sign that we were clearly destined to be blends <3

    1. Thanks Meg! I got it done (on the treadmill!) it was raining far too much today. The treadmill was hard mentally but really helped with my pacing.

  2. Cannot go wrong with breakfast for dinner! I’ve already made my meal plan for this week, but I may have to sneak it into next week’s ;-)
    Workouts are going really well right now – still loving all the different gym classes! Took a TRX class this morning, which was awesome ;-D Hope that your run went well this morning and you survived the treadmill!

  3. I did some intense food prep today: curry, brownies (hopefully they turn out well for a Halloween inspired recipe!) and hummus!

    1. It was a bit of a struggle but I got it done… on the treadmill! Crazy rain in T.O. today. Classes should definitely help with switching things up so you don’t feel bored. Unfortunately Gabby caught a cold this weekend (the rain is messing with all of us) so we will have to reschedule. Hope you had an awesome weekend!

    1. One more hour until my favorite fam! haha okay but can I just say that all this Lamar stuff is super sad and same with Kris and Bruce. Oh my it’s bad how much I care.

  4. Instagram told me you killed the 18k, although not in ideal situations- still something to be proud of!

    I prepped some different proteins this week- sausages, ground beef muffins and some potatoes. Regarding workouts- I think I’ll be taking a easy week and decrease the weights- my body is so sore! Enjoy your Sunday for me ;)

  5. I love the idea of baked spaghetti squash with lentils, sauce & some cheese. You are 100% right that no week is complete without some brinner!! Joshua isn’t a huge fan of brinner.. crazy right?!!

    Only 2 more wks to go? Eh! You are going to rock the 1/2 when the time comes.

  6. Good luck on your half marathon in a couple weeks! Maybe you will inspire me to start running again, and actually make use of my Garmin ;) How is the Kardashians going this season? I haven’t been watching it at all, but I think I need to start again so I can witness Kim attempting to be a mother and see the behind-the-scenes of all this Khloe & Lamar drama. OK, I got a little off topic ;) Good luck with your training this week!

  7. Well done on the 18km!! Can’t wait to hear how you do in the half, you are going to kill it I just know it :)

    No workouts for me this week, last run was yesterday and only 10km, now I’ve got to sit on my hands all week and count down to the race, I will be dying to run by Sunday I think!

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