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Happy Friday friends! Oh finally.

My half marathon is in 16 days… so soon! I ended up doing my 10km (6.2 miles) run last night rather than this morning. I checked the weather forecast and I didn’t want to chance running in the dark and the rain… because that’s just not fun at 5am on a Friday morning. Yay for adjusting the plan :)

Overall, training has been going really well… here’s hoping I’m not jinxing myself. Other than two long rainy runs and some weird stomach pain I have been feeling great. At the beginning of my training, I struggled finding the right gear for my runs. Anyone else hate running belts?! I literally felt like I had a tire around my waist. Of course every runner has their own preferences, but after a bit of trial and error I have all my gear under control for my half.

Here’s what I have been using:

1. Garmin Forerunner 10: A solid running watch. It tracks time, distance, splits and calories. I am happy I bought this watch but I have had a little trouble with it. Example: it sometimes takes this little guy 10+ minutes to “find my location” for me to even begin my run. Annoying. [I have yet to email Garmin but they told me Tweeted at me to do so] I also sometimes forget to charge it… oops… so it died mid-run over the weekend.


2. Mizuno Wave Riders: I absolutely love these shoes — worth every single penny. They are light, pretty and oh so comfortable. I was running in the Nike Pegasus (in the above picture) before but I am totally a Mizuno convert. Hey Mizuno, hear that?! Feel free to send me shoes and clothes :)


3. Reflective Snap Bands: I have actually been running in the dark. I didn’t know if I would stay consistent with this but I have! It was kind of creepy at first but I am now really comfortable with my route and it’s super relaxing. I wear two of these reflective snap bands (one on my arm, one on my leg) for my dark-morning-runs praying cars will see me. But let’s be real. There are like 0.5 cars out at 5am…


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4. Arm Water Bottle: So clearly the tire-belt was not happening. I tried out this arm water bottle and was instantly sold. It does not affect my stride and it provides just enough water without weighing me down. It’s only holds about seven ounces so if you are a guzzler then know where you can fill it up. This works for me because I guzzle when I get back home.

Water bottle

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5. Spi Belt: Not only is it pink but it is super handy. It’s basically a cute fanny pack. I carry my key, iPhone (for my tunes) and Kleenex… yes my nose is very drippy on chilly mornings… in the belt. I strap it right under sports-bra level and it does the trick. I may or may not have worn this as a “purse” to the grocery store…


[Image source]

I arguably look like a gladiator going out to battle with all this stuff all over me. But I don’t even notice it all anymore; isn’t that the objective?!

Now the one thing I did not mention that I know many distance runners might scold me about is fuel. I have yet to experiment with gels, food, bars etc. and yes I know my half is about two weeks away. But if it aint broke don’t fix it right? I have not felt hungry, I’ve felt tired but not “I’m going to fall over from muscle fatigue” and I really just can’t imagine eating while running.

But… since this weekend I will be running my farthest distance everrrr I am going to stash a few dates in my belt just in case.

Hope you guys have a fabulous day and fun weekend… don’t forget to cross your fingers that Sunday is rain-free for my long one :)

Questions of the day…

What gear do you run with? 

Thoughts on fuel for half-marathons? 

What’s up for this weekend?!


34 thoughts on “Running Essentials

  1. Baha gladiator, love it. I am definitely stealing some of these ideas from you, like spi belt, how did I not know that existed? I agree when I can get my butt out to run in the dark, I kind of like it. I used to run in the dark when I was more into running a few years ago, and it always felt amazing. I think it’s how peaceful and quiet the world is combined with knowing you’re up being awesome while most people are still sleeping. Have a fabulous weekend love :)

  2. I so need that belt! My nose is always running when I run.. haha see what I did there? But seriously, I always stash Kleenex in my pocket and it just looks and feels bulky. I’ve having the same problems with my Garmin. I once waited 20 minutes for it to find my location. SO annoying when you just want to go.

  3. I love those sneakers! I’ve been hearing really good stuff about them and obviously you’ve had great success with them too. Definitely will be looking into those. The arm water bottle is a great idea!

  4. 16 days is so soon! You are going to rock it! I typically carry a few energy gel packets with me to fuel during a half. I usually have half of one around mile 5 then the other half around mile 9. I also fill my water bottle with Smart water to keep my electrolytes up. Tissues are a must as my nose is like a faucet as well!

  5. I agree with Cori’s comment. It’s amazing that you’ve done all of this so fast! I hate when my GPS watch won’t load up either. I don’t have a Garmin (I know, that means I’m neither a real runner nor a real blogger), but it’s still just as annoying.

  6. I’ve never tried the arm water bottle- great idea! I swear by hammer gels for fuel- the only one that doesn’t upset my stomach. I think one gel for a half is usually sufficient, and usually I don’t take anything so I think you’re totally fine with how you’ve been going. Good luck on the long run!

  7. The one thing I was missing during my half marathon was a good way to carry fuel. I am not much of a water drinker during runs (which is bad, I know), but I do need the Gu chomps or shot bloks for longer ones. During my first half I pinned a plastic baggie inside my shorts with the fuel inside the bag, but it was so chilly that my hands were freezing up and I have to basically bear-claw the bites out of the shorts and try to make it into my mouth. It was pretty funny to see, I imagine.

  8. You definitely leave the house prepared! I’ve never taken fuel with me on a run (or water…oops) but my runs were usually around the 3-5 mile mark, so it was fine for me. I have the garmin 305 and I had the same issue…sometimes it would load instantly, and others it would take like 10 minutes!

  9. I really should try out that arm bottle– I havent found anything I like to carry yet! I have the Garmin10 too and always forget to charge it. I don’t take a lot of fuel during half marathon except about 3 Clif Bloks around mile 8. I know some people take a lot more and some less, so find out what works for you!

  10. ohh haven’t seen the arm water bottle, I may need to try that since I can’t do the belt. Hmm for fueling, hoping you’ve been practicing some because you don’t want to find out on race day that gels make you sick. I say this having done it myself :)

  11. I never used any gels while I was half marathon training, either! I drank the Gatorade that was provided during the race, just to be sure I didn’t pass out. But I trained up to 12 miles and never even felt like I needed food. You’re right — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Why overcomplicate things? lol

  12. I have a Nathan handheld for my water — I’m too scared to run without water and die somewhere! It has a nice big pocket for my phone & inhaler, so I don’t have to worry about anything.

    I’ve run (okay, run/walk/jogged) three halfs in the past year, and I’ve never used fuel… and I’m so (I’m talking I finished in over 3 hours) so I really should have. I do carry a mcds salt packet and a nuun tablet though, because I do drink often, and because it takes me so long I don’t want to drain myself of electrolytes, but if you don’t drink a lot, and you’re not super duper slow, it may not be necessary.

  13. Yours will be not long after mine so we can compare notes!!

    So glad you love your garmin as much as me, but yes nothing worse than forgetting to charge it. For half marathon fueling I’m using Dextro energy mixed with water, it is the easiest and best thing I’ve found that doesn’t repeat on me during a run.

    I always run with my iPod, wear Skins, my Brooks Shoes and my garmin. Now sometimes my fuel belt for longer runs and tissues to wipe my watering eyes or nose that I tend to get more often than not during a run :)

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