Weekly Meal & Workout Plan: Sept 29-Oct 5

It’s already Sunday?! Weekends always go by so quickly. And I can’t believe I typed OCTOBER (okay, “Oct”) for the title of this post. Wasn’t it just September? Time is clearly flying.

I hope you are having a good weekend so far… just popping in with some food and fitness for the week.

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After my long run yesterday, I did some food prep but still have a bit more to do today.

Roasted veggies

Here’s what’s up for this week.

Weekly plan



  • Oatmeal, smoothies, overnight oats – breakfast
  • Black bean and roasted vegetable (peppers, zucchni, sweet potato) salad – lunch
  • Cinnamon vanilla roasted chickpeas
    – snacking
  • Tuna salad
    with sweet potato – dinner
  • Quinoa edamame salad – dinner
  • Breakfast for dinner – obvs



Sunday: Recovery run & stretch

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: Run or Insanity

Wednesday: Crossfit in am and basketball game in pm

Thursday: OFF

Friday: Run: 10km

Saturday: OFF or Yoga


Lots of easy, nutritious salads this week. Sometimes simple is best :)

I’m off to run and stretch (if you’re reading this in the am). Hope you have a great day!


Questions of the day… 

How is your weekend so far?

What are your favorite salad toppings? Dressing? 

22 thoughts on “Weekly Meal & Workout Plan: Sept 29-Oct 5

  1. My weekend has been good, obviously, since I got to meet you! :D

    I love weeks with lots of good ol’ salads. My favourite toppings are roasted sweet potato or squash, toasted almonds, roasted beets, and any kind of cheese! I also love dried fruit on my salads too. As for dressings, sweet balsamic or tahini based dressings are my favourites.

  2. I love using nutritional yeast dressing made with apple cider vinegar, Dijon, water and some stevia.

    Sounds like a great week of meals and workouts. I’ve done not much all weekend since I’ve been sick but hoping to be back in the gym tomorrow! :)

  3. I think it’s pretty safe to say that I had an awesome weekend, beginning with Friday night! ;-) And favourite salad toppings: berries, goat cheese, roasted sweet potato…it’s pretty safe to say that I like some sort of sweet toppings to my salads. Favourite dressings are balsamic vinaigrettes and ranch-based…I think I need to make a ranch dressing with greek yogurt soon.

  4. I seriously can’t believe it’s almost October either, so crazy! I like putting avocado and sliced almonds on salads. Balsamic dressing is my favorite, but I also like whisking lemon juice and olive oil together. Enjoy your run!

  5. Looks like you’ve got a good start on an awesome pan of roasted veggies there! My absolute favorite salad is from a local Italian deli — it has grilled chicken, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, sliced provolone, blue cheese, and an Italian vinaigrette dressing.

  6. That picture of the veggies is so pretty! I am a little too Type A and always have to have my veggies separated on the roasting pan – ha! My favorite salad topping is avocado and warm leftover roasted veggies … I like when the warmth of the veggies makes the lettuce (or usually spinach in my case) wilt just a bit!

  7. I love your upcoming workout plan- so much variety in there! I’m keen to hear how the second cross fit experience goes!

    Breakfast for dinner- it should be common place!

    Lately I’ve been obsessed with this simple salad dressing of peanut butter, liquid aminos, sriracha and milk to thin out…sounds random but so good!

  8. It’s funny how something as simple as roasted veggies can look so delicious. And breakfast for dinner, obvs- so funny. I wish I could have breakfast for dinner but Brandon refuses to mix meals.

    My favorite salad dressing is Newman’s Own Olive Oil & Vinegar. We never get tired of it!

  9. Yummmm! Looking delicious yet nutritious as always ;-) I’ve been thinking about prepping a huge salad in the beginning of the week and keeping it in the fridge (down side: takes up so much room in a large bowl)… But I’ve been craving lettuce SO bad lately! Lol how weird is that?

  10. October already? Craziness! I’m salad obsessed. I chop chop chop on Sun to have a salad bar-ish set up for the week. All my favorite salad ingredients ready to throw together for a quick meal.

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