Crossfit and Bean & Sweet Potato Stew {gluten free & vegan}

Happy Thursday friends! So before I get to the recipe, I must tell you about Crossfit.

On Tuesday, I talked about how I am adding more strength training to my workout routine. One of my goals this summer was to get stronger. I worked with a trainer for about a month but once I started taking running (and my finances) seriously I stopped. Well so did my muscles. While the exercise ball and my other at-home workouts are great, I wanted to do more. Enter: Crossfit.

Crossfit is a series of constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity that results in a community when these workouts are done together.

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Lucky me, a Crossfit gym recently opened up by my office. So on Tuesday morning (even though it was not on my workout schedule… points for being more flexible?!) I went to my first Crossfit class.

And it was love at first WOD. (WOD=workout of the day)

We learned some of the fundamentals: like the basics of “snatching”. (I still don’t really know what this is… working on it.) After that, we completed the WOD: in 18 minutes we were to bang out as many rounds as possible of… 5 burpees, 15 Crossfit sit-ups, 10 ball slams and a 400m run. I completed 5.75 rounds — didn’t finish the 6th 400m run in time but I did run it and I was really proud of myself. The environment was awesome: competitive workout yet friendly people, high intensity training yet relaxed atmosphere. Totally smitten.

It is certainly not inexpensive but it is cheaper than a trainer, more fun than a gym, super fun in general andddd I got the early-bird membership special, which was within my budget. Score! I’m still a newbie but I will tell you more about it soon.


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If you’re a regular reader (thank you!), you know I’ve been training for my first half-marathon, which is in 24 days! Am I crazy for taking on something new now? Possibly. But not really. I believe strength training is very beneficial for running and Crossfit is a total strength and conditioning workout.

But I also don’t want to shock my body considering the race is quite soon. So I’ll ease into Crossfit, likely going once a week on-top of my half training. I love taking on new fitness challenges (ie: running) so I’m excited to see what this has in store!

Okay enough of that.

Bean & SP Stew3

I don’t really know how to “introduce” this recipe and since I’ve blabbed a lot already I’ll keep it brief: I had a bunch of things in my fridge/pantry/freezer so I threw it all into a pot and called it a stew. I’m okay with that because it turned out to be heavenly. Beans, sweet potato, tomato, celery, peas, carrots and a bit of a spicy kick… my kind of comfort food.

Bean & SP Stew2

Bean & Sweet Potato Stew

Ingredients (Makes 4-6 servings)

  • 1 large sweet potato, cubed
  • 3 stalks of celery, chopped
  • 1/2 a medium onion, diced
  • 1 can (800ml) tomatoes
  • 1 can (400ml) kidney beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 can (400ml) navy beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 cup frozen peas and carrots, defrosted
  • 2 tsp olive oil, divided
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 1/2 tsp basil
  • 1/2 tsp oregano
  • 1/4 tsp chilli powder
  • 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper


1. In a large pot over medium-high heat, sautee onion and celery with 1 tsp of olive oil and 1 tsp of garlic until onion begins to brown.

2. Add sweet potato and the other tsp of olive oil and sautee for a few minutes.

3. Add tomatoes, lower heat and stir.

4. Add basil, oregano, chilli powder and cayenne pepper.

5. Cover and simmer on low for 20 minutes.

6. Add peas, carrots, kidney beans and navy beans to the pot.

7. Stir to combine and cover and simmer for 5 minutes to allow flavors to incorporate.

8. Enjoy!

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! Mine will be spent foam rolling… is it acceptable to bring to the office? Crossfit + 7km + basketball game + Insanity = so much DOMS.

Questions of the day…

Have you tried Crossfit before?! Are you interested in trying it?

What are your thoughts about Crossfit? I recently read [this] article that has stirred up some controversy and I got a little freaked out. But [this] article by Ericka totally grounded me — just be responsible and listen to your body.

Are you excited for new TV seasons to be starting up? I am! Last night, Modern Family and Nashville started (don’t tell because I have them taped!) and Big Bang Theory starts tonight!


38 thoughts on “Crossfit and Bean & Sweet Potato Stew {gluten free & vegan}

  1. So pumped that your half marathon is coming up!! You definitely will do a great job, I’m sure of it!!

    I have done crossfit before, and I learned a lot more about weight lifting when I was training at my box. That being said, it isn’t for me anymore.
    I think that we all get caught up in the more exercise (and more intense) the better. And while crossfit workouts aren’t long, they are intense, so make sure you eat and rest properly when training, as I didn’t find it easy to balance it along with school.
    Don’t be surprised also if you gain a few pounds (mostly of muscle). I actually thought I would feel really strong, energized, and empowered if I was able to carry a more muscle dense physique, and that was actually not true. It was really hard for me to keep that muscle on my body, especially since I love running so much; in the end I felt really weighed down. Also, I’ve never craved so much chicken before in my life when I was doing crossfit hahah!

    All in all, I’m glad I did Crossfit, but it didn’t really align with my goals in regards to health and fitness, but I certainly learned a lot and it was nice to mix things up for a while!!!

    Good luck!

  2. What! That is right around the corner from where I live! I didn’t even know it opened. I’ve never done crossfit before, it kind of intimidates me haha. Looks really intense. And I’m super excited for Revenge and Hart of Dixie to start – two of my guilty pleasure tv shows.

  3. I’m looking forward to How I Met Your Mother which they are screening here the same time as the US!

    After my first half which is practically the same time as yours I may look at trying cross fit too as it does seem fun and I have loved circuit workouts in the past

  4. So cool that you’re trying Crossfit! There’s a box near me that offers a free trial class, but I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. On my to-do list though – I hear a lot of positives and negatives about it, so I figure I need to try it so I can form my own opinion on it. Annnd I just looked through a list of new/returning shows this fall and picked out the ones that I wanted to watch ;-)

  5. That’s awesome you are trying crossfit! I’ll be excited to hear your thoughts and opinions on it. I would love to try it someday!

    I am so excited Modern Family is back on! I’ve also been watching the Mindy Project and How I Met Your Mother! And Nashville.

  6. It’s great that you’re getting Crossfit at a discount! My workout budget is basically nonexistent, and since I like buying new running clothes more than I like paying more than I already do for the gym, I don’t see Crossfit in my future.

    I am also really excited that shows are coming back! I can’t believe summer is over. I will be parked in front of the TV for Parenthood tonight!

  7. Great work trying something new! I don’t think it will affect your half marathon training, just make sure not to have a crossfit workout the day before any long runs or hard runs! That and maybe don’t do too much crossfit the week before the race! :)

    Definitely excited for fall premiers– I watched Nashville last night ( I will stop there so I don’t spill anything), but I am most excited for Greys and scandal!

  8. The stew looks amazing, and simple, which I love! Excited to hear if you become a Crossfit “devotee” … I have tried it once and really enjoyed it, but it just doesn’t seem practical for me right now, given that I’m out of town during the week, and on weekends I generally have a long run, so I could probably only go once a week, if that. I don’t think you’re crazy for doing it while half training – strength is very important as you say! – just don’t Crossfit the day before your race :).

  9. I’m totally indifferent about crossfit to be honest! On one hand I’m really curious and I think I would like the aspect of competitive yet friendly groupmates, but on the other hand I think it might just be overkill (not to mention the price!). Intense workouts are great, but not allllll the time you know what I mean? I’m curious to hear how it goes on top of your half-marathon training! I’ve been hearing all about that crossfit controversy and really think that that can happen in any exercise that is too intense for you and overkill but as long as you are in tune with your body and giving it what it needs you should be fine. Most of us healthy-conscious bloggers are really in tune with our bodies so we know we too much is too much. I think if anyone can do it, it’s you!

  10. That’s awesome you tried CrossFit! I’ve been really wanting to try it too. I actually got a free 10 pass class from a professor I volunteered for last year (her fiance owns a CrossFit gym), but I never used it because I always get so freaked out about trying new fitness classes, especially by myself. And now I don’t even live in that city anymore! I’m kind of kicking myself for not just taking advantage of it. BUT I know there’s a CrossFit box in Burlington and they do free intro classes 2x a month, so I AM going to try one of those soon!

  11. so glad that crossfit went well- I’m all about variety and have really wanted to give it a go- fortunately I think more and more are popping up here!

    That stew screams comfort and even though its getting into Summer, the weather is anything but so pinning it. Urgh, I really hate that word.

  12. My roomie and her bf do Crossfit and they have been for over a year now. I would try it, but it’s just too expensive. And, the box near me is actually one of the least expensive, according to my roommate. Oh well! She is running the same half I’m running, and she isn’t taking Crossfit at all next week so she won’t be overly sore. Just a recommendation! Of course, you do you. :)

  13. Light strength training has actually HELPED myrunning. Turns out a little bit of muscle made running a lot easier on my body. Who knew? ha.

    Watched Nashville but need to get caught up on Modern Family and Big Bang Theory! I’m also a bit of a sucker for fairytales and can’t wait for Once Upon a TIme this Sunday…***girlie moment alert*** Captain Hook = major hotness

  14. I’ve been wanting to try Crossfit for the longest time but it is just SO expensive where I live. Like $200 a month! But it looks like an amazing workout and I think it will definitely help you with your 1/2. As long as you don’t overdo it the week before, of course.

    This recipe is right up my alley, I love everything about it!

  15. Be prepared to feel hungry all the time. When I decided to take my strength training up a notch I literally wanted to eat every second. Not to worry, it’ll even out and it’s not like you have to eat a TON more if you are making healthy choices already. Just listen to your body; it will tell you what it needs and how MUCH it needs. Good luck!

  16. “I had a lot of random leftovers in my fridge so I threw them all into a pot and called it a meal” is an apt description of, well, my life, pretty much. Sooo…this stew gets 2 thumbs up from me!

    I’m also super intrigued by crossfit but have a hard time paying money to stay in shape (aside from some workout dvds here and there) and am a little bit intimidated, like I’d totally be the girl to burst into tears in the middle of the class. Which would be enormously humiliating.

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