Weekly Meal & Workout Plan: September 22-28

Hi friends! Happy first day of fall/autumn! The weather is certainly cooler up in these parts… I can’t wait for the leaves to start changing colors but my morning runs are a wee bit chilly.

I food prepped yesterday after my rainy run so I’m ready to take on the week.

Sept 21 Prep

Here’s my plan… and I will be relaxed about it! Thank you for all of your comments on Friday’s post.


Weekly plan



  • Oatmeal, pancakes, overnight oats – breakfast
  • Tomato lentil soup
     – lunch
  • Sweet potato bites
     – snacking
  • Cinnamon cocoa almonds – snacking – recipe tomorrow!
  • Baked salmon
    and roasted kabocha (oh yes I found you!) – dinner
  • Bean and sweet potato stew – dinner –  recipe this week!



Sunday: Recovery run: 5km and stability ball workout — I’m incorporating more strength exercises into my training — I will get this workout posted asap too.  

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: Run: 10km

Wednesday: Insanity in am and basketball game in pm

Thursday: OFF

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Run: 16km


Have a great Sunday!



Questions of the day…

How do you incorporate strength training into your workout routine? I am not a member at a gym so I have been utilizing the minimal equipment I have at home but mostly using my body weight.

What did you do yesterday? 


17 thoughts on “Weekly Meal & Workout Plan: September 22-28

    1. It was rainy but I got it done and no cramps :) I’m sorry to hear about your long run — but good for listening to your body. Definitely a good idea not to push it if you are not feeling 100%

  1. I try to get 2 strength training sessions in a week – I have a gym in my building so I generally use the free weights there. I have however worked out at home before and you can get a great workout in with your bodyweight! I love Amanda Russell and Christie Preston (Beauty and the Bod) as workout resources.

  2. I have free weights at home, but mostly I do short 10-20 minute, body-weight-only, interval-style workouts in my hotel room or home. It’s a great workout, and I always pin them so I have them available when I can sneak in an additional few minutes. I really believe that overall strength makes you a better runner, too!

  3. Yay kabocha!! I’m regretting only buying one, considering that I roasted it yesterday and it’s about half gone…oops. When I used to do strength workouts at home, I just created workouts around a little bit of equipment – a bosu ball, one of those elastic-things (technical term) and some light weights. Also…lots of pushups and squats, lol.

  4. Glad you found kabocha, I was looking for it this week, too! I am not a member of a gym right now either, but have several strength dvds and can get in a great strength workout with body weight, resistance bands and dumbbells.

  5. I am so pumped for your cinnamon cocoa almond recipe- I loved the blue diamond ones I smuggled from the States and have never been able to recreate them! You got some amazing variety there and so glad you found kabocha ;)

    I love strength training and generally do it 5 times a week. Cardio on the other hand….

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