When The Plan Doesn’t Go According To Plan

Hi friends! Happy Friday! So what’s your plan for the weekend? (hehe had to…)

I.LOVE.TO.PLAN. Yup, I’m a planner. From my weekly meal and workout plans that I share with all of you, to social outings, to outfits, to fitness goals, to trips, to blog posts, to… well you get the idea.

And I’m old fashioned about it.


Yup. Pen, paper and highlighter (obvs color-coded).

Well this new chapter of my life — the life of a post-grad — has certainly been a bit of an adjustment. I have not had much of a plan for my “future.” (ooo big scary word!) But I’m okay with that. I’m 22. Do I know exactly where I’m going? Nope. Maybe I’ll go back to school, maybe I’ll become a personal trainer, maybe I’ll travel Australia (I know two people rooting for this one), maybe I’ll grow at my current job, maybe I’ll find a new one, maybe I’ll move to London and go to Hogwarts. Who knows?!

But… being a person who likes plans and likes sticking to plans to achieve goals (hello half-marathon!) I still need some structure. Thus, my meal and workout plans keep me sane. But what happens when that plan gets derailed?


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Okay not maybe a little. Well my workouts did not go according to plan this week.

I was not up for running on Monday — I still had pain in my left abdominal area from my run on Sunday; I spontaneously (yay!) joined a basketball league this week and now have games on Wednesday evenings; and in general, I listened to my body and adjusted my plan accordingly.

My week ended up looking like this:

Sunday: Run: 14km – CHECK

Monday: Recovery run: 5km and stretch Half of an Insanity DVD and stretch

Tuesday: Yoga – CHECK

Wednesday: Insanity 5km run & half of sprint & ab workout in am and basketball game in pm

Thursday: Run: 8km 7km

Friday: OFF – CHECK

Saturday: Run: 16km … that’s the plan 

While it was not exactly the plan, I still think I had a solid week of workouts. I ran, stretched, balled, strengthened and rested. And I am feeling good that I will be able to bang out my 16km tomorrow morning.


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This was a good experience to have. I learned that it is not the end of the world if things don’t go exactly how I wrote them to go in my little agenda. It’s important to give myself wiggle room because planning is different than obsessing.

But let’s be real: I’m not all of a sudden going to change into Ms. Spontaneous Amy. That’s just not me. I have certainly taken steps towards a more spontaneous direction — I used to plan what I was having for dinner each night but that was making me feel overly planned. So my goal is to be more relaxed about my plans; workout plans and beyond. Sometimes things change and we need to change with them.

Have a fabulous weekend!


ps. Becky, the genius that she is, made yesterday’s easy peasy apple crisp and topped it with PEANUT BUTTER. Oh my gosh how didn’t I think of this?! Apples and PB are almost as amazing and bananas and PB. You continue to amaze me with your PB ways…

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 7.13.08 PM

[Image source via @beckyklap on Instagram]


Questions of the day… 

Fellow planners: Ever get too caught up in “the plan”? How do you ground yourself?

You spontaneous folk: Teach me your ways! 

How do you determine your workout schedule? 

56 thoughts on “When The Plan Doesn’t Go According To Plan

  1. I’m the same way about planning haha! It’s a tough balance to strike. I used to be much more of a workout planner, but sharing the weight room with the football team at school has sort of forced me to be slightly more flexible haha. Have a wonderful weekend Amy!

  2. I will be keeping an eye out for tips from the spontaneous commenters. I hate deterring from my plans!

    I have to admit though that sometimes I feel a little happier when I can just go with the flow and not have to follow something so rigid… :)

  3. Your agenda is so organized – you make me feel like a slacker haha. I plan out my meals (or at least, I’m trying to get back into it), but I’ve never really been one to plan my workouts. I like to leave it up to what I’m feeling like doing that day.

  4. It’s funny because a year ok I could have totally written this post but getting injured changed everything for me! Don’t get me wrong I’m still a crazy planner but when you don’t know if your body will physically be capable of handling the exercise you start to be okay with cancelling your plans. I think it’s an important motivator to plan things for people who are lacking that fire under their ass but for planners like us it’s sometimes useful to just let go of the reigns a little bit…or else panic ensues (and curt is staring at me like I have 3 eyes because I’m freaking out over changing my morning workout to an evening workout!)

  5. I used to be ridiculous with having to stick to a plan, but I think I’ve gotten a lot better at just going with the flow over time. What did it was being forced to alter my plans and see that nothing bad happened as a result. I mean sure, there were definitely some freak outs when it happened, but over time I actually found spontaneity to be really enjoyable. I wouldn’t say that I completely go with the flow right now, since I like to have a general idea of what I’ll be doing, but when things do interfere with my plans, I don’t have as big of a problem dealing with it. You just gotta remember that no matter what happens, everything turns out okay in the end :)

  6. I’m such a planner too and I try not to let it totally ruin me anymore. I spent far too long worrying about the littlest things going astray when in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter!

  7. Becoming a Personal trainer and traveling Australia are on my planner LOL. In the future of course. I try to right my stuff down, which I do, buttttt I can’t say I follow it all the time. I just have to go with the flow. But I do like it when I get to follow my plans out.

  8. I’m definitely a planner too; iCal is my best friend! I have a tendency to freak out a bit when things don’t go to plan, but I’m getting much better! I try to remind myself that it’s not the end of the world, and that tomorrow is a new day! The only thing that still really gets to me in when friends continuously bail or can’t commit to any sort of plan; I can’t be spontaneous all the time!!

  9. Fellow planner over here… guilty as charged :) I’m flexible in my teaching and plans within that BUT in my personal life I’m a more strict planner. Luckily, Ben usually knocks me back down to Earth when I allow myself to get TOO caught up in the plan. I am still working on finding ways to depend on MYSELF to check back in and recognize the importance of being flexible and accepting of plans going differently than I had anticipated them going.

  10. I’m a planner too, but I’ve noticed as I get older that I’ve become a LOT more relaxed about when things don’t go the way I imagined them to. I’ve also become a lot more flexible. I have really specific lists of things I need/want to do, but I don’t get as OCD about when they happen anymore. As long as I’m crossing stuff off every day I’m good!

  11. I’m a planner, too! In most things, I think it makes me more efficient and relaxed, but it crosses the line when I’m trying to plan every hour of the weekends and get frustrated when THAT comes apart. So I’m definitely trying to take it easy there! Your workout week looks pretty amazing and pretty close to the plan, so don’t stress!

  12. Holy wow lady you are organized. I would always get planners at school and then they would end up buried under a pile in my room somewhere ;-) apparently, I just like the sticky note function on my laptop.
    I used to be super organized with everything – meals, workouts, blog posts, social life, daily agenda – I’ve gotten a lot more flexible over the years. Right now I plan dinners but otherwise make up breakfasts and snacks as I go along, and I usually have my blog post topics planned a week in advance, but that’s about it. Right now my workouts are a do-what-I-please, social life happens as it happens, and my daily agenda can change if need be. If I do have a plan and gets messed up I can still feel a little anxious, but I’m getting a lot better with it.

  13. I’m never going to become Spontaneous Amy either, but I’ve definitely made a conscious effort to let go of my plan a little bit. It’s hard, but I like it better this way. Sounds like your week was really active and you got everything done even though it didn’t go according to plan. And I think it’s great that you signed up for a basketball league! What a fun and different way to get some exercise! I wish I could use some of the steps you’ll be getting for bball for my walking challenge. Basketball converts to like over 200 steps per minute!

    1. Woah I didn’t know it’s that many steps! Yeah the league is definitely not the competitive-ness I’m used to but hey it’s fun and the girls are nice!

  14. Im actually really bad about planning except in the long term. I have day planner… never look at it, I kid you not. I do like to have a basic workout plan though, but I just could never get myself in the habit of writing every detail down. Anyway, it still looks like a solid week you had workout wise, and you even learned something from it all! Oh and go to Hogwarts. It’s the obvious choice.

  15. I’m a flexible planner if that makes any sense. Example I make a marathon training schedule at the beginning of a cycle but at the beginning of each week change schedule based on other things I have going on that week- moving things around as needed. This has worked really well for me.

  16. Yes you need to come to Australia :) guessing it is me and Arman you are talking about!

    I plan a lot less than I used to but it depends what it is. Some things require meticulous planning and other things I’ve learnt and am still learning to just relax a bit more on and let it happen.

    Good luck with the 16km! I hope you don’t have any issues with a stitch again.

    I have set days for my workouts just so I fit it all in and so I’m not doing say a strength leg workout the day before my long run (usually the day after leg day I can barely walk let alone run!)

  17. If you met me a year ago this would have been me in a nutshell – but I was worse! Haha I was pretty focused on following my workouts and meal plans to a ‘tee’. It got to the point where: a) I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and b) It didn’t make things very fun anymore! Now I write down my meal ideas at the beginning of the week (purely for the sake of knowing what to buy at the grocery store) and a list of workouts I’d like to accomplish. I don’t assign them specific days, I try to eat/exercise based on what I feel like each day, do my best to ‘check’ everything off, but try not to beat myself up over it if I don’t!

    1. Look at how far you’ve come.. that’s awesome! It makes me feel like I can do it too. I certainly am feeling myself get better but as you mentioned it takes time.

  18. Ahh this post resonates strongly with me- I’m still trying to find that balance of not going crazy when my plan goes out of whack- I don’t generally plan for the whole week, but moreso for the coming few days. When things go out of plan- I don’t deal with it in the best way! Looking forward to seeing what others have to say/how they deal with it. Can’t wait to see how you kill this 16 km..whether it be tomorrow morning or next week or next year. It’ll happen ;)

    1. Life is all about balance isn’t it? We will get better at it for sure! Of course it’s raining here as I’m about to set off on this run… great. Australia <--- PLEASE!!!

  19. I love how organized you are! Makes me want to pull out all my highlighters and get to work ;-) I love the *idea* of being organized but I tend to have 10420124 lists going at once… and that’s not an exaggeration. If you’re looking for someone to travel Australia with, I graduate in December soooooo……………..

  20. Your planner is so adorable! I just go a new one and need to stop procrastinating filing it in…
    Since I am not training for anything specific or running much at the moment, I just typically decide on my workouts when I wake up, and base the time of day I get them done around my schedule. Other than workouts (and meals, I have been slacking with meal planning lately…) I tend to be super structured and scheduled in all other aspects of my life.

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