Recent Eats [WIAW 13]

Hi friends! It’s only Wednesday??? Oh my. Hoping your week is going by a little speedier than mine.

Well you know the new drill… here is a random sampling of some things I have been eating lately…

Michelle’s pea-protein pancakes

 topped with a sliced banana and peanut butter (duh)

Pea protein pancake1

Green smoothie: almond milk, spinach, banana and 1 scoop of Vega protein powder.

Green smoothie

Spaghetti squash with tomato sauce, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and chickpeas — I promise to get this recipe to you soon… it’s just a whole lot of throwing stuff together (aka I don’t have measurements yet)… but easy peasy.

Spaghetti squash with veggies and chickpeas

Roasted vegetables and an egg white scramble with spinach.


Lemon baked tilapia

with steamed green beans and the last of my kabocha… so sad.

Tilapia and veg

Tara’s Italian summer squash bake 

 with veggies.


Ezekiel toast with homemade raspberry jam

egg white and spinach scramble (I really like egg white and spinach scrambles…) cherry tomatoes and peppers


A pumpkin mugcake fail turned into cookie… plus a generous sprinkling of chocolate chips because nothing fails with chocolate… am I right?!

Pumpkin choc chip cookie

Greek yogurt, banana and chocolate chips.

Banana choc and greek yogurt

Lots of fruit.

Fruit salad

And I did get around to making (and eating) Becky’s peanut butter chocolate protein cookies 

 last night. They are delicious… even using my accidental crunchy peanut butter purchase. Annoying… smooth all the way!

PB choc cookies

As always thanks to the wonderful-new-Mommy Jenn for hosting the party!



Questions of the day…

Peanut butter: crunchy or smooth?! 100% smooth. Now what do I do with the rest of the jar?! Crunchy PB suggestions welcome…

What’s the best thing you’ve ate recently? 

75 thoughts on “Recent Eats [WIAW 13]

    1. As per your suggestion, I just picked up some MaraNatha’s PB :) I usually get “Nuts to Your Nut Butter” but I’m always up for trying something new.

  1. Great array of eats my friend! That failed mugcake looks amazing…I’d love to see how the successful one would have looked like ha! Crunchy peanut butter all the way, except for on top of oats or toast- then smooth because it spreads better ;) Spinach is the vital ingredient in any scramble!

    1. I’m thinking that crunchy might actually be good on top of pancakes. I will try that out tomorrow morning (hopefully if I get my slow self dressed quickly enough)

  2. How good did those cookies look? And you got to taste them too I so need to make them.

    Those pea protein pancakes sound good. I had a complete mug cake fail the other night too but mine was not at all salvageable even with chocolate ;)

  3. I’m the same way when it comes to not measuring any of the recipes I make, especially with cooking since it doesn’t need to be as precise as baking… Sometimes I’d love to share something on the blog, but I can’t exactly be like… throw a pinch of this and a pinch of that in there. And you’re right… chocolate (and AB) can turn any fail into a big success.

  4. Those cookies look awesome! I have to confess, I”m ALL about the crunchy peanut butter, so those cookies are right up my ally :)

    Literally, I just made the same green smoothies haha. Love me some Vega protein!

    Have a great day

  5. Oh no! Out of kabocha? That requires a trip to the store ASAP.

    You made so many good recipes this past week! Those protein pancakes from Michelle just sounded so delicious on her blog and the peanut butter/banana topping only made them better I bet :)

    I will have to check out both the cookies and summer squash bake because those sound fantastic too.

    Peanut butter: smooth all the way!

  6. Pumpkin + chocolate = success every time! I went through a “phase” with crunchy (rebellious teen years?), but otherwise I’ve always been smooth. Maybe you could use the it in some of the energy ball recipes floating around, it seems like the crunchiness wouldn’t be too weird there.

  7. Smooth PB! I did make a really good crunchy PB pie one time that was good, but I usually pick smooth. I’ve been craving PB/chocolate lately so I may need to make those cookies. I was literally just writing this morning about how Becky is the PB/chocolate queen, haha.

  8. If you’re reaaaaaally unsure what to do with the crunchy PB, you can always give it to me ;-) For years I preferred smooth, but the last little while I’ve done a complete 180 and started wanted crunchy all the time. So good.
    And I’ve decided that when I’m in Toronto next weekend, i may end up hunting down a kabocha and bringing it home on the bus with me. Because London is apparently void of kabocha, and I really want to try it!

    1. I will totally give it to you next week! As long as you don’t mind it being opened and some eaten haha I should probably go on the hunt with you… and I obviously support bringing it on the bus!

  9. “Nothing fails with chocolate” <- yes, totally right. I did some chocolate experiments today and while they could still use some more tweaking they contain chocolate after all.
    Can I pretend it was you making me buy a huge [think: immense and way too much for a single girl to eat in time] spaghetti squash on a whim last week? It's sitting around now because I feel I'd be eating nothing but spaghetti squash for every meal once I cut it open … Once I do, though, I'll steal your idea. Chickpeas (addicted!), tomato sauce, cauliflower? Add some nutritional yeast and I'm happy.
    As I'm currently trying new recipes and discovering many great ones it's a bit hard to pick a favourite. But I'll go with Davida's cauliflower gratin for its cheesy taste and bringing back childhood memories.
    Regarding the PB: how about homemade peanut butter cups with crunchy for a change? Or the Reese's Cheesecake Brownies Becky shared [how good do they look?!]?

    1. I can always find spaghetti squash uses! But isn’t it so hard to cut when it’s so BIG?! Ooo good idea about the PB cups.. I’m not a huge cheesecake person but I might just have to try Becky’s brownies.

  10. Haha I’m glad the crunchy pb worked for you! I laughed when I saw your tweet. I’m probably really missing out being allergic to pb and all. The pb and chocolate combination seems so delicious, but alas, what can you do? Best thing I’ve eaten recently…well I’m going to have a three cheese grilled cheese sandwich at happy hour tomorrow (yes, I look at the menu days in advance and plan what I’m ordering for dinner) so I’m hoping that will be delicious. Don’t you worry, I’ll keep you posted :)

  11. Looks like I gotta make me some of those cookies, they look delish! But hey so does all of your food. LOVE brussels sprouts, especially roasted.

    I’m definitely on board with the collection of eats rather than just one day. It’s more fun that way.

    Have a happy Wednesday!

  12. All your food looks delicious! Yes – this week does seem to be going by a bit slowly. I have been lovely a roasted carrot and sweet potato dip I made this week.

  13. My sentiment exactly, how can it only be Wednesday?! I’m trying to look at the situation with a silver lining — This week is going by so slow because I’ve been super productive and already done SO much :P

    I want to smash all of that greek yogurt/banana/choco chip heaven into my face!

  14. Ummm I know we just “met” but is it too soon to ask if I can move in so you can cook me all these delicious meals?!? LOL! Seriously though, spaghetti squash is my new fav. I eat it with nearly everything. I always forget to share simple recipes that I throw together randomly because I just assume everyone eats it (um hello, that’s what I blog for… need to get on the ball haha)

    1. Never too soon.. come on over. Warning: I live with my parents #lifeofapostgrad.
      The simple recipes are always the best to share so we both need to get out the measuring spoons!

  15. Smooth PB for the win. Glad you think that way. I am actually dying looking at that cookie with chocolate chips right now… like holy moly. My stomach is growling. Funny thing is I just had yogurt 20 minutes ago so… help. Have a great (fast!!) Wednesday.

  16. Everything looks so delicious, but the yogurt/chocolate chip bowl and chocolate chip cookies are standing out to me…I obviously love me some chocolate… ;-) I really need to start making more recipes I’ve bookmarked! And my mug cakes fails typically turn into cookies (or mush) but taste just as good. Oh, and I am a total smooth nut butter fan also, the only exception is crunchy Nuttzo!

  17. All of your eats look delicious and those cookies look wonderful! I have to check out the recipe! The best thing that I ate recently was my gigantic salad at lunch today. I loaded it with a hard boiled egg, a slice of turkey, avocado, carrots, tomatoes, artichoke hearts and peppers! It was SO good!

  18. I prefer smooth over crunchy but the hub likes crunchy 100% so we buy each every other time! And I always do that with my recipes…the best ones are always those that I didn’t measure and can’t remember what I used! HA!

  19. I think I literally just drooled at every single one of your pictures. I don’t even know which one to comment on! That summer squash bake and the yogurt both caught my eye though. oh and if all else fails, throw some chocolate chips on it ;)

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