Labels Are For Soup Cans

What are you going to eat there? Oh you don’t eat that? Can you eat this? What do you eat?!

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Ever asked similar questions? Kind of annoying right? While I know unintentional, these questions certainly can cause a bit of frustration.

Recently I’ve had a few family get-togethers and Jewish family get-togethers are alwayssss centered around food: bagels, cream cheese, kougels, blintzes, brisket and desserts galore.

Well that’s totally fine because when have you ever gone to a get-together or restaurant that only has one thing to eat? So the odds are more than likely that you will find something to eat, whatever your diet may entail.

We had a lot of people over to our house on Saturday night, to break the day of fasting and atonement known as Yom Kippur. While I do not partake in the fasting, I was still excited to eat because well I like food and I was hungry. There were many things on the buffet table that I took a pass on based on my personal food philosophy and preferences. But I still enjoyed some yummy eats: smoked salmon, hard boiled egg, veggies, zucchini lasagna… and that was only the first trip to the buffet!

Break the fast

Those are the choices I made. Sure when I feel like a bagel or chocolate I don’t deprive myself but I tried to be careful in order to fuel my long run the next morning. [This plan seemed to backfire as I had excruciating stomach cramps during the run]

Anyways, this got me thinking… what is my food philosophy? Is it… paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, raw vegan, pescatarian, omnivore, kosher, organic, sugar-free, “clean”…

Truth be told I think it’s a little bit of everything. A smorgasbord of philosophies!

Am I kinda vegetarian because I eat so many fruits and veggies? Kinda pescatarian because I eat my fair share of seafood? Kind of an omnivore because I eat so much chicken? Sugar-free and “clean” because I avoid most things that come in a package?

Sure I don’t eat meat other than chicken or white bread/pasta/rice or heavily processed foods but that’s what works for me. So what can I label that? The Little Honey Bee diet? I don’t hate it.

I concluded this: I eat what I want to eat. And I think you should too. I aim to make balanced choices that ultimately make me happy.

That doesn’t fit any label I’ve heard of.

My diet doesn't need a label

Just a little food for thought… literally… for your Monday.

I do hope you had a great weekend!



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64 thoughts on “Labels Are For Soup Cans

  1. We must be on the same diet. I like the sound of the little honey bee diet. You could not have put this any better. With so much out there in terms of what is considered ideal- sticking to your guns and listening to your body. Your body is not stupid. If you pay enough attention to it, it dictates its needs and provides you its benefits accordingly. Like your epic 14k you just blitzed. Great job buddy.

    1. Spot on. It’s all about listening to our bodies. I know when I overdo it with fruit I get a fruit tummy ache.. so even the good stuff isn’t always good! Thanks friend :)

  2. I hate putting a label on my diet. I mean, who really cares? lol
    I like eating what I want and not restricting myself from the foods I love (hello Pizza!!!!)
    So I totally get what you are saying :)

    Have a great day!

  3. My diet is a little bit of everything too! I’m not quite a vegetarian (but I’m ok going weeks without eating meat). I love seafood, but I love so many other things too! I think life’s too short to confine yourself to one kind of food, even if it makes it easier to explain your eating habits to others. My eating philosophy is to eat what I like, try to be healthy, and to indulge in moderation =)

  4. Love this! I don’t put a label on my diet either. I like vegan foods, but I also like steak. I eat mostly healthy, but not always. I like some gluten-free products, but I also like real bread. I basically just eat what I want to eat because that’s what makes me happiest.

  5. ahh yes!! So happy you posted about this. I always get the ‘oh that looks healthy. You don’t need to be on a diet. Eat a cheeseburger.’ Uhh…not on a diet. I like cheeseburgers but not all the time. Sometimes I want vegetables or a salad. Strange to a lot of people but true. Like you said, I eat what I want to eat.

  6. Yay – I am so glad my diet has a label finally ..and what a sweet name too ” The Honey Bee Diet” !!!

    I don’t like following a fad or a specific diet either – just like to eat my share of veggies, fish and peanut butter and like to practice moderation (on a daily basis) in my consumption of chocolate :)

  7. I of course feel this way – give my blog name! ;) But I go through this a lot – people asking what I do and do not eat, why and why not. Discovering food sensitivities has further complicated this! Haha but when it gets down to it I just eat what makes me feel good now :)

  8. 100% agreed with you lady! I eat in a way that’s going to make myself happy and feel my best, whether that means I need a salad the size of my face or a big slice of chocolate cake (both of which were eaten and adored this last weekend :-D) i don’t think I can’t put a label on my diet, because I eat little bits of everything.

  9. Love it and couldn’t agree more! I hate labelling diets because of the restrictive mindset that comes with it. What if you’re vegetarian and start craving meat? Or vegan and start craving eggs? It probably means that your body needs those foods, but then you listen to your body and start feeling guilty for it because you “broke the rules.” We just need to eat what makes us happy and healthy :)

  10. Yes. Eat what works for you and leave it at that. You don’t need to be calling it a “healthy” diet or a “fitness” diet or a vegetarian/pescatarian/meat-lovers diet – it’s just food so enjoy it when you’re hungry!

  11. The Little Honey Bee diet. Sounds good to me! I don’t like putting labels on my diet either but because I’ve made a personal decision (what I view as a moral one) not to eat meat, I do feel the need to label my diet in that aspect. But I occasionally eat fish or eat gluten-free or paleo and I wouldn’t label myself any of those because I don’t limit myself when it comes to that. I like a variety and I think you should be open to what ever you desire in that moment.

    1. I definitely respect your decision and could possibly see myself going down that very route. With labels certainly come limitations — I love what you said about being open to whatever “you desire in that moment” YES!

  12. Love this! I like so many different parts of different diets that I definitely pick and choose. It’s fun to experiment with different kinds of foods – I never would have known that I liked kale if I hadn’t tried it. At the same time, if I went completely veg, I would be miserable because I LIKE chicken and other meat so much. And I could never eat a completely “clean” diet, because I’d never give up french fries. I guess I’m on the “moderation” diet.

  13. #truth. I don’t label my diet either. Sometimes I eat meatless meals, sometimes I like a good burger, sometimes I prefer not to eat grains, but all of that doesn’t need a label. It’s how I want to eat and I just roll with it each day. On a side note, can I ask what a kougel is?

    1. And keep rollin! Kougel is basically a noodle pudding/casserole: usually made with egg noodles, cottage cheese, sour cream and something crunchy (like corn flakes) on top. It’s delicious but quite heavy!

  14. great post! i say eat what makes you feel good and don’t worry about what to call it, what people will think, and how to communicate your eating choices. your body and mind will thank you.

  15. Couldn’t agree more!!! I used to be a dieter and had every label in the book- the worst of which were “good” and “bad” foods. Now I just eat. And I’m happier that way. Even though those “are you eating healthy?” from my coworkers and hearing about my girlfriends’ new diets drives me a bit crazy. Oh well! To each it’s own!

  16. Love the title! Labels definitely have a restrictive element to them, and I always get sort of annoyed when I hear about the latest label out there. I agree it should be about having what our body wants and needs!

  17. I found a link to this post on Twitter and I just had to comment because I’ve felt this way for so long and am always trying to explain it! I love this post — thank you for writing it! Would you mind if I used that little “My diet doesn’t need a label” graphic you have? I’d happily leave the little watermark url to your site on the bottom of it.

  18. Absolutely- label free is the way to go. I’ve found my diet keeps changing, too… I used to be a vegetarian but found that title too limiting. I now eat a little bit of everything, other than the processed foods (well- in moderation, those too sometimes!)

  19. This post is great! I feel the same way most of the time. I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I eat turkey and chicken occasionally. Because I often don’t eat meat people just assume I’m “vegetarian”. I don’t understand why society feels the need to categorize themselves when it comes to food. Eat healthy, wholesome food that you enjoy and at the end of the day you will be happier without the label. Love this post Amy!

  20. Yes! No more labels. Well, I mean, I’m vegetarian, but that doesn’t describe my whole diet. My life is pretty much a constant stream of “what do you even eat?” questions and it’s exhausting. I eat what works for my body (food intolerance included) and my values, simple as that :)

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