Weekly Meal & Workout Plan: September 15-21

Hi friends! How is your weekend so far?

I didn’t food prep yesterday so I’m going to get to that later today.

On my prep to-do-list:

  • Roast sweet potato, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and zucchini.
  • Peel and slice sweet potato
  • Bake something?! Hopefully!

Not a very exciting meal plan this week — we have lots of leftovers from the dinner we hosted last night to “break the fast” of Yom Kippur — and I never let things go to waste!


Weekly plan



  • Oatmeal and pancakes for breakfast
  • Roasted veggies with an egg white scramble for lunch
  • Italian summer squash bake
     for dinner x2
  • Sweet potato nachos
  • So. Many. Leftovers.



Sunday: Run: 14km

Monday: Recovery run: 5km and stretch

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: Insanity

Thursday: Run: 8km

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Run: 16km — that’s not a joke…


And now I’m off to run FOURTEEN KILOMETERS!!! aka 8.7 miles… wish me luck!

Catch ya tomorrow :)



Questions of the day…

Are you prepping any food today for the week?

Leftovers: yay or nay? 

Do anything fun and exciting yesterday?! 

30 thoughts on “Weekly Meal & Workout Plan: September 15-21

  1. I keep meaning to ask you, how do you like Insanity (I’m sure you’ve posted about this and I’ve missed it)? I’ve thought about training to teach the class, but they suggest you do the program first, and I’ve always been interested but unwilling to pay up until I’m sure it would be worth it.

    1. Actually never posted about it! Hm good idea haha I do like the workouts as a supplement to the other stuff I do.. but in general I am not a fan of the “60 days to a beach body” concept. They are certainly tough!

  2. I’m not a huge leftover fan. I’m trying to be better about eating them to not waste food and money but if it’s been in the fridge for more than a few days I tend to toss it. I’ve gotten much better at making smaller meals so we don’t have a ton of leftovers though. Looks like a great week of workouts planned!

  3. Good luck on the long run!!! Hope it goes well! I’m the same way with not EVER wanting to waste food … it’s kind of a game/ challenge for me to use up whatever I have … sometimes challenging since I travel 4 days per week for work!

    1. I definitely could see how traveling would make that difficult. The run is complete.. BIG cramp in my side halfway through which was not fun! Have a great Sunday

      1. Oh no! Cramps are the worst! What side was it on? I have always heard if it’s right side, you’re dehydrated; if it’s left side, it’s a food issue (something didn’t agree with you, too much food in the stomach, etc.). I have no idea if that’s a myth, though! At least you got through it!

      1. Oh no, I’m assuming you’ve drunk heaps of water and tried stretching where the stitch is? I know when I get a cramp it can be because of lack of salt or magnesium so if you can have something with salt and pick up a magnesium supplement that may help. If its not gone by tomorrow I would rest it and consider seeing the doctor as still there after 8 hrs might mean you strained something, but I’m hoping not!!

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