Changing Things Up [WIAW 12]

Hi friends! Happy What I Ate Wednesday. Before we get to the eats, bear with me for just a moment.

After a lot of thought and consideration, from this Wednesday forward I will not be sharing a whole “day-in-the-life” of my plate. After reading [this moving post] among others, I have concluded that WIAW is a slippery slope: it is a great link-up for getting new food ideas but given the unfortunate prevalence of eating and body image struggles I do not want to feed into this culture in any way.

I don’t want you to think that what I eat is what you should eat. No way Jose. We are all different. We are different heights and weights; we have different activity levels; we have different metabolisms; we have different food preferences and make different food choices. One day of my food is a mere snapshot of my tummy. Sometimes I eat more, sometimes I eat less, sometimes I eat super healthy while other days I don’t.

While WIAW is not about comparison, judgement, restriction or guilt these feelings are sometimes hard to control. So rather than sharing a day of food, I will share a selection of things I have been eating and loving LATELY. 



What I Ate Wednesday Lately

Oatmeal made with David’s Tea “Forever Nuts” topped with walnuts, almonds, cranberries and cinnamon. Can you say fall?

Forever Nuts oatmeal

Greek yogurt, honey, Ezekiel cinnamon raisin cereal and a sliced banana.

Banana yogurt ezekiel

Chocolate flax pancakes

 topped with PB2, banana and strawberries.

Chocolate flax pancakes

Zeggs… check back tomorrow for this amazingness!


Egg white and spinach scramble with a side of roasted vegetables: butternut squash, brussel sprouts and peppers (baked in the oven with balsamic, olive oil, salt and pepper)

Eggs and roasted veggies

Grilled chicken, red pepper and zucchini (thanks Dad!) and steamed broccoli.

Chicken and veggies

Dehydrated beet chips (love!) roasted kabocha squash (love without the skin) and heirloom tomatoes (love like candy).


Trader Joe’s “Tempting” trail mix… the PB chips are a-mazing. American friends: feel free to send my way!

Trail mix

Cantaloupe, honeydew and apple cake — balance.

Melon and apple cake

Well that’s a random sampling! Get any ideas? If you need more then be sure to head over to Jenn’s blog! 

I am kind of obsessed with Instagram and post lots of yummy-ness there sooo [insert shameless self-plug] feel free to follow me :)

P.S. As always on this day, I am thinking about those who were affected by the attacks of 9/11. Never forget.  


Questions of the day…

Do you ever find yourself comparing yourself and your diet to others on WIAW? Or in general?

Have you ever made oatmeal with tea?

64 thoughts on “Changing Things Up [WIAW 12]

  1. I can understand not wanting to share everything but WIAW whole premise is meant to be not about comparison or judgement. Saying that I know that is not easy for some people to put aside when viewing WIAW posts.

    I think there are so many things that could potentially be a trigger for anyone reading healthy living blogs. Like the workouts ppl do and post about as well as what they eat. I would certainly not want to have any of my posts be a trigger but I also think blogs can have such a positive impact and influence as well. It was only through reading others blogs that I first even thought about giving up calorie counting and starting Intuitive Eating. I’m continuing my WIAW posts for now but you’ve definitely given me some food for thought :)

    1. I love the premise of WIAW but I can understand that it might be overwhelming too. Yes, healthy living blogs in general could certainly be triggering. It’s certainly a fine line but I want to keep this space as positive as possible that is within my control.

  2. Yay! A post which correlates with my procrastination time so no 12 hour wait to read this post ;)

    Bravo for your decision- sometimes I really find instagram and some blogs frustrating as they perpetuate unrealistic foods/diet trends! We must be on a similar wavelength- I made zeggs the other day for breakfast! Can’t wait to see the honey bee spin on it!

    I haven’t made oatmeal with tea before, but once I did it with coffee! Wasn’t the worst!

  3. A day of eats or not, everything looks absolutely delicious :) WIAW can be such a slippery slope. Having struggled with an ED, I can say that a lot of people’s WIAWs actually gave me the strength and motivation to eat more and face my fear foods. But on the flip side, for every person that eats well, there are plenty who perpetuate a really unhealthy and unrealistic diet… and those are the kind that you want to avoid. So yeah, as with everything else, there are goods and bads…

  4. I totally agree with you on the WIAW debacle. People DO compare when they don’t always know the whole picture. It can be hard to share that on the blog, too! I usually avoid doing a standard day of meals for this very reason because I know that I used to fall into the very same comparison trap you’re talking about here. I like to highlight a few of the delicious things I’m eating rather than use this day as a food diary open to judgment and criticism and comparison.

  5. I like the idea of WIAW posts because they give me so many meal and snack ideas, but I agree they can definitely fuel comparisons. And for someone who isn’t in a healthy place, that isn’t a good thing. But I guess you could say blogs on the whole can feed into comparisons, not just the WIAW posts.

    All of your meals look so good! Roasted butternut squash and Brussels sprouts are some of my favourite sides to have with my meals in the fall/winter.

    1. You are very right about blogs as whole, but we do what we can right? Definitely going to be having lots of roasted butternut squash and brussels sprouts this season.

  6. That egg scramble meal looks like something I would definitely eat! Trader Joe’s trail mixes are the BEST! I buy them all the time. I have a hard time doing a whole day of food cause I never take pictures of everything I eat. What I post is usually only half of what I’ve had that day.

  7. Ooh yum all of your food looks so good :). I love zeggs! You can put so many toppings and stuff on them as well; they’re delicious!
    I loveeee making oatmeal with tea – it opens up so many extra flavour combos. I made some chai spiced oats the other morning with chai tea – so good!

  8. what i love most about what i ate wednesday is that you can do whatever you want with it..there are no rules, no restrictions, no judgement..i’m sure not everyone abides by these simple rules but just keep having fun with it. omg, i’ll have one of everything please! especially liking the apple bread..yum!!

  9. As always, your WIAW looks absolutely delicious! Never tried oatmeal with tea, but that’s such a good idea! I’d definitely like to try that with Chai or cinnamon apple sometime.

  10. Well your spinach looks like it turned out a LOT better than mine did, haha ;)

    I’ve never thought about what you’re saying with WIAW. I eat a LOT. I try to keep it healthy, but sometimes it isn’t. What I like about sharing a day of meals is that it can be judgement free. Because NO ONE eats healthy all the time, no one makes beautiful, perfect meals all the time. That being said, I hardly ever share a full day of meals because I forget to photograph them. Whoops.

  11. I can definitely understand why you’re choosing not to participate in traditional WIAW – I can see it being a problem for comparisons’ sake. Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers have disordered habits, and when those get presented as normal, that can definitely pose a problem for readers. On the other hand, in my own experience WIAWs helped me realize that even ‘healthy’ people can eat ‘unhealthy’ foods from time to time, so it encouraged me to push my own boundaries.

    And that pancake stack looks heavenly!

  12. This is such a tough one, but I admire the fact that you’re being so cautious about not wanting to contribute to the problem! I have always tried to take WIAW with a grain of salt (knowing that sometimes I have healthier days than others, or days when I eat more than others, or whatever), and I enjoyed reading them, but the WIAL looks great also!

  13. Thanks for the shout out! I love the idea of posting “lately” eats rather than a day. I think I totally need to jump on board! I have been trying to make sure I write in my unpictured eats as well as those I took pictures of. I am guilty of snacking on little thing here and which keep me full and from eating as many pictured foods. I actually thought about just taking a break from WIAW completely but it’s such a positive community it’s hard to step away. Plus I love seeing what other people eat and getting yummy ideas!

  14. Totally agreed on WIAW or food diary-style blogs being a possibly troubling platform for comparison. It’s something I still find myself struggling with. That’s why I immdiately close the tab if a blogger seems to eat far too little [just a personal judgement] and might trigger me. Not wanting for others to judge or compare their meals to mine is actually one of the main reasons I’ve yet to post a full day of eats for WIAW. Reading your post now I might not change that anytime soon. I’d rather not feed the obsession but see the fun part of being inspired by some random delicious meals others had. And you know I got that fig inspiration for you so I’ll keep checking you WIAWs in anyway – whole days of meals or not.

  15. I love this idea for switching it up. I had been worrying a bit about the comparison issue and when I saw Giselle’s post it really hit home. I did a normal WIAW this week while I think about an alternative (I toyed with the idea of a disclaimer-type preface to my posts), but I think sharing things you’ve eaten lately is a truly perfect solution. Readers can still see what kinds of things you eat, get meal/snack ideas, etc. without the accompanying “how much” comparison. Genius :)

  16. I rarely post a complete day of eats for me, because I honestly don’t feel comfortable doing it. (The last thing I need is my mom or friends calling me and telling me to eat more protein! haha) I usually post my favorite meals I made that week. I felt the same way you do about it. After my first couple WIAW posts, I just didn’t want anyone to feel they had to change their eating habits based on what I was doing. Instead, I decided to highlight a few of my favorite foods each week and so far no one has complained! Great strategy Amy!

  17. I can definitely understand your decision to not want to provide a slippery slope of showing others what they “should” eat. I personally love WIAW so much because it actually helped me understand how to eat healthy in an everyday setting. I never took somebody’s meals and ate the exact same thing, but I did learn how to eat balanced meal throughout the day. So I like to do WIAW because a lot of my readers are in the same boat I was when I was just learning the healthy living lifestyle and hope to inspire them and show them it’s possible to eat healthy throughout the day. Have a great rest of your Wednesdayyyy!

  18. Zeggs.. I’m thinking zucchini eggs and, if my intuition is correct, they’re going to be delicious! Can’t wait for that one. I completely understand the WIA lately thing. I like both ways of joining the party, but I’ve noticed a lot more “lately” post in recent months, which is fine. I look to get new ideas, which I should actually put into use more than I do.

  19. There are a few reasons I don’t do WIAW posts. 1. I suck at taking food pics 2.the judgment I would receive would be astronomically high for how I eat. I guess i have just never felt comfortable posting everything that I eat. I like reading the posts for food ideas but it is hard not to compare. All of your food looks so amazing, I am ridiculously intrigued by Zeggs

  20. I’ve actually never posted a WIAW before – I eat the same thing every day mostly, LOL – so……….. It would be BORING for everyone. Who wants to see a picture of me shoving spinach and ketchup in my house??? Ah ha ha ha ah!! ;)

    I DO HOWEVER – want to HOOOVERR your grilled chicken! LOL!

  21. ummmm holy crap everything looks so stinkin good!
    Ive actually never had that kind of squash, but I do love me some roasted butternut squash! I think my goal this season is going to try that kind :):)

  22. I think posting a sampling of the week’s eats is better than just what you ate TODAY, and gives your readers more food ideas. What I ate today? A turkey sandwich and grapes. EXCITINGGGGGG. But those flax pancakes with PB2 look delish.

  23. those pancakes look amazing!! and Girl you cut the skin off your kabocha! shameful I tell you ;-) hahaha your noms look awesome and I like the message you are telling with the WIAW posts. I think its a subconscious thing to compare what you are eating with others BUT I do love this link up partay for the cool recipe ideas! Keep up the good nommin

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