So It’s Not A Long Weekend?

Hi friends! Happy Monday… let’s make it a good one!

I don’t usually do a “weekend recap” because I fear I will bore you all. So consider this a few notable things from the weekend that I hope (fingers crossed!) you might find interesting/helpful/maybe funny/but totally un-boring.

Here we go:

1. Finally found PB2 (powdered peanut butter) at Ambrosia Natural Foods… yay! So apparently you can’t melt it in the microwave… it totally hardens. Fail.

The trick to make melty PB2 for the perfect pancake topping? Add more water! Lesson learned.


2. Conquered 12km (7.4 miles), my longest distance ever… in the pouring rain. (1:00:04)

I did NOT want to go but dragged my tush out the door… what if it’s raining on October 20th?! I can’t just not run the half! So I sucked it up, ran, got soaked, came home, made tea and pancakes. Success.

Rainy run

3. Organized my shelf in our pantry. My wonderful parents allowed me to take over a bigger shelf and I’m a total nerd so this made me super happy. I might never move out now…

…oh my gosh totally kidding! #needamoveoutfund


4. Had a lovely afternoon with Davida at St. Lawrence Market and scored some awesome food: dehydrated beet and green bean chips (seriously amazing), shelled pistachios (no more chipped nails), heirloom tomatoes, nectarines…

Veggie chips

and kabocha squash! Mission accomplished.



I have yet to try this hot-topic squash so after using multiple knives (and Dad’s manpower) I roasted the kabocha with a drizzle of olive oil for 20 minutes at 400 degrees F. Served it with some of my other market finds…


…and voila!

5. Kabocha verdict: LOVE. Well, minus the skin. The skin did not do it for me. The squash is sweet, soft and all around delicious. Should have bought more than one!

Well… did I bore you? Hopefully not! Maybe you’ll try PB2, run in the rain and roast kabocha.

One last thing…

Dad bday

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Daddy! Love you.


Questions of the day…

Do you use PB2? 

Running in the rain… yay or no way?

Have you made/tried kabocha squash?

What did you do this weekend?

63 thoughts on “So It’s Not A Long Weekend?

  1. Yay to running in the rain! I’m the same as you I figure I’ve got to run no matter what the weather on my half marathon so if I can run in the worst conditions hopefully on the day the weather is good and I run at my best but if not I’m used to running in bad weather so it is all good.

    Speedy gonzales on 12km in 1 hour that is great work and very impressive :)

    That market looked great. I haven’t seen Kabocha squash here but I do keep looking as it sounds delicious.

    I’ve never tried PB2 but I am all about my peanut flour which is quite similar I think!

  2. You could write a post about paint drying and it wouldn’t be boring. Well maybe but you’d put some honeybee spin on it :P I used to use PB2 in pancakes/toppings but moved on to peanut flour which I find is the same except without the salt and sugar so I just add my own depending on the taste! Love kabocha too, but savoury ;)

    Hope you have a good start to the week buddy! And ps….not moving out of home for having your own shelf? Is the shelf gold plated or something :p

  3. Congrats on getting the 12k done!! And in the rain, that’s impressive. I’m not a big fan of running in the rain, but the sense of accomplishment always makes it worth it. Looks like you had a such a fun weekend!

  4. I’m super jealous that you guys go to go to the St. Lawrence Market…that place is awesome. Makes me miss living in Toronto!!
    Nice job on doing 12km!!!! distance pr’s are the s***!!! lol

    PB2 is really really good…too good. It is actually my crack. Therefore, if I’m in the house, it can’t be…

    Also, running in the misty/light rain = YAY!
    Running in a torrential downpour and getting splashed by a car driving through a huge puddle = NAYYYYYYYYY

  5. 12 km?! Lookit you, girlie :D You give me hope that running isn’t out of the cards for a nooblet like me. And ohhh it’s never boring to talk about kabocha! I’m seriously ob.sessed with that little Japanese pumpkin. I’ve been working on my orange glow and eating it like a madwoman lately, and I’m just getting started. If you’ve never tried it sprinkled with cinnamon and dunked in AB, you seriously need to… takes things to a whole new level of deliciousness.

  6. I love PB2!! And my roommates are awesome and gave me the biggest cabinet (and the space over the fridge) AND the largest shelf in the fridge!! haha I can’t help it, I always have SO MUCH FOOD!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend. You are a rock star for running more than 7 miles in the rain. I am not a big ‘rain runner’ but you are right, you never know what the rain is going to be like on race day! I have heard great things about Kabocha squash, but yet to try it!

  8. Not boring at all! That’s so funny that you mentioned pb2, because one of the trainers at my gym mentioned it saturday and I have been on the hunt ever since!

  9. Happy birthday, Daddy Honey Bee! Congrats on your 12km, and thanks for translating it into miles for me :)

    Won’t run in the rain. Will never be that hardcore, and I’m okay with it. I’m so sad that the farmer’s market that I used to go to is now done for the fall…where will I get all of my fresh, local, and most importantly CHEAP produce?!? Haha.

  10. Sounds like a fun weekend! You are oh so speedy running! I did my second run of 10 km this weekend and am now going to try and work on my speed.

  11. 12 km in the rain? Woman, you are a badass. If it even remotely looks like I’ll see one raindrop, I’m heading to the gym :-p And jealous that you guys found kabocha! I haven’t seen them around here yet. PB2 is hard to find around here, but when I do I like the chocolate version for adding to smoothies.

  12. You and Davida are like the two red coats from Pretty Little Liars. Obvi I am obsessed with the show… I give you major props for running in the rain. I’ve thought about what would happen if it rains on my half, and with how this training has been going I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. I’m so picky about outside running but I will just have to suck it up if it does rain.

  13. Way to go for getting out there and running in the rain! I was such a weather wuss this past winter when I was running a lot and would almost always end up on the treadmill if it wasnt nice and warm outside. I’m glad you got to try kabocha :) I can’t wait for it to, hopefully, start appearing in the markets around me. This past spring I could only get it when I drove up to Cincinnati to visit my boyfriend.

  14. You guys are the cutest! Super jellie bones of your meet-up! You didn’t bore me at all ;) running in the rain is a no way for me, but if I was training for a run I like to think I would suck it up and get myself out there, good work!

  15. I only had one rainy training run before my big half. I went ahead and ran with the same logic as you, and sure enough, it rained on race day. Ugh! At least I felt prepared though and didn’t freak out like I would have otherwise.

  16. Aw, happy belated Birthday to your dad! That picture of the two of you is so sweet!
    Kudos for braving the rain even on a long distance run – go you :)! Can’t promise it helps but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the loviest day of Fall on October 20th.
    I’m just the tiniest bit jealous of Davida and yours foodie/blogger meet-up. Glad you had a great time!
    And kabocha? There’s just one word for that: amaaaazing.

  17. I love PB2 but over the past several months, I’ve been having the hardest time finding it in the stores. Guess I just have to keep searching! I have yet to try kabocha. Every time I see it roasted up like that, it looks so darn good. I really need to get some!

  18. I don’t think I’ve ever had the skin on kabocha from roasting it. I didn’t discover it until I cut down on squash overall. Do you like butternut squash with the skin still on? I personally think that one tastes the best with skin and the others are just “eh.”

    I commented on Davida’s post too about how awesome it was that the two of you got to catch up together! It sounds like you had so much fun!

    Happy Birthday to your Dad! Great picture :)

  19. I love weekend recaps – they’re never boring :) Can I just say you’re so freakin’ adorable in all of your photos – even the rain drenched one??! Personally, I love running in the rain. It hides my sweat and a cold rain feels awesome at the end of a long run!

  20. I agree- this wasn’t boring at all! I thought it was fun to read.
    Awesome job on your run!! You’re becoming a real runner, getting it done in the rain!

    I love that you and Davida both wore red coats. You two are adorable!

    I like kombucha but would never eat the skin. I leave it whole and roast it and then eat it like a bowl. :)

  21. I recently bought PB2 for the first time and used it in my overnight oats yesterday and mixed it with honey–pretty tasty if I do say so myself. I bought it with the intent of using it in smoothies, so I’m curious to see how it compares to regular peanut butter.

  22. Congrats on your long run! I do use PB2. I like to put it in my yogurt. Running in the rain is ok for only so long :) I’m sort of a wimp. This weekend I moved into my first apartment away from home, so it was quite exciting and the long haul! I need to go out and get a kombucha squash because I made one last year and really liked it, but haven’t been able to get around to it. Lazy, I know.

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