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Hi friends! Happy Friday :) How was your week? I’ve been celebrating Rosh Hashanah with my family — lots of catching up and yummy food. I also had a very sluggish mid-week run (blah) but that’s going to happen sometimes.

As per a suggestion from my dear college friend and team-mate Theresa this post is dedicated to some running tunes. You should see this girl drain 3s on the hardwood!

Theresa's words of wisdom on the court.
Theresa’s words of wisdom on the court.

Theresa was a senior (4th year) when I was a freshman (1st year). She took me under her wing and was part-Mom, part-team-mate, part-wing-girl and full best friend. We made so many memories together and a visit to Burlington, Vermont (her new stomping grounds) is definitely in my near future. Why don’t my friends live closer?!

Oldie but a goodie from our trip to Montreal.
Oldie but a goodie from our trip to Montreal.

Anyways, Theresa has started running and we got to talking about running playlists. I don’t know about you, but I need music while I run. And good music for that matter! A great song really gets me going.

Of course everyone has their music preferences but here are some tunes we have been running to:

Amy's Running Playlist

Okay so I love teenie-bopper music…

Maybe Theresa’s beats are more up your alley:

Theresa's Running playlist

Tomorrow is my long run, 12km, which is my longest distance yet. Pump-up music and positive thinking is a must: I CAN DO IT :)

Hope your Friday goes by quickly so the weekend can finally begin! Have a great one.


P.S. I recently wrote an article for Volleyball Magazine about superfoods. Check it out!

Training: Sprinkle It On

The start of a new school year is a busy time: finalizing a class schedule, buying books, training for the season, maybe moving into a new place. All of these tasks make for a hectic schedule and often smart eating decisions get pushed to the back burner. Fear not. By incorporating a few superfoods into a balanced diet you can keep yourself and your body happy and healthy.


Do you listen to music while you run?

What are some of your favorite running/workout tunes? 

What’s on the agenda this weekend? It’s my Dad’s birthday! Yay!

38 thoughts on “Running Tunes

  1. Thanks for the tune suggestions, girl! I definitely agree that music can make or break a workout. There’s nothing like having that one song come on that instantly makes your feet feel like they have wings. And do you ever find that having a new playlist makes you look forward to your workouts even more? Good times :D

  2. Haha I’m right there with you on the teenie-bopper music. Also, I just checked out your superfoods article and love it! Those are all awesome suggestions about easy ways to incorporate them.

  3. I don’t listen to music when I run, but I tend to be more of a “teeny bopper” type of person too. Call Me Maybe is the best! It stinks when your friends that graduate move away- I struggled with that a lot since most of my best friends at school either transferred or were older than me. If you do keep in contact with them though, it just shows how special your relationship really is!

  4. Hoping to run 9 miles this weekend! Good luck on your long run!
    I used to run with an ipod when I first started running but back in 2011, I stopped and never have since. I’m kinda wanting to again though but don’t have my ipod anymore. Boo
    Happy birthday to your dad!

  5. I don’t really listen to music when I’m running. I did two weekends ago and it was alright but I think I prefer podcasts if I’m going to actually listen to something.

  6. I love reading about what songs act as motivation during workouts. I use to find songs to help me pace my runs! You should totally start a link up focusing on people’s favourite running songs!

    My plans for next week: school!! (AHHHHH)

  7. Good luck on your run!! My playlist is in need of a serious upgrade. I feel like I skipped through about half of the songs this morning during my run. Happy friday :)

  8. Is it bad that my eyes kind of glaze over when I hear distances in kilometers that AREN’T 5K or 10K? Haha…I know that’s more than 6 miles so WOOHOO!! You’ll do great!

    Also, I love teenie bopper music too, so your playlist sounds right up my alley! Have a great weekend girl!

  9. Just found your blog–love it :) I absolutely CANNOT workout without music. These are some great playlists–Holy Grail and Right Now are on mine as well. Good luck on your run!

  10. I’m so happy you shared this! I am in need of some new tunes for my playlist while I run. 6 miles for me tomorrow so I won’t be too far behind your 12k. You’re going to do awesome, just focus on the beauty of the outdoors and enjoy it! Haha, easier said than done, right?

    I hope you have a great weekend. Happy birthday to your dad! And congrats on the article! :)

    Ps I used to play basketball too but I was horrible. :)

  11. I love listening to Beyonce when I run, especially her uptempo music like Run This World. Her voice has so much aggression in it it makes me run faster!

    I also run to a few Pandora stations but they always play the same songs. I’m always on the hunt for new ideas! Have a great weekend. :)

  12. I have issues with running to hip-hop beats. They just don’t do it for me. I would probably combine songs from both playlists to make my ultimate one. Theresa has one song that’s on my playlist always, My Body. It gets me through tough moments of my runs! I love love love Brit pop rock, so there’s a lot from The Fratellis on my list.

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