Gettin’ Figgy With It [WIAW 11]

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

After a pretty much unanimous decision (thank you for the comments!) I’m back for What I Ate Wednesday with Jenn.

These are my eats from Labor Day Monday… woohoo long weekend! It was a bit of a lazy day in the kitchen (until dinner!) so bear with me for some figgy goodness.


What I Ate Wednesday Monday

Pre-run: Banana and peanut butter… what else?

Banana and PB

Post-run: I had a bowl of protein oatmeal

topped with raspberries, a nectarine, almond butter and a few almonds.


Lunch: Lunch consisted of plain greek yogurt, honey, Ezekiel cinnamon raisin cereal and an apple. Maybe not a typical lunch meal, but just what I wanted.


Snacks: In the afternoon I also had some pineapple [unpictured] and a chocolate peanut butter Quest bar [yup, the one I liked]


Dinner: After a steal of a fig purchase, fig pizza heaven was made: almond flour crust, balsamic honey, baby spinach, goat cheese and warm figs. As Amanda says, SWOON.

Recipe tomorrow!

Fig Pizza1

I had half the pizza with some cabbage salad.

Fig Pizza Dinner

Dessert: After dinner, I had a nectarine and some strawberries. [unpictured] For a bit of a sweet treat I also enjoyed two mug cupcakes

topped with a delicious fig compote
[multiply the picture by two]

Fig cupcake

When I actually document what I eat I sometimes think… um random. Haha… but that was my Monday and it was tasty :)

Pinky promise I will have the pizza recipe up tomorrow! Have a wonderful day.

Are you a fig fan?!

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten lately? Links welcome!


63 thoughts on “Gettin’ Figgy With It [WIAW 11]

  1. I’m a huge proponent of breakfast for lunch… oooor breakfast at any time of the day for that matter :D Why limit the best meal to the morning alone? But omigosh… that pizza looks amazing! I’ve only tried fresh figs once and I thought they tasted kin of like lettuce, but I’m told that baking them and pairing them with goat cheese takes them to a whole other level, so I think I’ll need to give that a try.

  2. Holy cow that pizza looks amazing!!! You are definitely a pizza pro lol!

    I’ve actually never had a fresh fig before, so I think that I should probably try one…

    Have a great day!

  3. I literally just busted up laughing. 1) I had that quest bar with my dessert last night, and 2) I literally JUST wrote down in my journal (nerd?? nahh haha) to have Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin for dessert tonight. How funny

  4. oh yummmm! I’m not a huge fan of figs to be honest; I’ve tried but the texture kind of creeps me out. Weird as I love all other fruits.
    Love that Ezekiel cereal too, wish I could get it in the UK.

  5. Everything looks so good! I just tried Quest bars a couple weeks ago! They are definitely one of the better protein bar options I have tried recently. Most out there are glorified candy bars or taste like cardboard ha.

  6. Fresh figs and me have yet to become friends but your pizza looks so good I might just have to give them another try. Because what doesn’t taste good on pizza [woops, coming up with some strange ideas right now]?
    The best thing I’ve eaten the past days was Kabocha Squash Lentil Curry from Pinches of Yum. Even though nobody else linked up yet I’ll just do it because it’s really awesome:

  7. I never know what to do with figs! Thanks for all the inspiration.

    The best thing I ate lately would have to be a fancy pants meat lovers pizza! Hot coppa, get in my belly.

  8. Bahaha you didn’t. YES so figgy widdit!! I just had some chia seeds in my oats for the first time. UM YUM! And I seriously cannot wait for that za pe. (translation: pizza recipe) I am going to Mike on a healthier lifestyle with me so we can cook together and live forever!! ;)

    1. Yay! Look at you :) Well this pizza recipe is a bit different than the ‘za we used to chow down on. I’m so excited for Mike to jump on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon.

  9. Ah, the best part of running is the post run meal.
    That fig pizza looks insanely good, especially the almond flour crust! I can’t wait to see the recipe!
    I love figs but the texture on their own is a little funny. I bet they’re great on pizza though.

    1. Baking the figs in the oven lessens the odd texture for sure! Couldn’t agree more about the post-run meal.. easily spent my entire run this morning deciding what to have for breakfast

  10. I love all the fig going on here! I don’t have it often, but I think it’s the best! For some reason I always miss it when I’m grocery shopping.
    I can’t wait to see the pizza recipe, it looks absolutely delicious!!

  11. love breakfast for lunch! your eats look great. i have never had fig- i really should try it though. fun and random fact that nobody cares about ha: my boss tried fig and ran out and bought a fig tree the same day. she loves it so much.

  12. I made these mini pumpkin cupcakes today that are pretty much the best things I’ve ever tasted. Recipe coming tomorrow!! I just bought my first fresh figs today at the grocery store and they were SOOOO tasty. Can’t wait to get more!

  13. All your eats look fab! And breakfast for lunch is definitely a common theme for me! I love figs! My dad has a fig tree and they’re sooooo good! That pizza seriously looks amazing and I can’t wait for the recipe!

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